Please leave Han Geng alone…(Updated)


Thank you for your honest and sincere comments on this article.

I just realized that when writing at my Naver blog and when writing here, things should be different since the audience is different.

If I wrote this at my naver blog,  most of visitors would understand what I was trying to say. But here I feel like I threw a bomb to some of you guys.

When the lawsuit broke, many Korean fans went through the HELL experience.. many of them unfortunately stopped supporting Han geng openly… although they still love Han Geng.  They just kept quiet. But I know they support Han Geng… but openly supporting Han Geng is not easy.

The friendship, brotherhood, love, betrayal.. these words… I HATE THEM …

because these words were used to attack Han Geng by many fans and public.

So….if you are a little bit diappointed that I am not buying friendship/brotherhood stuff…try to understand me that’s how I can still support Han Geng.. if I was swayed by such words.. I might not be here.

I might be one of many silent Han Geng supporters.. wishing him the best.. that’s all.

What I have learned from supporting Han Geng was that you cannot have every thing. You have to make a choice. So I made a choice:

Han Geng fans are the only thing Han Geng has.

Han Geng is the everything we Geng fans have.


A few days ago, “Han Geng” was the number 1 search word at, which is the largest searching engine in Korea.

I was perplexed at such a strange phenomenon: There were a couple of times Han Geng became a hit search word.  When  his scandal in China broke out in 2008, when he refused casting offer from the Chinese version  drama ” Boys over Flower” , and probably you can guess, when he filed the lawsuit against the SME.

Soon I found out the reason. The SME released  a press PR info for SJ’s 4th album and they added an unnecessary part about Han Geng.

“한경은 현재 멤버들과 연락조차 안 되는 상황이라 무척 안타깝다. 하루 빨리 돌아와서 함께 했으면 좋겠다.”

“It’s very sad that we members cannot reach Han Gent at all at this point. We really wish he comes back sooner and get together with us.”

[since some of you have doubt about my posting,  I am linking all the news reports that actually quoted the above statement. ]

There were  “252” news reports on May 4, 2010 about SJ’s comeback album but with the title of “without Kang In, Han Geng, and Kibum”. Some of them even had subtitles such as “Han Geng NO touch with other members”.
All these 252 reports are COPY CATS of one news story, which was released by the SME. I will just list some of them…

It sounded like a member talked about Han Geng but if you read the whole news story, it did not say who made such a statement. It’s just a part of SME’s media manipulation. SME has been like that since three members of DBSK filed the law suit: Releasing some Press info to media, making it sound like it’s coming  from other members, not from the company.

Thanks to this statement, Han Geng became one cold-blood person who does not keep touch with his members at this point.

I see more ELFs saying, “Han Geng brother, please come back” “Brother, how come you are not even keeping touch with your brothers?” ,which just tested my patience with all these non-sense drama around Han Geng.

Ok.. I will try to calm down myself.. first.. but.. I have to speak up to the SME and some SJ members who use “Han Geng” as a way to promote it’s coming 4th album.


First of all, why are you delaying the lawsuit process by adding an additional law firm? The 4th album was supposed to come out in late october. But you guys hurried and it will be released soon. Now I can see you are using ” Han Geng” as a tool to make the rest members and ELFs get united and promote the album.

Now, some Korean fans are really concerned that what if you are delaying the lawsuit process until the SJM’s next album release?  So, you can use Han Geng again for promoting SJM’s album. Still are you going to use the same line?  ” Please come back, Han Geng” “Why can’t we reach you? ”

Please let him go.. let him get free… do not even mention his name when promoting SJ or SJM’s albums. What’s the purpose?  Do you think you are the victim here? Who is the victim? YOU or HAN GENG?


I have seen your CY’s statements and heard your comments at RADIO SHOWS. Not directly referring to Han Geng, you guys literally put him down…All GENG fans clearly sensed that how you perceived Han Geng and how you guys have treated Han Geng.  Whenever thinking about past years, how Han Geng endured such treatments by the company as well as by some members, my heart is just falling apart.

Now.. you are talking about ” brotherhood” ” all 13 brothers”?

Come on. Where is your conscience? If you truly consider Han Geng as your brother, you should leave him alone.

Do not even mention his name when promoting your album.

I am Han Geng fan, but also a fan of Super Junior and Super Junior M.

I attended your concert and bought albums.

I really wish the best for all you guys and the album.

So, please leave Han Geng alone.


This post only reflects my “honest” opinion on the current SME strategy with Han Geng. It does not reflect this BLOG’s position.

Since SME cannot include Han Geng  in it’s 4th album due to the lawsuit, it USES Han Geng’s reputation to make an issue and promote it’s 4th album. Thanks to such a strategy, Han Geng became a cold-blooded betrayer by some fans and.. even by some members.

Again, this is the only truth:

Geng fans are the only thing  Han Geng has.

Han Geng is the everything we Geng fans have.

Cr: hangengluv


After posting this article, reading some of your replies… I realized that I should not break some of your fantasy for the idol stars.  I thought only young ELFs took such SME’s strategy naively but… actually many of you seemed to be more concerned about Han Geng’s brotherhood or SJ’s brotherhood rather than his own well-being. It’s a little bit disappointing finding for me.

I guess.. supporting and loving Han geng does not mean that we all are holding the same position. It’s OK for me… as long as you love and support Han Geng… we are on the same page 🙂

Still I wish you guys understand that Han Geng DID file the lawsuit but not other members. Other members are still loyal employees of the SME.

They are not on the same page at this point.  So….  expecting them to keep touch with each other.. talking about love… is distracting the focus from the real issue: THE UNFAIR CONTRACT. 13 YEARS SLAVERY CONTRACT.

Sorry to other authors. Although we agreed that we only talk about Han Geng at our blog, I kinda did not keep our agreement. Sometimes.. I have to trash out my mind this way.. I will go back to a pure Han Geng fan 🙂

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74 Responses to Please leave Han Geng alone…(Updated)

  1. bristlegrass says:

    I truly hope SJ’s 4th album could be big hit, and each member of SJ works hard sincerely to achieve their dream and repay their loyal fans’ love, so

    Please leave Han Geng alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Geng fans are the only thing Han Geng has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Han Geng is the everything we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, THANK YOU, Pinetree!!!!

