Han Geng…This is for you..!!(Updates)

MAY 25th,2010

This day is being anticipated by your Gengfans and friends alike…

We have been waiting and waiting…

Today will be the day we see you spread your wings together with Gengfans and soar like an eagle flying towards the bright future…

Many friends are blessing you with good wishes….!!

Hoping that the results of your lawsuit will be in your favour…!!

Here is one….from Geng Bar!!


Though we don’t know what the future holds for you,but what we do know is that we will stay by your side to cheer you on and see you standing tall one day, and making us proud to know that we were able to accompany you on your road to success..!!

Standing tall like this…..

Or be on the top of the world……


Always having a cheery and confident smile on your face…!!

May good fortune be with you today and the good blessings of your friends and Gengfans..!!

Han Geng, Jiayou !!!

Han Geng, Boleh !!

Han Geng, Fighting !!!

Han Geng, Mabuhay !!

Han Geng, Hwaiting !!!

All pictures are credited as tagged..

Update: Next court hearing is on 15th June at 15:00 hrs.

Here is some good news though..

Han Geng was recording for one of the theme song of Asian Games..This is a preview..the actual date for release of the song will be on 1st June and the MV will be out 4th June..tentative title “Asian Games Having Me As Luck”

The link (audio)

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16 Responses to Han Geng…This is for you..!!(Updates)

  1. gengfan ★ says:

    I love his last picture ^^

    But yes.. I really hope this is his last trial court date… Let’s get this over with!! Han Geng Jia You! 😀

  2. Kim Ni Sha says:

    You’re so GORGEOUS,Gege… ^_^

  3. Nahby says:

    The 25t, OMG!! I’m so nervous with anticipation. I’m so afraid of what the result will be :(, if it’s in his favor or not, I’m still afraid of it.

    HanGeng I wish you all the best in this world and more.

  4. trueblue says:

    I hate it..!!
    Next court date is on 15th of June…!!
    See what dirty tricks they are using on Geng..!!
    Still only 10 more days ..WE CAN WAIT..AFTER ALL WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG !!!
    Oh God please help Han Geng to get past this..thank you!!

  5. Nahby says:

    They changed it O_o?? Why?! Why, why, why must they delay things?!

    Argg!! I’ve been getting so upset about news lately, and not only HanGeng related, but SuJu related.

    SM really wants me to go insane on them!!

    • trueblue says:

      Yes I am fuming mad here…and including SJ..!!
      I don’t care what the little “elves” say..
      But wait we will no matter what..Han Geng will come out victorious and shame to all those who tried to put him down…
      This will make Gengfans and friends stronger and know the ugly truth..!!

  6. Sarah says:

    Han Geng, Semangat! (Indonesian term of Jiayou ^_^)
    Kamu pasti bisa!
    I will wait the next court patiently…
    I will support you no matter what happen…Forever!!!

  7. Sharon says:

    Hangeng, we’ll support you no matter what! All the delays and tricks will only make us stronger! We’re ever so staunch!

    SM & your staff, you really open my eyes: how dirty human beings can get to achieve their aims! More people will see the truth. You may sell a few more records, but do you know what you are doing to Korea?

    Gengfans, try not to be angry! Focus on Hangeng then you’ll calm down! There is a lot of good news in China. All the branches of Gengbar and Hangeng’s fansites are making videoes of messages for Geng to be shown at the recording of ‘Happycamp’ on 24June when Geng will record this program on his own! And Geng will be on another talk show on CCTV, now this is ‘mainstream’ we’re talking about here!

    More good stuff are on their way. We just wait! You may think the delays will cause Geng some movies or CFs, but without the lawsuit, all these would’ve been impossible! The waiting now is sweet! So focus on Geng and he’ll bring you a peaceful mind! Why not look at the beauty of mankind? Let me look at his pictures again! Ah!!! I feel so good!!!!

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank You for lifting up my spirits..
      Yes there is always a silver lining behind the clouds..!!
      Thank You all Gengfans for the uplifting spirits…
      Yes we are thankful…and we learned more about human nature..hehehe..!!

  8. 0621falling says:

    Thanks for this post…!

    yes, we wil win finally.
    If there are justice in the world, Human right will never lose.
    In conclusion, SM will lose in this battle.
    That’s why SM acts like that… so dirty…
    They are afraid of public get to realize the truth of Hangeng.

  9. followurdestiny says:

    Geng Hwaiting! Jia You! …

    ♥ the song already, his soothing voice… looking forward to the release!

  10. garnetblue says:

    Thank you everyone who left a comment here..
    You are all very kind and helping each other to see that good will always prevail…
    I love reading your comments and know that we are of the same wave length…hehehe…!!!
    Oh I have to apologize to all readers of this blog that Pinetree is on a very short hiatus that’s why you haven’t seen her here..hehehe!!!
    She’ll be back before you know it..!!
    Oh and Bristlegrass too…!!!!

  11. Smile says:

    10 more day!!! Waiting for that day get me into crazy… No matter what the result is I’ll support hangeng, whether he at north, south, east or west I’ll follow him, jia you!!!

    • Nahby says:

      I agree. I’ll follow him wherever he goes. Whether he falls a hundred times and has to get up again or becomes a big star, I’ll be there supporting him. I’m hoping and wishing he will become this huge star, an we’ll all be able to be there to see him. SM lost something very precious, shame on them.

      These days I miss so many things, with all the news and well…lack of news. I miss the old days, but HanGeng can’t continue to be part of a company like SM. I’m a huge supporter of human rights, and his human rights were being violated, same with all the boys I’m sure.

      Some days I have so many mixed emotions, some others don’t. But there is one thing I’m very sure about, and putting aside my feelings of yearning, I will follow and support him and HeeChul through everything.

  12. JOSY says:

    SM really sucks, and like an old chinese saying: “this old cat (=SM) has burnt its moustache” ow geez it really doens’t sound good in english hahahaa 😛
    i mean this boy is destined to rise and shine… if you think of how he has been suppressed for all these years and is still able to gain so many fans and to become this huge… can you imagine his stardom when he is free from suckie SM and joins a company that would really treasure him? i say fa-fa-foem!!!
    i think that’s why SM is not eager to let him go… too bad SM, all you’re gonna get is a big fat DUH!
    hangeng jia you oh!!!

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