Han Geng ……The Fate-Maker..?

You choose your fate
By the things you do
If you are good
Your fate will be too

Fate does not choose you
It won’t take time to choose you
Just watch what you do
And fate will be good to you

LaTisha Parkinson

The above is a portion of a poem which I would like to quote from..

As we look at the life of Han Geng..the 1st verse is so much applicable to him..choose your fate…..fate does not choose you…!!

We know that he was born in this city in China.The snow capital of China..


What we don’t know is that when we Googled Images of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang…picture of Han Geng would pop-up.. on the first page…..hehehe!!

So he is part of Mudanjiang’s attractions..too!!

He left Mudanjiang at the tender age 12  for Beijing to pursue his dreams..in other words he chose his fate...be an ethnic dancer..!

Again he chose his fate in 2003, at age 19..he left his country for South Korea… to be able to develop more and bring his experience back to China…

In 2005, at age 21,the age of adulthood ….he debut as a singer..but in order to continue his dreams ,again he chose fate..by overcoming all odds and obstacles to his detriment….

Then 3 years later, at age 24, he chose his fate again,by allowing himself to be the Captain of  SJ-M, a humongous task to accomplish ….finally  his hard-work paid- off and he can just  take things easy,relax and enjoy the adoration of his fans and be at the height of his popularity..!!!

But sadly, at the end of 2009,he gave up all that to start all over again..!!..choosing his fate again..!!

Till today 2010, he is still waiting patiently for the results of his lawsuit, inspite of all the “attacks” thrown at him..he quietly endured all  and kept mum on the issue..

Instead of quietly abiding his time by waiting…. ! he chose to improve his various skills in preparation for the time that he can emerge as a Han Geng with a new identity..!!

How many times in his life he had chosen fate..? How many hats did he wear at any given time…? The list is endless..!! To be an Olympic Torchbearer is not an ordinary daily affair…mind you!!

He has excelled in many ways..and yet he chose fate to turn the tide ….for him

Yes these may be old news and yet they are  helpful insights to becoming  a conquering  warrior.He may not look like one but as someone once said,” He is one in his spirit..He has a warrior spirit”, and that is good enough for me..hehehe…!!

Behind the scene is one very strong woman in the form of his mother..!

A mother who knows when to give in and when to let go…

A mother who comforts  him and be the pillar for him to lean on..

A mother who protects his dreams and gives him strength along the way…

His Beloved Mother….whom he cannot deny or refuse…anything!

If Han Geng did not  decide on how he wants his fate to be…do you think we can see him as the Han Geng now or a different one..? We probably wouldn’t know..hehe..!!

Because he chose this fate to be his stage ,that we now see him where he is..today. An individual who grasps with both hands what fate has presented to him..!!

A World of Geng

The Results..?

He enjoys attention and respect wherever he goes…He receives acclaims one after another…He evokes reactions and surprises…

And here is one typical reaction…

However, coming along is the torchbearer for Beijing Han Geng, have you heard of him? I haven’t heard about him. Though I feel that his handsomeness, in some of his ways in singing look alike ,Wang Zheng Zheng when singing <Beyond our Dreams, Together we Fly>. Nonetheless, it is this Hangeng, who attracts “Geng Fans” and “Geng’s Knights Family” to Tianya Haijiao* and who would constantly cheer and yell for him, bringing to me a great impact, and a little dizziness.

But, it is this Hangeng, considering I am a person who loves to learn, how could I be so absent-minded as not to know about him? And when Han Geng was at Tianya Haijiao, singing Shanghai World Expo’s Chinese Culture’s theme song “The World watching China”, at that moment, Sanya Bay really seethed with excitement. When I got to know that Han Geng had already participated in many sports-related cultural promotion, I am definitely OUT! And I’m not even close to be out normally.

But looking at this young fellow from Hezhen, I just want to hum Guo Song’s “Ussuri River Barcarolle song” :

The Nanai people spread a thousand net, the boat filling the river the fishes filling the cabin, ah-ha-la-he-li-la, ah-ha-la-he-li-la……”

Credits to: Sohu Blog
Source posted by: yeyebaby @ sj-world.net
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net

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10 Responses to Han Geng ……The Fate-Maker..?