  2. trueblue says:

    I am truly disgusted with those SJ members who do not own a backbone nor have a decent bone in them and that goes for SME as well.
    Taking advantage of a person’s helplessness and inability to defend oneself is the lowest and most degrading form of a human being….
    Do not even utter the name Han Geng on your lips because you are not worth a tenth of Han Geng…!!(I am being generous here,I could’ve given lower)
    If you SJ members (who are envious of Han Geng) could just channel your energy in improving yourself,you might catch up with his “phenomenal popularity” and his “star”.Destiny calls that now it’s Han Geng turn to shine..!!!It is his time…!!!His fate is in China..!!
    There are many “blind” ELF out there who will give you all their support and even their life to make the 4th album a success..!!
    When you use Han Geng in this way for the promotions of the 4th album, we perceived that you and SME are not confident in your own ability of making this album a success..??
    With all your resources and the blind “crazy infatuation” of ELF at your disposal,you are still insecure of your ability?
    So the real intention is to “make war” among the fans of SJ and Gengfans..?To sow discord between members and ELF and Han Geng..? To propagate the sales of the 4th album.?
    Those whose eyes are not blinded by “stained glass” have a clearer and sharper vision and will see through all the gimmicks and underhand tricks of yours AND WE ARE NOT AMUSED ONE BIT….!!!
    Why do you think that we who support Han Geng are quiet and do not want to be drawn into this “dirty” fight with you? We did what we did because we truly love Han Geng and do not want to add more anguish on him.We care for his well being and we don’t want him to “take sides” because we KNOW he truly LOVES his SJ members..!!!We do not want to make matters worse for him..!!! Do you understand..???Get that into your egoistic head..!!
    All Han Geng has are his Gengfans and supporters..
    We are asking this very politely so please take heed..!!!
    There!I am done..!! hehehe..!!
    (my own POV)

    • bristlegrass says:

      Ha! My dear trueblue, try not to be so upset, not worth it ^^

      But one point has just been proven…SME, can you just learn a bit???? The more low tricks you do, the more loyal and devoted Gengfans would be…just see how strong and mature Gengfans are now, well, I have to say, partially thanks to your long-time mistreatments to Han Geng and his fans!!!

  3. .gengfan★ says:

    I actually noticed that line!! And thought why is it in asterisks when there was no one claiming to have said it.. So it’s not grammatically correct..

    Thanks for this. It definitely shed me some light on things..

    I think the other SJ Members are saying “All 13 brothers” is for the anti-fans wanting to remove Han Geng.. I think he just wants to say that Geng will never really “leave” the group in spirit. Even though they are only 10 performing.. Super Junior will always be 13..

    But this is just based on my opinion on things..

  4. onepinetree says:

    As you know, I am Korean. I was born and have grown up in Korea for the first 30 years of my life. ( yes, I am old mother fan of Han Geng, ha ha..)

    So my Korean skills are very sharp… compared to my limited English skills.

    After the lawsuit, a few SJ members left some remarks at CY or talked something regardless of Han geng at the radio shows. BUT I KNEW WHAT THEY MEANT BY. It’s sad that I can comprehend the true meaning between the lines.

    We, Korean fans, who support and love Han Geng, had to swallow the bitterness and betrayal we felt from those members and did not reveal how we felt about them in public. Simply we thought it’s not good for Han Geng in any way.

    We just put everything behind, just keeping supporting Han Geng no matter what.

    Now, they are talking about “BROTHERS”… which just made me feel throwing up.

    This posting is just my emotional blast about such “fake” “artificial” brotherhood suff.

    I mean.. Kang In was busy to work out for the 4th album. But finally he was not going to participate in the album. Why do you think that happened?
    The SME simply changed its mind?

    WE hear things… WE get some behing stories… why…. why.. why…

    The bottom line is that this is ALL about business. IT’S MONEY AND FAME.

    So again this is my “frank” opinion. Don’t consider this as reflecting this blog’s position or Korean fans perspectives.

    It’s just me.. who got really sick of all those drama around Han geng.

    I just hope he gets free soon and can pursue his own dream with his own will.

  5. Rein says:

    We at Hangeng Prayer Team are so angry with SME. A lot of us are also DBSK fans and can’t stand seeing what SME is doing to both groups! Leave our boys alone and let them have peace! They can’t perform well when depressed. They even had Geng collapse! Seeing him hooked up to an IV makes me so angry! Stop the slave drivers!~

    • onepinetree says:

      PER DBSK…. it became too ” DIRTY”… among fans… between fans and the SME… between the public and fans… it’s just sad to watch such non-sense drama.. all these thing would never happen… if SME truly knows how to respect and cultivate its artists.

      Well… I really hope, from DBSK and Han Geng’s cases, the SME would learn some lessons how to respect and value its artists… (actually after Han Geng’s lawsuit, all SJ members got paid-vacation and some bonus) but… I am not sure about it at this point.

      I just wish the SME let both cases go… and work for the future.. since it has so many trainees who are waiting for the debut.

  6. Nahby says:

    I have come to loathe SME so much tbh. This company is an evil money producing and killing machine. They don’t really care about anything else. I do believe in 13 and without 13 the stage feels empty. But I wish some of these boys would stand up for themselves like HanGeng did and not be afraid to speak up their mind and set some rules. Then again, it is probably in their contracts that they have to obey SM wishes and keep their mouths shut about whatever happens. It bugs me that SM is pushing it so much. It bugs me that they are doing the 4th album with only ten. It bugs me that I thought that KangIn would be back for the 4th album. Yeah, I have a serious issue with SME.

    As for that line that the OP mentioned, I wondered the same. I wondered who the hell could have said that?? But I thought, “well maybe, it is in the news anyway.” Humm, I do think now it was all SM’s doing. However, didn’t HanGeng said in one interview they didn’t speak as much?? I don’t know, maybe everyone is too busy to make a call…and no I don’t really believe that they are too busy to make a call. All it takes is five minutes.

