I am Korean Geng fan.



Basically, I’m very favor to foreigners.

Some people say Koreans are exclusive to foreigners…

However I swear sincerely, I’m not.

Feeling a strong aversion to Orientalism, I always try to treat every man equally.

Living in foreign country last year helps me to give form to this my values.

It was not easy to live in Europe as an Asian.

Of course, before that experience, I didn’t draw a distinction at all.

All people I met in foreign countries were nice and his or her nationality doesn’t matter to be a good friend.

Moreover I don’t hate any country.

If I become to hate my Japanese friend because of her nationality, It’s quite unfair to her.

Of course some politician in Japan and their unjustified history are reasonable to be criticized however common people living in Japan are no bad.

So I don’t have any particular reason to dislike foreign country.

I never think China is bad.

When I was in Berlin, Chinese tourists say hello to me in Chinese brightly.

I think they misunderstood as I am Chinese, anyway my feeling was great because they gave happy energy to me.

I was glad to be welcomed.

Whenever I don’t want to eat Western food in Europe, I used to go to the Chinese restaurant. In Chinese restaurant, I would feel the East which I want to go back to see my family.

It helps me endure living in the West alone.

In conclusion, before knowing Hangeng, I’m very favor of China.

Also, nowadays, I like China more and more because of him and I want to know about Chinese culture and language.

So I don’t care about this: I am Korean, Hangeng is Chinese.

Whatever my star is Korean or Chinese, It’s just his nationality.

Someone told me ‘Korean Geng fans like Hangeng as a star and Chinese Geng fans like him as a human.’

Hangeng as a star and as a human…

What is different?

Of course, I like him very much as a star.

How can not I falling love with this charming man?

His appearance is perfect and he is my ideal type.

Sometimes I was shocked at his breath-taking appearance.

Being impressed by his great looking is a point of sameness of all Geng fans regardless of nationality.

However, as you already knew, I became his fan after a law suit.

So I’m his fan not only as a star but also as a human.

Exactly, I’m fan of Chinese , Hangeng.

Certainly, for me, the law suit affect to being his fan.


Last year, on 21 December, a criticism about his suit made me emotional.

I was disappointed some Koreans that insulted Hangeng simply because he is not Korean.

I read Siwoo’s article contains SM E’s discrimination and unfair treatment for Hangeng and I decided to support him forever.

Many people who became his fan after the suit may well fall in love with his humanity regardless of nationality.

I think I;s more suitable that I met Hangeng as a human, not star, at the beginning.

To see his step as an advertising model for China and actor makes me happy.

No matter what, I’m just happy.

How could he develop in China, it make me happy.

As I’m living in Seoul, I can not see him in person, it’s better to grow him in China for his future than stay in Korea.

I’m just waiting calmly…

He can have an opportunity to shoot a film when the suit is ended.

Before long the suit will be ended and Hangeng can get a freedom.

The main point of this suit is human right and it can not be lost.

Of course there are many talanted Entertainments in Korea.

But I can’t have any special feeling to them.

They are just handsome or singing well or funny.

In the contrary of them, Hangeng is so meaningful to me.

He is handsome but sometimes act like cute baby, singing with soft voice and dancing greatly.

At the same time, he felt lonely in foreign country, appeared on the stage with black mask, led the group with painful scar on his heart and smiled hiding his bad condition…

Like this, I like star Hangeng and human Hangeng.

Wishing his happiness is ours’ mind regardless of nationality.

That’s all…

That’s enough…

The star is not a doll that fan control as their pleases.

They are human being who has right to be happy.

So I hope Geng fans esteem him more and more and people who think their Utopia is more valuable than Hangeng’s right just let him go…


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10 Responses to I am Korean Geng fan.

  1. Mandy says:

    사랑해 0621falling and 사랑해 Han Geng~

    • 0621falling says:

      HAHA… thanks a lot..!!!!!!
      I don’t know which language you’re using, anyway, I want to say ‘我爱你’!!

      • Mandy says:

        The language we are all using here is “Han Geng”. Hehe, I am Chinese who write in English and can understand very very very simple Korean.

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Thank you, falling, your love for Han Geng deeply touches my heart!

