Backstage Shooting of Han Geng at MengNiu Music Billboard Ten-Year’s Ceremony

It is hard for me to translate the entire show, so I would like to highlight some important parts of it.


Theme I: Eat…Food…

Han Geng loves food, everyone knows that, so after he just got off the plane, he started to talk about food,

Geng: “they have fresh oyster here, also something like beef ball…Chaozhou beef ball, also match with rice noodle…”

He knows lots of tasty local food in Shenzhen, since he worked there for couple of months. (translator note: only couple months???? You know all those places to eat???…Okay…)

From 5:07 to 5:22

Geng: “get some mixed herb tea, some rice noodle, some steamed stuffed buns…”

Other: “what do you want to eat?” Geng: “I really want to eat something on street, oyster…roasted oyster…rice noodle…beef ball!”

 (translator note: Ummm…my dear boy, your eyes getting bigger and brighter when start saying rice noodle and beef ball…not to mention how many times you stealing cake pieces and scream when still cooking)

Theme II: Professional…

Geng arrived Shenzhen one day before the event, he did the rehearsal right after he got there in the evening, and also attended the rehearsal on the next day, he is one of few celebrities attending rehearsal twice. He disccussed background music with director during the rehearsals. He also kept reviewing those dance moves in the waiting room before performance.

About his outfits, you may notice most of his recent outfits are all those big brands…gengfans love to dig into these fashion things…of course, those are all sponsored. I am not quite into those big brands, but I love how he responded to the reporter’s question.

From 2:36 to 2:47

reporter: how many outfits do you prepare for this performance?

Geng: don’t know (laughter)…many ^^

reporter: what is the most special thing about these outfits?

Geng: special…the most special thing is they are like Han Geng ^^

(translator note: He means those outfits all show his character. What a smart and honest answer!!!!)

Theme III: Cold Joke = =

Yeah…Han Geng just loves talking cold jokes, usually he feels those jokes are so funny, but always gets cold response…

From 3:41 to 4:04

Geng: Can you speaking Chinese? (in English) then the foreigner said, ‘if you speak a bit slower, I can understand it’ (in Chinese), then, ‘Can…you…speak……? (in English)’ (Geng started laughing)

He repeated the joke, and kept laughing…others were like…okay…just laughed with him…his friend said, “it is truly cold…”

Theme IV: “Hotel is like my home”

From 4:13 to 4:26

reporter: you are really good at finding things.

Geng: hotel is just like my home now…

Then he called to report the problem of internet connection.

Theme V Baidu Geng bar, Fans, Movie

From 4:35 to 4: 60

Geng: I watch different kinds of movies.

reporter: which one is your favorite?

Geng: the favorite…right, there was a ‘movie’ Han Geng was starring in, have you watched it? (translator note: I think he was talking about some fanmade videos)

reporter: the one in future?

Geng: hehe, you wait…

Geng: my Baidu Bar, I like to look at it sometimes. I see many fans organizing charity activities, I really love to see them.

(translator note: there are lots of evidence showing that Han Geng loves to watch gengfans on Internet. I just tell a couple of them which I can think of for now^^

Story 1: About the bodyguards.  We know he has two bodyguards, they have good relationship with gengfans now, so gengfans gave them nicknames…one is a bit bigger and nicer, gengfans called him TUDOU, means potato in English, a video site; another one is more serious, gengfans called him YOUKU, means excellent and cool, another video site in China. When gengfans saw Han Geng and his bodyguards at the airport, a fan girl asked another girl, “which one is TUDOU?” Han Geng overheard the question, looked at his TUDOU bodyguard, couldn’t help smiling…so the fan girl know who is TUDOU…

Story 2: About he shooting Bravely Go Forward show in Japan last year. A Taiwan Gengfan decided to fly to Japan to see him. She got so excited when she saw Han Geng and said, “Han Geng, I come from Taiwan to see you.” but not as she expected, Han Geng didn’t show much excitment, just replied softly, “thank you!” She felt…well…that’s okay, but still felt a bit disappointed. She decided to talk to Han Geng again. She found a chance to catch up with him, and said, “Han Geng, I am from Taiwan, I am here to see you.” Han Geng stared at her, and said, “yes, I know…I saw you posted your flight ticket at Geng bar…so I am here waiting for you guys.” All of the sudden, she felt so moved and full of happiness.


This part is mainly about our lovely chef making cake and delivered it to Na Ying in person. The Pastry chef just loves him, he said Han Geng was so skillful, he would invite him if he could afford. Han Geng thanked the Pastry Chef who taught him how to make cake, then gave himself a full mark 100 to his first cake ^^He also bought two clothes for Na Ying’s boy and girl.  

From 4:37 to 5:57 (Xie Nan was talking about Han Geng, she was the host of this Music Billboard Concert.)

 She said, “I actually got to know him when he came to my show, Teacher He took a special trip from Hunan to be special guest for him. I was thinking at that time, a person who can be so valued by Teacher He must be really special.”