    As for the members mentioning HanGeng, some of them might be using his name, although I find that hard to swallow. I DO think however, that SM is using HanGeng’s name. They are also smart enough to be treating the issue very calmly and avoiding any kind of noise. Why?? Because they know that HanGeng is their one way ticket to the Chinese market. They just know it. What HanGeng achieved for them in China, I think has not been done by many. So they are going about it with more patience than the DBSK lawsuit. They make too much unnecessary noise about HanGeng and they lose all progress they’ve achieved in the Chinese market. SM is way too smart for their own good.

    Continuing about the members, I have to say that one comment made by one member in his CY World right after the lawsuit, made me go “How can you even say that when that company is working you guys to death??” Although we all assumed it was about HanGeng, we never knew for sure though. I sincerely believe that many of them did and do care for his brother and sincerely miss him. There is no way you spend so many years of your life together with one person and are completely oblivious to that person’s presence. Even if you don’t want to, you get used to that person always being there. Even if you don’t like that person too much, even if you don’t interact with them that much, you get used to them. There is a natural attachment that comes from being part of “something” being it a family, school class, music group. You are with that person every single day and when they aren’t there anymore there is a gap and you miss them and you realize that “you don’t truly know what you have until you lose it.”

    One might be able to see right through a person, but it’s hard to see through someone when all you know about them is what they show in camera. However one might be able to see if you learn to look close enough and interpret people. Their intentions in mentioning HanGeng might be sincere. I have only heard two of them comment about Geng. One of them I can put my hands on the fire for, and tell you he is truly putting his honest feelings out there because he is not one to be hypocritical. The other simply, I think, misses how it used to be. He is like me, I like to keep “family” and friends together. If I can’t, it bothers me so much and even if it’s not my fault I worry. I like to keep those I love, those in my life, close by and I worry if I can’t. I think this other boy is like this. They, like Geng, are human beings and I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt. You can see when feelings and actions are being faked, if you look close enough. I like to observe people, I’m a psychology student that’s why lol, and I can point you out what I do believe is fake about this boys actions and what isn’t. The two of them I’ve seen mentioned HanGeng are not being fake.

    Also, all of them put each other down. They always make fun of each other and pull pranks on each other, it’s not only HanGeng sorry. Some people interact like this, those are just jokes.

    I think the only one to blame here is SM and not the boys. They are pressured as much as HanGeng. SM, yes that company should just leave HanGeng alone. They should have treated him better in the first place. They should treat all the boys better. Actually, they should all sue SM. That’d be wonderful, even if it means the end of SuJu. Sometimes I honestly think it’d be best for them.

    I’ve been with HanGeng in this since the beginning of his lawsuit. I support him, and even if it was sad when the news about his lawsuit came out I went “Good for you boy.” I knew what he had been through, and I knew he deserved much better than the treatment SM was giving him. Yes, I miss him performing together with the boys. I’m annoyed at SM for releasing a 4th album without 3 members. I am very annoyed and sad.

    But I’ve been watching HanGeng since his first public appearance after his lawsuit, and he looks so happy and healthy. He has this natural glow to him. I can’t quite explain it but if you know what an aura is, he has this beautiful “aura” around him in every single picture I’ve seen. It’s kind of a vibe I never felt or saw before when he was in SuJu. It’s weird but he is just naturally glowing.

    He definitely has this new light about him, and he definitely can shine on his own. I can see great things coming for him, and I know he’ll be successful in everything he does because he deserves it. He is an amazing human being, and he will do great on his on or in SuJu. But as sad as it makes me, I know that he is better off alone, because being back in SuJu means working with SM again and SM is not good for him. If there was SuJu but not SM, then things would be differently.

    HanGeng has a very bright future and I will be there supporting him all the way in whatever he decides to do.

  7. Such beautiful and touching words… I think sometimes it’s good to come up for Geng, when they can’t… Gengfans will always be able to say more.

    Just going to support, follow and love him …
    And it’s so true about his aura XD\

  8. shine says:

    hi guys ..what a news….
    during surfing around the net i’ve faced some comments like that from many elfs…most of them said that hangeng is not missing his brothers..he is not talking to them not even in the phone….
    i want to ask them…have you been with him that close to know if he missed them or phoned them…whats in god earth is going on…
    the sme and the others should give him some privacy or they don’t need to give him any thing just leave him alone….
    but after all..he managed him self well now…
    he got out from the spider net….
    i wish the best for sj they are hardworkers….

  9. dyjsm930 says:

    Geng fans are the only thing Han Geng has.

    Han Geng is the everything we Geng fans have.

    I like this passage!!

    SME&some numbers leave Han Geng alone,
    It seems to be impossible…

    pinetree ,
    thank you for sharing this article.

  10. Mandy says:

    It is sad to read the drama going on in the public surrounding Han Geng and that Han Geng has been keeping silent and does not defend himself. However, it is “good” that Geng is patient and continues to show the public his best performance in the midst of lawsuit and drama to avoid any unnecessary public stir about the lawsuit and his future plan.


  11. 0621falling says:

    At this time, I really HATE SM Entertainent and some people….
    Why they insulting Hangeng so eagerly?
    They are so selfish and mean. They always exploited Hangeng.
    Then please DO NOT TELL A LIE. If you guys realy think Hangeng as a brother, don’t say anything.
    The more you mentioned Hangeng’s name in any place, the less you like him.
    Please don’t make him cry……….

    SME, the most terrible company in the world, will lose a suit case.
    I wish the day comes soon Hangeng is separated from SJ.

  12. Tracy says:

    I knew it. I knew that line that SJ said that Hangeng didn’t contact the other members wasn’t true. If it was, they would have stated clearly who said it, rather than being so ambiguous about it. I was so frustrated when I read comments saying that Hangeng is so heartless.

    Oh well, SME is just going to continue using such tatics to sully Hangeng’s reputation, but we Geng fans know better than that. I’m sure there’s more to come, so we Geng fans have to stay strong alright!

  13. onepinetree says:

    I want to emphasize it again: The core issue is not that whether or not Han Geng contacts SJ members or SJ members contact Han Geng. If I were Han geng’s legal representative, I will advise him not to contact his members at all. It’s not helping the lawsuit process. Han Geng has a lawyer, if the SME wants to contact Han Geng it can channel through the legal teams.