    Whoever reading this article, I hope you could understand Gengfans better, we just simply love this man, nothing else, whatever things hurt him will make us feel hurt…If there is GOD, if there is JUSTICE, Please please don’t hurt people with true love…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    a Gengfan said this is a gif called “one sight for thousand years”…which means they were staring at the screen for the entire time of this ceremony and waiting for seeing him on camera for a few seconds, only a few seconds, Han Geng was on the screen by accident. Looking at his beautiful and smiling face, we were satisfied…”one sight for thousand years” – we waited for seeing his smile for a long time, and we will memorize such smile forever~~~

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    What’s this pic about? I thought it was about his hand,,,but actually not only, he was pinching himself, why? He had to use this pain to kill another pain, a pain from stomach…he had to, because that was his first opportunity to be on Korean TV show again after waiting for 8 months…I hope you could understand how much pain Gengfans were feeling when they were seeing him keep doing that at the scene…if you don’t know what show it is…it is StarKing shooting in Shanghai…cannot tell that from the show, right? hehehehe~~~

    I just want to give some examples…it’s not we don’t know the behind stories or things happened before, it’s just we don’t want to talk about them again…too painful…and those are all past…time to look ahead~~~

    • shine says:

      oh good nice and meaningful article about a great and meaningful man..
      thank you very much..
      after all every one in the world share hangeng’s pain….
      i don’t know why people keep hurting each other it is not fun,
      the pain of soul and body toke a big part in hangeng’s life…
      it’s time for him to rest from it..we keep our thumbs up forr him to get his freedom soon..
      to at lest see him a gain…
      wish him and you the best of luck…

      • bristlegrass says:

        THANK YOU ^^

        Let’s pray for Han Geng’s freedom coming sooner all together!

    • followurdestiny says:

      Such a touching piece 🙂 and so true <33
      Thank u for sharing!

      I wish there would be less narrow-mindedness and people hurting each other…
      Everyone deserves to be free and to be happy indeed 🙂

      The gifs –
      1st: Such a beautiful *glimps* of his smile 🙂
      2nd: I didn't know he was sick for that long, I knew he had 'stomach problems' from very early on… but still TT__TT

  3. Smile says:

    Agree 100 percent, I knew hangeng after the law suit, I like him because of his personality n determination. In one of his previous interview, people ask if he ever go down someday how he able to survive. Hangeng then said, he will work harder like he did when he went to korea.. That is one of many reason I love him 🙂

  4. Nahby says:

    Like this, I like star Hangeng and human Hangeng.

    Wishing his happiness is ours’ mind regardless of nationality.

    That’s all…

    “That’s enough…

    The star is not a doll that fan control as their pleases.

    They are human being who has right to be happy.

    So I hope Geng fans esteem him more and more and people who think their Utopia is more valuable than Hangeng’s right just let him go…”

    True. I agree with your article.

    I don’t see nationality tbh. I see people, stars. They are like us. They get hurt like us, they are happy like us. Everything we experience as human beings, they experience too because they are human beings jus like us. It’s selfish to think and to ask too much of these people who we see there on a stage entertaining us. That is their job, but they have the right to have a life.

    So to insult someone because of his nationality is very ignorant. No one is better than anyone else because of nationality, color of skin, beliefs, etc. If anything a person become worse than those they are judging if you judge them based on false and ignorant beliefs.

    I am not Korean, nor Chinese nor Asian in any sense. But I’m still interested in those cultures. I’m learning Chinese and Korean and maybe I will never use them in the future, but I’m pretty sure I will though. I love getting to know different cultures and people. Knowing their language is a huge step towards understanding their culture.

    I don’t understand why people can have so many prejudices towards others. I think is a beautiful thing to interact with different people who share different beliefs and cultures. Maybe I’m too open minded or maybe I see thing differently because I’m a foreigner in the U.S and I come from a different culture myself.

    But here there are so many people who share so many prejudices towards others. They don’t care to know another culture. In fact they find it offensive for others to “push” their cultures on them. And don’t even mention learning another language because “Here in the U.S we speak English. What do we need another language for??”.

    I see HangGeng for HanGeng. He is another human being who happens to be Chinese. He could be Russian, African, Mexican for all I care. I would still love him all the same.

  5. truly3qts says:

    He is a human being with exceptional qualities. And true GengFans fall for those qualities of his…..not just his appearance.

    Han Geng is Hang Geng…..no one else like him. GengFans are his devoted fans who are willing to support him no matter what nationality he is and no matter where he is.

    Thank you 0621falling for such passionate entry

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