Han Geng….The World is Watching you..!!

Han Geng….what can I say..!!You have proven yourself again and again…!!

Han Geng, you are someone who has the confidence to go after your dreams and grasp them in your hands.You would not allow opportunities to be wasted when you have them in your hands…That I have witnessed in the recent event of Red Bull New Energy Music Plan..When you were given a choice to pick any of the 5 reputable and prominent music producers to help you in an album,you answered with “tongue-in-cheek” that you wanted them all…You did not allow for slipped opportunities..Why choose when you can have them all..? I can see the child in you..!!! The innocence of a young mind and at the same time a wise one..!

I was just watching from afar and can imagine how the audience and media reacted….it evoked amused laughter.!But the MC did say something interesting..! ! He said” Never in the history of Chinese music that one can afford to hire all five renowned composers at the same time for an album.” . Only Han Geng can get away with that statement..hehehehe..!!!!

You never fail to  surprise and shock us (pleasantly) with your humour… the significance of that event hasn’t even  sunk  in yet( to those who are skeptical of your abilities and talents..)To your detractors, they kept harping on the quality of your voice and denouncing your talents as a singer and that is so sad that they can’t see beyond their noses..!! You.!…you took a higher ground by proving that you are worthy of your own calibre and can stand tall among your peers,predecessors and masters.

These five composers are well-known in China, Xiao Ke, Zhang Ya Dong, Yuan Wei Ren, Huang Guan Zhong, and Gao Xiao Song.They  have a reputation to protect and they know what they are talking about..Surely, they see the potential in Han Geng that made them endorse him in the Music Plan..

One of them,went so far as to say that he would change his music style just for Han Geng…he would write a dance song for him ,that was high praise indeed..!! One have heard of singers adhering to the composers’ style and not the other way round..!!Amazing..!! How did Han Geng do it..? One thing is certain, all 4 who were present that day said that they like Han Geng and see the potential in him and added that Han Geng is the most fantastic star in Mainland China at the present time..!!!

If one was to analyze the whole event, one can safely say that Han Geng is in secure  hands..!!! He is backed by the Best of the Best (of China’s musicians.)!! You can even say creme de la creme…!! If those in authority said that Han Geng can sing, then who are they who said otherwise?? Success do not come overnight,it has to be built upon steadily over time.

As the proverb goes…”One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” So what if those who say that Han Geng has no powerful vocals? As long as those prominent composers recognised Han Geng’s talents and are willing to compose songs for him,that’s all that matters..!! Others are irrelevant..!!

Even now,as I write, you are recording songs for the Asian Games that will be held this November in Guangzhou.!Even in this area,your Gengfans were invited to submit their ideas on what to include in the MV..!!! You are indeed an excellent role model for your fans to emulate.!! Gengfans are also recognized for all their efforts and devotion to you all these years,watching you struggle towards your dreams with silent tears….!! Now, that you are shining, so do your Gengfans  (literal translation-geng-rice..hehehehe!!).Geng and Gengfans..are inseparable !!!

Do you remember Geng,when you stood on the stage in Shanghai World Expo and sang the song “The World is Watching China”, little do you know that the world is watching you..!!!! hehehehe…!!

Many are cheering you on,and many are also giving you their blessings for a successful album..!!Many are also waiting in anticipation for the release of your solo album..!!Many too have already started to save for the album to give you a “big bang” in the sales…So do your best,just as you are..!!

We can wait and wait patiently..!!

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7 Responses to Han Geng….The World is Watching you..!!

  1. Sachiko says:

    me2! I’m saving money!!!!!!!!! Pls try yr best!
    Thank you garnetblue 😡

    • trueblue says:

      Yes Sachiko,we will give him the love and support that he needs.It’s so disheartening to hear his detractors putting him down even before he start recording..! But it’s ok,because Han Geng has people like you who know his true value..Thank you Sachiko for trusting him and believing in him..

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Waiting patiently and cheering you on from across the world! 😀
    It’s just beautiful to see, right, his smile ♥

    Cheeky Geng XD Thank u for sharing!!! ♥

    • trueblue says:

      You know,I like Han Geng’s smile..His smile is so genuine and beautiful.. I envy his flawless skin and beautiful complexion..!!It is good to see guys with a little tan on their skin rather than creamy white..hehehe!!!
      And I like to enlarge those pictures of him,so that I can admire him closer..Hahahaha…!!!

      • followurdestiny says:

        haha 🙂 I know what you mean 🙂 ♥
        Here a news flash about Geng recording a song for the Asian Games

  3. please34 says:

    oh… can’t wait >< since i saw the last pic!
    (photos from Red Bull Energy's planned almost killed me *__*!!)

    with 5 composers,his potential,mix style,his style.

    can only imagine , yeah… bigbang!.

  4. Sarah says:

    Yeah!!! Hangeng Gege…please do the best for your album, I can’t wait!!!
    Hangeng Gege Jiayou!!!
    Thank you very much for garnetblue ^_^

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