    Since Other members are employess of the SME,personal contact or any contact directed by the SME won’t give any good to Han Geng. If Han Geng really keeps touching with other members, the SME will take it as Han Geng’s vulnerability.

    The issue is here that not about his brotherhood… it’s unfair contract between Han Geng and SME. If SME has energy to bring Han Geng in its press release, it should more focus on the legal process.It’s all dirty tactics by the SME in order to distract its issue from the unfair contract.

    That’s why I am saying other SJ members shouldn’t mention about Han geng at all, if they really know what’s really helping so-called their brother.

    Every time they mention Han Geng directly or indirectly, intended or unintended, they are actually helping the SME to tarnish Han Geng’s image.

  14. Rein says:

    Onepinetree… I’ve seen you on Youtube via OfficialHangengTeam ^^

    Speaking of which, all you Geng Fans should go there > we love Geng and are tired of this drama.

    And OPT, you’re right. SJ shouldn’t mention Geng when it comes to being in SJ. If they’re alone and are talking about their good friends, then if Geng pops up I don’t see a problem. But maybe much, much later. SME has been such idiots with both Geng/SJ and DBSK. But, I think the current lawsuits with both groups is starting to show SME’s true colors, and I hope that both fans and other SME artists will note this and try to leave SME also.

    That’s my hope, but who knows what will happen.

    I also wonder, how is SHINee with all of this? First it was DBSK, then Suju, who’s next? I hope more will step up and try to leave/change their contract. And maybe some of them can go to JYP instead. I have yet to hear bad things about him. I mean, look at Bi-Rain… he got to start his own company after being with JYP and he was in Ninja Assassin. Talk about success there. 😉

    • onepinetree says:

      OMG, after watching 2PM incident, do you think JYP is different from SME? Probably JYP is better than SME in that it does not make 13-years contract. But to me.. both are same…

      • Rein says:

        The 2PM incident is very different. He left, yes, but it was mainly due to how the fans treated Jae, not so much JYP doing anything. I haven’t heard of JYP doing much, actually. So far no fans have told me JYP is evil and they force their employees to act as slaves, like Geng collapsing and all. Pretty much every entertainment company has it’s flaws, but JYP seems to have less flaws, it seems.

    • onepinetree says:

      Sorry for not joinging in you guys yet.. T.T… I am already overloaded with so many things regarding Han Geng… I am workign on three different sites about Han geng… in addition, I am not really familiar with face book… so many friends told me to join… but.. I am like… ha… I am too old-timer for this social networking thing.. ha ha..

  15. Stars says:

    I was just wondering what press release was that ““한경은 현재 멤버들과 연락조차 안 되는 상황이라 무척 안타깝다. 하루 빨리 돌아와서 함께 했으면 좋겠다.”

    “It’s very sad that we members cannot reach Han Gent at all at this point. We really wish he comes back sooner and get together with us.”” quote from?

    Ahh but this does make me so sad, can’t even type that much.

  16. zarmintz says:

    Um..Hello there, I’m also Geng fan who want to say something about this.

    First of all, I understand you guys’ feelings toward the delaying of the case and how that piece of news made Geng looks bad to others who have heard or seen the news.

    I understand how suck SME is by using Geng’s name for promoting sj 4th album and all.

    But for the part considering about other Sj members mentioning Geng in HIS radio show or their CY or even their twitters if you would count, i think it’s a lil bit too much. I didn’t mean to offense anyone’s thoughts but I think sometimes, there is also friendship lied btw them. I know u may be mad of one member who post a CY massage after geng’s case broke out, I was mad too but for other ones, I feel too that some are just kinda using Geng’s name to promote the new album but also for some of the massages, I really see that they’re coming from that person’s heart for their friendship.

    I am Geng fan too and I also SJ fan and I support Geng no matter what he did or chose. I barely can not call myself an ELF since I know that I, myself, just only cares about Geng.

    I understand that you hate the way SME is trying or using their members to made Geng’s image looks bad in other people’s eyes. I don’t like it too but if it’s really come from the members’ thought, I mean their real feelings, I think they saying something about Geng is not that much to tarnish Geng’s image. Geng is a person, a human like others no matter how good he is, or no matter how great he can show to every one or everyone can feel or know it, still there will be people who don’t like Geng or hate Geng anyways.

    Those people and anti-fans are existed since his debuted , we can not change this fact though. You may say that this would make people hate or don’t like Geng more, I understand and think the same way but if we look at another side, Geng has to know what will happen to him after he filed the lawsuit to SM, he knows that there would be more people don’t like him or hate him because of this. I’m sure that Geng will try his best to change all the negative views of him. He has strength and talents to achieve his dream. He can go more far on this road and I’m sure he’s ready to prove it to everyone but he just has to go through all these stuffs and hard times that lied ahead of him.

    This is my point of view regarding this issue and this article. I hope everyone consider my thoughts too. ^^ and anyways, no matter what happen, I’m still Geng’s wings and I will continue supoort him. ^_____^

  17. Nahby says:

    “I don’t like it too but if it’s really come from the members’ thought, I mean their real feelings, I think they saying something about Geng is not that much to tarnish Geng’s image.”

    This is what I think too. I think we fans need to keep a cool head about this and not over analyze things. The comment in that article about HanGeng not contacting the members was very off and has SM written all over it. That one was, I’m sure, done purposely to make him look bad…but that was SM.

    I can’t really see how their members mentioning him can affect him much, tbh. All I’ve seen fans do when comments about him have been published…Alright lets call things by their name here or rather members by their names because this “this person and this other person” is making me tired, lol. We are matured people here who can talk about how things really are in civilized manners.

    Like I was saying, all I’ve seen fans say about HanGeng when comments about him have been published is how much they miss him and they keep saying encouraging words. HeeChul has been mentioning Geng a lot, and I do feel he is being true to his heart. To me they always shared a special friendship and it hasn’t been the first time he has written his heart out about Geng. He is a weird person when it comes to showing his feelings. I don’t think he is a hypocrite but he rather misses him.

