Han Geng…Gengfans..A Tangible Parallel of Volunteerism..!!

While we are waiting for Han Geng’s official re-emergence in the entertainment world,let us see what he is up to lately..

He has been busy doing volunteering work and he is not alone..!He and Gengfans have a tangible parallel in their activities.

When we see Han Geng active in volunteerism ,we also see his Gengfans doing similar activity.

Han Geng is one very influential individual whereby he doesn’t have to be vocal to mobilise his Gengfans into actions..!.He is a picture of health and youth,which is what the Games Committee are looking for..Anything to do with outdoor activities ,Han Geng is the epitome image of a healthy youth coupled with diligence and filial piety which reflects on the core values of the Chinese culture..!!No wonder he is in great demand..!!

These core values are also reflected in his Gengfans..Recently,there was an activity in Dalian,and Gengfans were invited to participate in it.It was a Walking Festival…(credit to Geng bar)

Gengfans Banner in Dalian

The Dalian Walking Festival

The whole point of this article is that , when Han Geng moved ,his Gengfans will follow suit..!! He moves,they move….Han Geng demonstrates, his Gengfans emulate..!!! hehehehe..!!

That’s what I call a tangible parallel….!!!

Han Geng and Gengfans go hand-in-hand..

Getting Ready

Let us look at some pictures…

Volunteer for Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

Come Smile with Me

Hahahaha..still a kid

Let us all do whatever we can in our own simple ways as a show of support to Han Geng.

He knows that we are all waiting for him and so let us help him by being patient and sober in our support.All things will come out beautifully when the time is right..!!!

Let ‘s show him the Wings of our love by the Wind in our Wings..!!

(Pictures are credited as tagged.)

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2 Responses to Han Geng…Gengfans..A Tangible Parallel of Volunteerism..!!

  1. Ruby90 says:

    Dear garnetblue/onepinetree/bristlegrass/all blog owners and Gengfans.

    Thank you for the article, and I can’t help but say that I totally agree with it, especially Geng’s ability to inspire people, because I was inspired and attracted much to his personality (though I like his dancing and appearance as well :P). I’ve been a silent reader, but I’ve been following this blog for a while, and I truly enjoy every post here! Just wanna say thank you to the writers who keep all the Geng updates for us! Hope that you will keep up the great work in the future!!

    One small note btw, Han Geng is gonna have a new solo album (his producer said that the musical style will be melodies & folk songs…) Just wanna share with all Geng fans here this news: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7GXKI_30G4&feature=player_embedded Anticipating his album, hehe.

    Btw, I’m just curious, @onepinetree do you live in LA? Cos’ I’m currently living in LA too 🙂

  2. truly3qts says:

    He leads by example….not just words….what’s more influential than that?????

    Way to go Han Geng!

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