King in any Form…from dance floor to stage to kitchen,he is superb..!!

Han Geng seems to be playing “cat  &  mouse” with us..hehehe!!   It’s like,now you see me,now you don’t.!! Just so that we won’t miss him too much ,I would like to share some not so recent pictures that I have been “ogling” over and over..hahaha!!  I know some of us have favourite pictures of him but I would like to share you mine .. My folders are already so full and my children kept reminding me to stop saving his pictures already..!! Let us explore the person we call Han Geng or HanKyung..We know he loves to eat and he got his mother a dumpling shop just so that he can eat dumplings  everyday….Hahahaha! We also learned from his mom that he likes to act cute with his mom,asking her to do things for him even though he can do so himself.  He also can’t refused his mom when she asked him to go shopping with All these we can learned from the recent  interviews .We also know that he is very affectionate and goes online checking on his Gengfans quite often….hehehe!!

From the stage to the kitchen,he is the King..!
As many as were his titles so were his awards..!!!
HanKyung was the name he went by when I first knew him..!
Later, it was Beijing Fried Rice…for the simple reason that he mispronounced his Hangul for his special dish of egg fried rice..!!

He holds the record for being “first” in many fields…

1st….Chinese/Foreign artist to debut in Korea..paving the way for others following his footsteps..!
1st….Olympic Torchbearer from a boy-band..!
1st …Asian star to make an appearance at MoMs..L.A…

These are only a few that came to mind,maybe some of you can fill in those that  I missed out….hehehe..

Recently,he was given the moniker King of Popularity at the Guangzhou Asian Games Volunteers Event…But even then he has always been King of Dance to his fans and supporters alike..

Let us enjoy his hotness,sexiness and cute dances here in this clip below.I hope we can have our eyes full with all those moves of his.

This is Han Geng on- stage….

Hot and Sexy Moves

This is Han Geng off-stage….

Alluring and Attractive

Debonair and Dashing

Dignified And Distinguish


Video made by: view66
Taken from: 唯风轩@Tudou

Background Music #1: Floorfiller by A-teens
Background Music #2: 十面埋伏(remix ver.)

Upload by: super13suju@YT

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5 Responses to King in any Form…from dance floor to stage to kitchen,he is superb..!!

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Hehehehe~~~~My King is back! My little boy is always there ^^

    I just love this fanmade video, his dances, the song, the music, the beats, perfect!!!!

    BTW, we can expect he would be singing at the Shanghai Expo tomorrow.

    I have to apologize for late response, the end of the semester always makes me stressed out…
    especially about the lyrics, I have to say sorry to Sarah and other girls who are waiting for it T.T

    I wanna post the lyrics here, hope Garnetblue wouldn’t mind ^^ Also Pinetree has posted the link of lyrics of Betrayal in the comment section from last post, please check it out there ^^

    Title: 青春梦想(qing chun meng xiang)
    Dreams of Youth

    Music: 季忠平
    Lyrics: 季忠平
    Singer: 韩庚
    Translation: bristlegrass

    看蔚篮的天空(kan wei lan de tian kong)
    Looking at blue sky
    有幸福的彩虹 (you xing fu de cai hong)
    There is rainbow of happiness
    是属于你和我(shi shu yu ni he wo) 编织的梦(bian zhi de meng)
    Belongs to you and me, the dream we are weaving,
    轻轻乘着风(qing qing cheng zhe feng)
    Embracing the wind
    甜蜜的遨游(tian mi de ao you)
    Soaring with happiness
    青春的梦想(qing chun de meng xiang) 手中紧握(shou zhong jin wo)
    The dream of youth, grasped in our hands
    不怕孤单寂寞(bu pa gu dan ji mo) 不怕泪水坠落(bu pa lei shui zhui luo)
    No fear of loneliness, no fear of shedding tears
    我要飞越世界(wo yao fei yue shi jie) 勇敢的承诺(yong gan de cheng nuo)
    I want to fly over the world, this is a brave commitment
    坚持最初的梦(jian chi zui chu de meng) 幸福在转角等候(xing fu zai zhuan jiao deng hou)
    Insist on the original dream, the happiness is waiting at the corner
    七色的彩虹(qi se de cai hong) 点燃心中悸动(dian ran xin zhong ji dong)
    Seven-colors of rainbow, lighting up throb in hearts
    闪耀的梦(shan yao de meng) 照亮妳和我(zhao liang ni he wo)
    The shinning dream, lighting up you and me
    化成幸福的彩虹(hua cheng xing fu de cai hong)
    That is the rainbow of happiness
    张开翅膀(zhang kai chi bang) 天地任我疯涌(tian di ren wo feng yong)
    Spreading my wings, soaring in the universe heartily
    穿越绝望(chuan yue jue wang) 坚定的翱翔(jian ding de ao xiang)
    Passing through desperations, soaring unhesitatingly
    绽放无限的笑容(zhan fang wu xian de xiao rong)
    Smile is blooming unlimitedly
    青春梦想(qing chun meng xiang) 属于你和我(shu yu ni he wo)
    The dream of youth, belongs to you and me

  2. truly3qts says:

    He will sing????…….WOW… looking forward to his performance at Shanghai World Expo

    Thank you garnetblue for sharing such awesome video. This fan has put so much effort put into it……..just SUPERB! I wish Han Geng gets to see this video. So many clips were used…..from throughout the years…..and they fit in perfectly.

    Thank you bristlegrass for the translation……every song he sings is so meaningful….so touching…..coupled with his sweet, gentle voice…..can really bring tears to my eyes

  3. followurdestiny says:

    I know, he’s going to sing XD… can’t wait for that!!

    Thank u for sharing these with us 🙂
    Gotta love this young man!

  4. trueblue says:

    I didn’t know…awww.I thought he will be there as a publicity spokesperson for the Asian Games..Now I am excited too & looking forward to it….I wonder what song will he be singing….It would be awesome if it’s a combination of dance and song…
    This boy sure knows how to tease..!
    Of course I wouldn’t mind anything HG that is posted here..The more the merrier as the saying goes…eh bristlegrass ..hehehehe?
    Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments..heeeheheee!!

  5. Sarah says:

    Wuaaaahhh…Hangeng Gege really is a King…thank you very much garnetblue for sharing this awesome article.
    Bristlegrass sister and also Pinesis thank you very much for the lyric.
    All GengFans here are really kind…I’m glad to know you 🙂

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