    I’m sure SM had to say something to these boys about even mentioning HanGeng’s name at first. They probably weren’t allowed before and now if they are mentioning him don’t you think is SM’s doing?? I think that SM knew that if they said to their members they were allowed to mention HanGeng again, the member would mention him…or at least the ones who cared the most for him would. It is a great strategy from SM to promote the 4th album, that is true. However, the members might not be aware that this is what SM wants, then again they might. But I as a fan I will give them the benefit of the doubt. They’ve been silent for so long. I’m sure SM didn’t allow them to speak much and now that the have the chance they take it.

    After all, I think they know it doesn’t really hurt HanGeng unless SM starts talking shit about him. I don’t think the boys would talk shit about him, even if SM wanted them too. The moment that happens, the moment those members who I think care about Geng honestly dare to talk shit about him, I will lose all my faith in SuJu. I swear that will be the moment Super Junior dies for me. To me the real evil here is SM and not the boys, like I said before.

    I think DongHae is being honest in mentioning the three members name. He is one that loves to keep people he cares for really close by, because he knows what being separated from family feels like. He knows the pain of losing someone he loves without being able to do anything about it. I think he is one that likes to make sure everybody is doing fine and healthy, and is afraid to lose a friend or see things crumble before him in a moment. I think he is like me, I think “every piece of the puzzle is as important as the next, if you lose one you lose the true meaning of it.”

    I don’t know, this might be me over analyzing things even if I said we should keep a cool head. Yet, I do really believe in the honesty from these members.

    The only bad comments that could be posted about HanGeng would be coming from the anti fans and those who are angry at him “for leaving his brothers and not thinking about them”. I’ve seen comments like this from people and it annoys me to no end. How can someone say this?? How can they be angry at HanGeng for leaving?? They should be angry at SM, not HanGeng. They should be angry at that company for working him to death, causing him so many health problems and tying him to such an enslaving contract. They should be happy he took a stand, because he is a human being who needs to be treated well and needs to take care of himself. Yes, I think he cares about his brothers and his brothers care about him…most of them anyway. Family sometimes needs to go it’s separate way, but family will always be family no matter what happens. There are ties you can’t really break sometimes.

    I do agree with the person who said that because he is in the middle of a lawsuit, his lawyer might have advice him not to contact the members much because it might obviously hurt the process. That is completely understandable.

    But like I said, I think the members mentions of him are honest. There is no way you share so much with someone for so many years and don’t miss him a little.

    Aisshh, I keep writing too much lol. Sorry for the long comments people. I just have a lot to say about HanGeng and SuJu.

    HanGeng keep up the good work, we will be there to support you always!!

  18. Nahby says:

    @onepinetree can I know what members?? :(, maybe I missed some news about it…Like I said we are all mature here and can talk about things in civilized manners. We are all here to support HanGeng regardless of our separate opinions.

    I can only think about one member posting that one comments in hi CY world, and I think we all know who that was…

    • onepinetree says:

      I think I have to wrap it up here. My purpose is to ask SM and SJ to leave Han Geng alone, not attacking some members personally…

  19. please34 says:

    Dear one pine tree sister…

    …this is very sensitive article~.
    Because you bring something that can only guess in.
    (Such as the human heart)
    I understand your point and all above comments …and yes this is your place and opinion ^^.
    I’m sick of all stories too…
    But we should be strong for him right?.Because he has only us ^^ .(ah I love your words)
    Cheer up everyone!…but to leave him alone is the best. ^^b

    Sorry for my limited English..again

    • onepinetree says:

      You have known me long enough… you know I won’t make a statement without any proofs. But you are right, although I speak up based on facts, still those facts revolve around the human heart.

      I already experienced that in my blogging at Naver, while disputing with some SJ/SJM fans and individual member fans. Thank you for clearning the main topic here again: leave him alone.. ha ha..

  20. Nahby says:

    I really thought DongHae was being honest, since I don’t think he is one to use vain words. He seems someone who honestly wants others well being. Then again maybe I’m wrong. I really think that’s not what he was targeting at though.

    Like you said, this shouldn’t be a “fans against SuJu thing”, it’s more like “fans against SM.” SM needs to step up their game and learn how to treat their artists or the lawsuits won’t stop. If I was someone trying to get picked up by a company, I wouldn’t even dare to walk past SM’s building tbh. I would rather not become famous than get sign up by a company like this. I’ll be so glad if HanGeng gets out of that hell…all the others too.

    You know, human nature can be dirty and low but I don’t think these guys I mentioned are as dirty and low as to profit off his brother’s name. If so, I would be so disgusted and disappointed. I usually don’t put my expectations on others, so I won’t be disappointed. This time around, maybe I’m expecting too much from them and maybe I will be disappointed big time.

    • onepinetree says:

      Dear Nahby, I had to delete my replies. After a thought… this kind of argument was not what I wanted. The focus of my article is not about brotherhood or friendship. Please understand my position. here.. now i start feeling regretted about my honest article.

  21. Nahby says:

    @Onepintree, where did you other post I was replying to go?? :(.

    • onepinetree says:

      Ah.. I just mentioned it to your reply. I decided to delete those replies. I feel like the issue is going astray.. at this point. I will just email you.. about those members.

  22. Nahby says:

    @Onepinetree NO!!!! Don’t feel regret about your article. You are expressing what you really feel. We all appreciate that. I really appreciate someone who can freely state his/her opinion. I appreciate honesty, since I like to express what I think, even if others don’t agree with me.

    Really, your article is really good and I do understand your point of view, I do. Please understand mine too :).

    You know what I appreciate even more in a person, the ability to have civilized talks. You have no idea how many people I’ve encountered on the net who attack you just because you voice out your honest opinion. So, I’m glad when I find someone that I can really talk too calmly.

    You know, not everyone will always share our opinions. It doesn’t mean we have to stay shut and never voice them out. We always should voice out our opinions, as long as it doesn’t insult a person’s race, religion, beliefs, etc. This article is what you really feel, so you shouldn’t feel regrets about it. That’s not what I was trying to do, sorry.

  23. Nahby says:


    Sorry but I have to ask this:

    I think Koreans fans are very different from others fans…O_o.

