The memory of being harassed by auntie with whip




To hangeng, what does 康煕盛典 mean to you….?






“The memory of  a little sheep being harassed by wolf auntie holding a whip.”






I decided  to support him with pure and naive mind forever >_<







However…. it is true that if Hangeng took off  his clothes, it’s good to find him among many people…






Moreover Hangeng sometimes exposes himself…………… willing to……..(?)


If you expose repeatedly, we can not help operating ‘wolf-play-button’ in ours mind!!


Actually I am not pleased with men exposing themselves  in front of  public, but Hangeng will be fine.


Please don’t take off too much…..

Your body is so attractive then you should protect it from wolves….




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15 Responses to The memory of being harassed by auntie with whip

  1. trueblue says:

    I prefer teasers than the full body exposure…hahahaha!!
    But for the ones above,I actually fall for it..He has a nice body and the one that I like the best was the one in SS “sexy back” biting a pendant attached to long chain..!!
    That was real sex appeal..lols..

    [the real sexy back]

    • 0621falling says:

      his full body????????? no no no.. >_< I want to be a pure fan of Hangeng♥

      Anyway, his 'sexy back' was so attractive. He made Geng fans to be wolves… haha

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Hahahaha~~~~I didn’t expect such a post from you, 0621falling ^^ but I totally like it!!!

    Uh, that KangXi ceremony thing…I am not a big fan of little S, but if Han Geng has guts to be in her show in Taiwan,,,I will soooo enjoy it~~~~~I can tell the hosts like him.

    Han Geng’s body exposure is sexy, matches with his facial expression and body language,OMG~~~make you just want to jump onto the stage, and $#%^&@#$

    No matter how thin he is, he always gets some nice shape on his body…I more appreciate his muscles from dancing practice than those worked out from gym. however, since he will have more freedom in choosing outfits in future…I think we may have less chance to see his body exposure…T.T~

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes, I am definitely looking forward to seeing han geng in that show.
      Little S,” So, Han Geng, how was your first experience?”
      Han Geng,(without any hesitance), ” I am as pure as a little sheep”
      Ha ha… oh..yes…we will believe in you. = =;

      I don’t think HAn Geng likes to expose himself that much. That’s one thing I really like about Han Geng. He knows how to attract pure and mature LADIES….

    • 0621falling says:

      haha.. sometimes I enjoy these kind of pictures
      but basically I’m pure pure pure!!! (← it’s weird cuz I emphasized too much;)

      I don’t like enjoying men’s body but I like Hangeng’s body.
      Actually he is thin but his body is balanced and nice.
      If he would partake in movie, we may see his nice body in love scene………………
      But, right now, I don’t want to imagine his exposure. HAHA…

      By the way, pinetree, his first experience????? please don’t make me imagine his experience!!T_T
      Hangeng! If somebody ask to you this kind of question, please tell a lie.
      Don’t make your fans crazy~

  3. shine says:

    onepinetree..hi it’s me shine…
    i have some updated stuff that might interested in…how can i reach you…


  4. shine says:

    to my dear onepinetree..did you got my news…
    my email language turned to germany so strange…
    a bit slow…just want to know to continue …

    • onepinetree says:

      I have not received your email yet.

      • garnetblue says:

        @ pinetree,
        I think you try checking your spam mail.
        I found her mail sent to me in there so I wasn’t able to reply her untill this May…hahahaha..!!!!

  5. shine says:

    god…why i translate the news .
    ok i’ll try again and do my best,promise .

  6. shine says:

    my dear onepinetree ..since i had sent you some news and they haven’t got to you yet…let me rush and give you the link to start update ..
    here is
    i’ll try to send the rest ….

  7. shine says:

    here is the translation
    Ambassador Han Geng Ren Shibo healthy volunteers spread the image

    LOS ANGELES recently, Han Geng following the endorsement after the Asian Games Volunteer color, and then Ren Shibo volunteer ambassadors.

    May 2, Han Geng as a member of the Chinese elements operating team at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China elements in the activities organized by the first press conference, the theme song sung Chinese elements “in the world to see China.” In taking over the Shanghai World Expo, Vice Minister Hu Qianli volunteers presented the team’s star volunteer certificate, Han Geng said that more and more strongly felt their own element of China is now one of the elements of international pop culture, he will in his own work promote responsibility in the practice to show the image of health and vitality of China has spared no effort to promote Chinese traditional culture. After the conference, Han Geng also went to the Chinese elements with a teaching area porcelain production process in person pulling the fun of embryo system device, and the color of the wonderful art of paper cutting.

    Han Geng, Chinese music as the most popular artist, but also throughout Asia and influential super-idol. Who, with his clean, healthy, optimistic to the public image, becoming the chief spokesman for a large charity of choice.

    “World of Chinese” words of Mr. Wang Pingjiu Han Geng commented: “culture of extended and discovered that the young man, Han Geng is a strive for excellence to young people living abroad experience made him cherish the culture of their motherland, and he often because Chinese people proud of themselves. He told me he wanted to return home is also an important reason, he did not like the feeling of drifting, hoping to land his heart homeland roots. I am planning organization in the Olympic song “Beijing Welcomes You” when Han Geng point used, a good spirit of cooperation to me a profound impression on him. youth, sun, international, fashion and other image made him the preferred destination of choice in my heart. “

    • onepinetree says:

      Shine, thank you :)…. I am very moved by your love for Han Geng. Han Geng must be very happy to have a fan like you in Iraq.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Wah!!!! Shine, so you translated this news from Chinese? I’m sorry that since I couldn’t get your email, I thought it was in English…

      Same as Pinetree, I am sooooooooo moved by your love and devotion to Han Geng!!!!

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