About what Han Geng and her were chatting about, She said,”I saw many his fans out there, when I just came back from doing something, I heard a fan asking the security so excitedly, ‘security gege, did you see what clothes Han Geng is wearing?’ The security replied calmly, ‘he is wearing a plaid pants’, then the fan got so excited to hear this news…so I imitated her to Han Geng, he was very happy, since he hasn’t seen fans for a long time, they must really miss him.” ^^

She also said,”actually, I think Han Geng should be acting in movies. it is a shame that if he couldn’t do that. I saw his MVs, he could act well, say playing a role like policeman…he is quite suitable for Hong Kong style movies…I hope that he could improve himself in multiple domains, not only dancing on stage, I heard his singing has improved a lot. I think he should start singing more, not to mention his talents in dancing and singing, I hope he could develop more in acting. “






About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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15 Responses to Backstage Shooting of Han Geng at MengNiu Music Billboard Ten-Year’s Ceremony

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  2. Sarah says:

    Hangeng Gege Jia You!!!
    Keep Fighting!!!
    We love you!!!
    Hehehe…don’t know what to say…
    Thank you bristlegrass sister for sharing…oh ya..I’m still waiting the translation of Hangeng Gege’s song (Stage of Youth and Betrayal) 🙂
    Thank you…
    Have a nice day…

  3. rascalkitten says:

    Ahh this entry really makes my day ^^

    Thank you so much Bristlegrass sis for translating.

    I couldn’t help smiling and giggling all the times reading this and watching video clip. GengGe’s gentleness and charm are unbearable ( especially his smile with the sincere eyes)

    I love and absolutely agree with Na Ying’s opinion. GengGe should act in a movie and also sing more ^^.

    The more I watch his clip the more I miss him >.<

  4. truly3qts says:

    Ah…I can finally understand the “Can you speak Chinese?” part……thank you for sharing the highlights with us bristlegrass 🙂

    Han Geng is just adorable in these two clips……not mention he’s just as gorgeous without any makeup on…..a natural beauty…

    And gotta love GengFans for giving those two bodyguards the nicknames…….how CUTE! I wonder will they remain his permanent bodyguards from now on? With the two events, they seem to grow pretty close to Han Geng, laughing with him at times…….it’s the “Han Geng effect” at work here 🙂

  5. fang says:

    He is so cute in the video.thankyou for sharing.
    i love his cold jokes and when he laugh ^^ haha

    ‘ve Never Been Disappointed In Him

  6. followurdestiny says:

    My love will overflow one day XD… Geng, miss him so much XD…
    His cold jokes LOLz and his love for food XD… ♥
    and his dedication to his fans 🙂
    I hope he will get more and better opportunities in the future also…

    Thank u for sharing/translating! ♥

  7. azrachitra says:

    I’m still waiting the translation of Betrayal and Dreams of Youth too.

    Sis.. Can you post the Betrayal lyric? I have search it for long time at Google and Bing, but never found.. 😦

    Help me please..

  8. azrachitra says:

    Thanks a lot Sis..
    Oh.. I’m so happy get it..
    Hehe.. 🙂

  9. Sharon says:

    I say something about the girl Geng talked to at the end of the program who was wearing a 5 or 6-inch high-heels. She is Joey Yung, one of the most popular singers in Hong Kong for the past 10 years. She’s not pretty but sings very well, they met when they made ‘Stage of Youth’ together. She has a clean image and had no scandal at all. In one event where they promoted the drama, I felt she had completely fallen for Geng by the way she stared at him smiling. That’s just my feeling, but you can trust that!

    The chairperson of this ceremony, Na Ying said after Geng gave her the cake, she met Geng many times before when he was with the group, but he was surrounded by so many people that she couldn’t even touch him. You can see that Geng was closely monitored and separated from other people in the business.

    As for the bodyguards, their company has posted a picture of Geng with Toudo and Youku on their wetsite as an advertisement. So fans say they should waive the fees for protecting Geng! Absolutely!

    • onepinetree says:

      I am wondering if there is any girl who can deny Han geng’s charm. Ha ha
      the point is that whether or not Han geng falls for a girl 🙂

      yes I am glad that he can socialize with more artists, which is so important for his career.

    • truly3qts says:

      I agree with waiving the fees for Han Geng. This bodyguard company is probably doing well with Han Geng’s publicity LOL.

      • trueblue says:

        And besides that they get free endorsements from Han Geng,their job was made easier by gengfans who formed a barricade not only around Geng but also around them…hahaha!!!
        They should pay gengfans too…hehehe!!!

  10. garnetblue says:

    I like him without make-up.He actually look good..!He is like a little boy munching away on the choco sticks(we call them choco sticks here)
    I like the way he flicked his hair/bangs..!!really sexy and
    I am truly very curious now,his bodyguards are the same as the ones at MengNiu and here at Guangzhou..Are they hired personally by him..?Or what?
    To be highly regarded by Teacher He is something..!Even the host was impressed.!
    Hey,we are talking about Han Geng here,so what can we expect but good reviews and a certain amount of “hero-worship” I supposed..hahahaha!!!!
    He truly has good vibes and a mystic aura..!People just can’t help but fall for his charms…be they males or females,children or grandparents,teenagers or young adults and of course,knights and damsels,also matured family women and men!!!..hehehehe!!!
    Nice article and waiting for more to come…

  11. Narumon says:

    Your very cute. How many of your favorite shows. To fight, I will cheer for you forever.
    If there is any spare time. I do visit Thailand

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