    You are Korean right?? Do other fans stay silence, although they still support HanGeng, because he is not Korean?? Or is it because they feel other fans will jump at them if they know they are supporting someone who “betrayed his brothers and company?”

    BTW, I think those who state he betrayed anyone are full of b.s, like I said before. There was no betraying, gosh.

    • onepinetree says:

      I think many of your questions will be answered through personal emails… but not here.. since.. this is my personal opinion. I don’t want some other fans to just spread words based on their own interpretation. So just email me.. I will answer you as much as I can.

      • Nahby says:

        Thanks :), I will.

      • Nahby says:

        Wait, can’t find your email…

      • onepinetree says:

        I already emailed you at your email account you left for comments. By the way.. before opening the email.. take a big breath…

      • .gengfan★ says:

        Hi onepinetree sis 🙂 I’m quite curious.. and I really want to know more about the Korean Gengfans.. can you also email me what you wrote? 😀 Thanks!

      • wendy says:

        Hi onepinetree. I know my request is kinda late, but Nahby posted a really good question about the Korean fans vs other fans and I’m dying to know the answer. If you are not too busy, can you also e-mail me your answer? I’m always curious myself as to how Korean fans see Hangeng. Thanks a lot!

  24. bristlegrass says:

    Before we turning this page over, I would like to say something as a Chinese Gengfan.

    After see all the replies here, I know Pinetree throw a bomb which I didn’t expect…if I said all these thoughts only come from Pinetree, it would be a lie…since they have been there probably among many Chinese gengfans and Korean gengfans for a long time, probably too long to consider it as a bomb, and we keep quiet for too long even get used to many things we don’t like, since we don’t want Han Geng bothered by these fan controversies too much, he has already taken on too much pressure now…hehehehe~~~but anyhow, I still need to claim that my point of view here reflects my own thoughts only.

    1. Seems most of us agree on SME is a bad company now, I am extremely happy to know that, since at least at this blog, few people would say Han Geng betrayed his company.

    2. Seems like the controversy comes from the perception of SJ members, as indicated here, SOME SJ members. I don’t want to talk about how they truly think, since I believe no fans actually have a clear idea. The only thing I can talk about is the Effect or Consequence.

    Within the entire time, no matter before or after lawsuit broke out, Han Geng didn’t say anything leading to negative effects to other SJ members or even SME (except for his testimony which is restrictively legalized based on evidences), despite all those mistreatments he received. However, I keep hearing comments like he is a betrayer, he betrayed friendship, brotherhood, company, fans…the evidences keep coming out, gengfans keep clearing up the issues…but similar comments keep coming out wave by wave…what ultimately caused these waves of attacks against Han Geng??? Please think about it…

    As a grown-up, people should be responsible for what they do and what they say especially in public, and they should be responsible for the consequences caused by their words as well…so I only have one suggestion to anyone who have disagreements with each other…Keep watching this entire thing, try not only listen what have been said superficially but look closely to the effects, to see who actually get hurt, who actually be beneficial…and to observe things for a considerable period of time, to see if similar actions and effects are happening again and again, you may get some points. We are not puppet, we should think independently.

    • Rein says:

      You are very correct, we just need to keep watching. That’s what I encourage people to do. I know that at, they are very supportive and love Geng very much. Even the layout shows “We are behind you, no matter what.”

      It saddens me when some fans say he betrayed them. Geng is very responsible, and I have yet to see him say anything negative about SJ. He is showing that he’s a man of integrity. He just wants to stay healthy and do what he loves. That’s what I see, so far.

      • bristlegrass says:

        ^^ Oh, never take that “betray fans” things into mind, I was just giving an example…those whoever saying that are not qualified to claim themselves as his fans.

        All Han Geng’s forums and fan groups in China support him explicitly, to be honest, after watching all those unfairness and mistreatments for years, we hoped him to file that lawsuit for a long time. What Han Geng did now is just follow his fans’ wish, repay fans’ love. He even gains more and more fans in China due to lawsuit, no need to be worried about his fandom ^^

        To SME, no matter what kinds of dirty tricks you are using, we have enough patience to wait, we waited it for too long in desperation and depression, now we have HOPE!!!!

  25. trueblue says:

    I have read the comments and I feel exasperated for some who still talk about Geng and his former relationship with others…
    The KEY point of this article is LEAVE HAN GENG ALONE! and being who pinetree is,she has her reasons in mentioning SJ,so I won’t even question her views and her thoughts…
    She is in a better position than any of us to understand the situation.I agree with her that for Han Geng to be brought into the picture NOW is improper and inappropriate.To me it’s BAD TIMING ON THE PART OF SME AND SJ..
    Why now?? Why not earlier?Why didn’t they speak out months ago? Whether they are sincere or not is not the issue here.!!And the ROOT of it all is MONEY and PROFITS..!!!They desperately needed the CHINESE market..!!And there is a new local Chinese group who is exceptionally talented debuting this May in China with a fan base of 700,000 already..!!!
    Again I say TIMING..In business,timing and opportunity are important factors in making profits..!!Did anyone notice the part where pinetree mentioned that the album was supposed to be released in OCTOBER..?? Again it is TIMING..!!!
    It is all a case of BAD TIMING(for Han Geng and his court case/hearing this May)..unless one lives in China,then one can understand how “big” Han Geng is..To ride on Han Geng’s popularity and fame for one’s profits is shameless(which the word does not exist in sm vocabulary)
    Now I concluded that some do not have the same kind of insights like pinetree and me in regards to the ways we support Han Geng..
    As pinetree once said…we all look at the same picture but our perspectives are different…so let this rest.

  26. Stars says:

    I think your revision of this does make where you’re coming from more obvious. ^^

    I mean your comment on brotherhood kind of threw me, like “WTF where’d that bomb come from? I don’t remember walking into this kind of area…” (And I don’t often use WTF)

    But it was like ELF and Gengfans aren’t on the same page anymore T_T

    Honestly, I don’t think we can guess what Super Junior members’ true intentions were, but it’s not as though they were solely using his name, or if they were, I think they were in sadness and missing him. I don’t mean to go on about the brotherhood, but it’s because I agreed with the rest of the article up til that point.