  1. Nahby says:

    This is very inspiring. Thanks for posting. HanGeng, he’ll be fine. No matter where he is, no matter what he does, even if he has to let go and start a thousand time again…he’ll be fine. He’s a warrior like it says there, and warriors never give up. He’s really a shining star.

    HanGeng <3.

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Ha! I just love this title!

    A warrior fights for his own fate,,,that’s the story I always love, but it’s reality…

    I wish my warrior would experience less hardships in this process, and I wish a happy ending~~~

  3. followurdestiny says:

    Beautifully put 🙂

    You choose your fate, will watch over you and fate will be good to you… I hope fate will
    be better for Geng… he’s such a strong individual with lots of love & loved ones
    accompanying and supporting him 🙂

    Hope his path in front of him will be smoother and things will settle peacefully ^_^ <33

  4. .gengfan★ says:

    Yes.. he chooses his fate…. again and again!! Looking for the right path..

    This is why he is very inspirational.. he’s really just something else!!! 🙂

  5. shine says:

    choosing your fate …
    not any one is able to do that…it needs a big courage and insistence to do it…thats one of many reasons why i admire hangeng.

  6. truly3qts says:

    You’re absolutely right garnetblue….

    This is one very smart and reasonable young man. He knows when to endure and when to start fresh. He has guts and is willing to face the uncertainty of the future. Why? Because he has real talents. He knows his strengthS, which he continues to excel, as well as his weaknesses, which he works hard to improve. And now he has become well-rounded entertainer….a really good one.

    Han Geng has been choosing his fate wisely…..preparing himself well for it…..I truly believe FATE WILL BE VERY GOOD TO HIM!

  7. Mandy says:

    Han Geng has been choosing difficult paths for himself since he was only a kid. He will overcome tough time. He deserves love and $. We are here with him.

  8. garnetblue says:

    The thing about Han Geng is that he is very focused on what he wanted in life..
    Once he has set his goals,he will worked towards them..
    He has a fighting spirit in him and he never ever let bad critics pulled him down.The more so he will proved those critics wrong..!!He will take those criticisms and turn them around for his own benefit.!!
    Even in fans,those who were not impressed before will tend to take a second look at him and unknowingly found themselves falling for his charms combine with the innocence of a mischievous child..
    He doesn’t need to draw attention to himself by hogging the camera or being a flatterer.His qualities are the ones that draw people in to him in droves..
    Sometimes one wonders…how did he do it?The truth is he didn’t do anything..!What he did was just being his natural self.The rest just follows.The people he attracts are those who see the real person behind all the glamour & glitters that he portray on stage..And this can go a long way in helping his career..He commands stage presence as some of you mentioned and there is a strong aura around him which shines positively..
    The road he chose to travel on is not always smooth sailing ..but he has prepared himself for that..He also has his Wings of Love to propel him forward towards the fate he has made for himself..A destiny he has to reach in this life..!!The journey is long but as Gengfans made a promise to him “A journey of 20 years” has just begun..What comes after that,no-one knows..Maybe another 20 years..!!! Han Geng, fly towards your dreams on the Wings of Love..!! Go!Go!Go! Don’t hesitate..!!!!
    Thank you all for loving Han Geng for who he is and not for the star in him..
    He is fortunate to have you all,there to support him and chide him when he errs..hehehehe..!!That is true support and love…!!!!

  9. JOSY says:

    it appears that it’s hangengs fate to have to deal with so many difficulties… like he said “life isn’t always fair”
    but i think life IS fair! with every obstacle that he has conquered, he has gained more respect and admiration… his hardship was for a reason! and hangeng is that kind of man that will never complain, because he knows he should stay focused and improve himself… he will only set higher standards for himself… due to his positive attitude he is loved by peeps that are lucky enough to either work with him or get to know him…
    so as fans we can always be proud of him and get excited every time we see him appearing in front of us again…
    i believe better days will come… definitely! we just have to be patient together with hangeng and enjoy the whole ride with him 🙂

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