    It does furiate me that people blame Hangeng for things, accuse him of lies and generally insult him, but I just count it as ignorance and tell them to read up before commenting. So I guess that now words like “betrayal” “brotherhood” “13” have bad associations, but don’t forget that not everything can be faked.

    About SM… I don’t want to say anymore, they’re just disgusting as they now call themselves the “Star Museum” it’s like how Manager Jung treats Sung Min Woo in Oh My Lady, as though he’s a product, not a human.

    • Nahby says:

      SM the “Star Museum” haha, they really have some nerve, uhg. It’s more like the “Lawsuit Museum.” They know pretty well how to make mass produce idols, but they don’t know how to treat them.

      @onepinetree, thanks forth reply :). I’ll go read now…

  27. blackchick says:

    I agree with you about line SM memtioned HanGeng’name. I hate the way that they to use HanGeng to promote SJ’s vol4. It make fan think that HanGeng betrayed SJ.

    If they used other nice line to memtion HanGeng, I can’t blame them, because HanGeng is still official member of SJ. If they didn’t memtion him, all fan and you also complain SM. But something is not true in their annoucenment.

    About SJ members, I think they are not allowed to memtion HanGeng before. You have to push yourself in their shoes to understand their situation. Because HanGeng are living in China so SM is not easy to hurt him, but other members can finish their careers if they don’t obey requirements of SM. They have to endure more than HanGeng! They can receive more benifits than HanGeng but they isn’t as free as HanGeng. With friendship, it only can fake in a short time, but in a long time, It can’t.
    I feel that they are stressful at that time ( SM lose DBSK, lose HanGeng, they have to get more respondsibility to make money for SM).

    SM can be unfair with HanGeng, but SJ has never made him hurt. Some members are his good friends, some members are only bandmates, but they really have good relationship.
    HanGeng fillef lawsuit SM, It can be good for him, but It make SJ can get many difficults. It is real.
    At this time, as HanGeng’s lawsuit is not clear. I want to keep silent and avoid to blame any members of SJ, I only blame SM. SJ (includes HanGeng) is only victims.
    Please support HanGeng, support SJ!!!

  28. Smile says:

    To see all the comment wrote here make me wanna speak my own opinion too, I usually just read ur comment n wait for other to reply, but I see that it gettin more serious, so my heart said let me speak then. All I wanna say is, let be patient n wait for the result, every action we made will hurt many people especially Han geng, I don’t want that to happen, geng fan n suju fan be patient n wait, juz as hangeng did, tight lip for the benefit of all 🙂

  29. onepinetree says:

    I think based on all of people’s replies…I can make a clear conclusion: We Support Han Geng No Matter What. If it was not Han GEng but some other members who filed the lawsuit everyone would support them as well. Thank you again for leaving your “honest” opinions in here, which made me think things from different perspectives. Your comments also opened up my eyes on how international fans look at this case. I am also very moved by your love for Super Junior. Good thing about being a fan… we can understand each other’s affection and love for our stars. I won’t be able to answer all of your comments… sorry for that..

  30. Sarah says:

    Yeah…I agree with Smile. Be patient and wait for the result. Let us pray for them all, especially for Hangeng oppa.
    Pinesis..thank you so much for sharing your “honest” opinion…somehow I don’t agree with some point of your opinion..but it’s okey…as you said that We Support Han Geng No Matter What.
    Love you all ^_^

  31. zq86220060 says:


    • onepinetree says:

      I am not paid to write. That’s a BIG difference.
      And it’s personal blog, not NEWS MEDIA.. this article is my personal OPINION, not NEWS.

      You had better leave a decent and logical comment here like other people.
      Then at least you will earn RESPECT from me.
      I really appreciate and respect all those comments by other people in here since they truly talked about how they felt and thought about.
      But I don’t think you are the case.

      By the way.. I don’t even READ CHINESE.. I am KOREAN with some ENGLISH skills.
      Next time, please leave a comment in KOREAN or ENGLISH.
      I really appreciate it.

    • bristlegrass says:


      • Sarah says:

        Definitely agree with Pinesis and Bristlegrass sister…
        The victims of the whole thing is Han Geng…
        My support for Han Geng FOREVER ^_^

      • zq86220060 says:

        You’re quite right. So I do’t want to have anyone to discuss the matter again and again ~~~~please~!

    • yin says:

      please speak with manners. Don’t be harsh on the author. If you don’t agree with her, that’s fine. You can say your opinions, since we have our own ways and thoughs… Treat her with respect, then we all will respect you in return.

  32. zq86220060 says:

    You’re quite right. So I don’t want to have anyone to discuss the matter again and again ~~~~please~!

    • bristlegrass says:

      I get your point…but this is the first time we talked about it HERE, there is no again and again. Also, please get the fact straight, it’s not Pinetree wanting to discuss such things, it’s SME which keeps making such things happen…we would rather only enjoy the goodliness and good work of Han Geng, but SME keeps stopping us from enjoying simple happiness. Please do not reverse the cause and effect!!! We are accusing the cause of making Han Geng get hurt, why they can initiate it, we cannot resolve???? If they stop mentioning Han Geng in public (friendship can definitely develop in private, especially in such sensitive period of time for Han Geng, right?), then we will shut up, how that sounds??? That’s the main point of this article!

      Since many may not get such tricks from SME, and SME may use the same tricks AGAIN and AGAIN, we need to clear up the issue! At least, to make more people understand the tricks here, and hurt Han Geng less in future.

      • hanamam says:

        I just consider one thing that if they keep silence,what people will say about them…Just think about it,,,

      • onepinetree says:

        In Aisan culture silence is the gold and I have never seen that went in a wrong direction.

  33. blackchick says:

    Pls be patient, Sometimes we can make hurt people who we love and want to protect.

    We can’t know facts that SM want to hide. We only read their annoucements and comment and analyse about them and don’t know what is real what is fake. And based their annoucements, we can comment some things that make hurt people who we really love.

    So, at this time, we should comment more carefully and don’t make hurt each other.


  34. Smile says:

    Yes I agree with blackchick, SM should solve this fast. Sm only think profit income, they think money can buy fan, I appreaciate what onepinetree did. What I mean by patient is we see the result first n if the outcome is still the same then we can react or do whatever we could to protect our beloved hangeng. I don’t want our action will give a good reason for sme to attack/using hangeng n the other. Sorry if my comment is hurtin anyone. I like hangeng so much. Maybe my thought come from my fear of hangeng will be hurt again by Sm 😦

  35. icydog says:

    Pinetree sis,

    I have just talked to some Geng Fans
    They are all supporting you and said that
    they are so admire your braveness~^ ^

    • onepinetree says:

      Ha ha… my braveness… T.T… Do you remember you told me that I am too strightforward for Koreans?… That’s my problem = =;

  36. Nancy says:

    for someone and something,I choose to ignore at the mose of time…I do care about the noises made by someone,but I care more about Han Geng,I am not afraid of anyone,just concern it may bring the troubles to Han Geng.All of these just make me stronger and let me keep my faith firmly.

    Thank you onepinetree sister,you wrote what I wanted to speak out,please do not regret for it.Let’s just focus on Geng,witness and share all his successful moments,this super star will be definitely shinning in the world,and let someone else to regret for it.

  37. Jenny says:

    Ahhh I believe onepinetree has her reasons for saying all these. She’s a Korean, and definitely knows and understands more than us. What we see is only be the translated version of the article and there may be some meaning lost in translation. It is definitely difficult for us to read between the lines (should there be any) but onepinetree may be able to. That’s why she interpreted it her way and wrote it like that. Other people may interpret it another way and write it in other ways that may differ from hers. But seriously, there’s no right or wrong because we don’t know, and will never know, if they have any secret agenda in writing that. Moreover, what we know is only the tip of the iceberg. And Hangeng, being the sweetiepie that he is, won’t let us fans know even more. He’s always keeping everything to himself. So all we can do is to have faith in what we believe. Hence let’s just respect onepinetree’s opinion just like how she has respected all of ours.

    Let’s not forget our main aim which is to support Hangeng.

    • 0621falling says:

      Thanks for your understanding. I’m Korean, too. As I can read the SM’s attitude for Hangeng, I believe this opnion need to be posted at Hagengs fan blog. Nowagays, the atmosphere around SM and SJ is quite weird, I can feel they want to give big damage to Hangeng. However, Hangeng and our, Geng fans, endure this dirty stuff. The first thing we want is Hangeng get freeom from SM, after that he would separate from this whole thing. So we just support and believe him not iterrupting SM or other things…
      Our best star is only Hangeng, that’s enough….!

  38. yin says:

    Dear Onepinetree sis,

    Thank you for standing out for HanGeng. I’m like you, a mother fan. Sometime our roles and age will make us see things more clearly with diffrernt aspects. I’ve seen many people talking trash about our Geng. That makes me sad and I want to speak out, but I choose to keep it to myself. It’s the only place that I can freely express my own feelings. The only thing I want to say is that thank you and there’s a lot of people who always appreciate/adore your effort for Han Geng. I feel so close to you, even though we’ve never met. Thank you and love you.

  39. roenely says:

    luckily i found this page.
    so i can reach anything i haven’t know.
    but now i really disappointed about SMEnt and Suju Members who treat Han Geng isn’t good for him.
    i can understand how feeling that is for us.
    if i can, i will help Han Geng for ended his contract with SMEnt Rapidly..
    i hope he will definitely win!!
    cause in the and, the truth will always win ..
    looking forward for it!!
    Han Geng.. Jiayo^^~

  40. hanamam says:

    Hangeng has his choice..and the other have their choices…
    I’ll support all their choices…
    I am just a fan…I don’t know what exactly what going on with them…As a fan,everything I know are on the TV,through internet o papers…So I don’t thing I haven’t enough ability as well as no right to say anything about them…Everything is just the feeling…No one can be sure about the truth…
    I love them…it comes from my feeling…I love them just because it’s them…
    And I’ll support each of them…Only these guys can know what is the best to them…
    I am just a fan..,just an outside more..even how big my love is…

  41. Anh says:

    You said SJ’s member are liars… If you said that, why you don’t call HanGeng is a liar???
    You said brotherhoods, love, interaction between SJ’s members is fake?? So what Hangeng expressed in the time with SuJu, Hangeng’s hugs, Hangeng’s tears, Hangeng’s smile are fake, too, right??!! So if you’re blamming others member, you’re blamming HanGeng!!
    C’on!! They had lived 2gether so many years and they’re human, too.
    Some E.L.Fs said something rude ’bout HanGeng, but they’re only one in millions E.L.F who support him even when he isn’t no longer Super Junior HanGeng..

    • onepinetree says:

      Please read my post again. I didn’t call them liars. I just ask them to leave him alone since the ligitation is still on the progress. That’s common sense. There is no reason they have to talk about Han GEng unless SM told them to do. They have been very quiet (no acutally they have disapporved Han Geng’s lawsuit, according to their remarks, which many international fans are unaware of) now with the release of 4th album, this kind of promotion… well.. it’s your opinion.. how you perceive this. Personally, I think the members should have not involved in between the SME and HAn GEng’s litigation.
      By referring to Han Geng over and over , it’s not really helping him at all. Yesterday’s press release about SJ interview well proved my point.

  42. wendy says:

    I’m so glad I found this site that has so many intelligent Gengfans that can see through SME’s tricks. I have went to other sites that have people hating Hangeng for what he did and buying into SME’s gimicks and it’s making me so disgusted. I was so afraid that their ignorance will influence others. It’s such a relief to find so many people who are like me and believe in the same things I do. I appreciate your article and everyone’s thoughtful comments. I really enjoyed reading them.

  43. nhcamha says:

    finally I had time to sit down and read your entries, I just ran into your blog not long ago. this one, if only I could speak my mind out like you did. I just wanna say: Me too! I will continue to support Han Geng no matter what! Because it’s his health that really matters to me.
    ah…there sth I want to ask you about…I don’t know if it would upset you. If it does, I am really sorry. I just wanna know about the stuff which concerns some of the other SJ members. Can I have the information, please?

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