Han Geng…..New Asian Games Singer !!!

According to this recent article in China News (National Newspaper in China)Han Geng is now hailed as the new generation of singers taking over their seniors..!!

This news is indeed significant as it is published in the main paper of China and not in tabloids..

Finally,Han Geng is recognized as a “real” singer and was given much acclaim. Thus far,he has achieved a certain amount of success and breakthroughs in the Chinese mainstream public…!!

This is indeed good news and a great start for his future career in his own country.

Every cloud has a silver lining….

Great things cannot be accomplished in a short period of time.

These two proverbs can safely described the past few years that Han Geng has gone through..!!

And at last, there is the rainbow just over the horizon….!!


The 2010 Asian Games, a major event that is much-anticipated among Asian countries would be held in Guangzhou. In this gathering of Asia’s top athletes, China athletes would work hard for the glory of their country while the theme song of the games 《亚运有我精彩之吉》 would be the source of encouragement for the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

New generation of stars come together to sing for the Asian Games

Being the male star singer that has the most infectious stage presence in the Chinese music scene, Hangeng’s voice sends out the feeling that would make people want to dance to the beat. This has allowed him to win the newcomer award at the Meng Niu Music Billboard Ceremony. To cheer on the Asian Games, Hangeng has put in all his effort to give the song a new dance beat, hoping that the song would be a strong encouragement to all present at the Asian Games, using his voice and dance to express his passion and energy.

Zhou BiChang & Hangeng records duet across seas, new generation of stars take over the baton to sing for the Asian Games

Through《亚运有我精彩之吉》, it would be the first time for Zhou BiChang and Hangeng to be working together. Zhou BiChang and Hangeng carried out the recording process in Mainland China and Taiwan respectively, recording the Asian Games theme song across seas.

After these top stars, Zhou BiChang and Hangeng, the two stars from the new generation of singers have taken over their seniors, becoming the new ‘Asian Games singers’, working together for the newest Asian Games theme song 《亚运有我精彩之吉》. As they sang, Zhou BiChang and Hangeng stuck to their own style of singing while focusing on combining their voices together to search for the best way to perform as a duet. Performed it in a manner that is open but does not cause it to lose it’s energy, the song makes one feel inspired after listening to it. Zhou BiChang and Hangeng’s pairing of voices is seemingly perfect, showing the best of harmony in their voices.
Source: ChinaNews
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net
Posted by: .gengfan★ @ sj-world.net


Zhou Bi Chang, or otherwise known as BiBi, came into the music scene in 2005 as part of the Super Girl Competition. She was runner up to Chris Lee (Lee Yu Chun)

cr: Anyarh@YT

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10 Responses to Han Geng…..New Asian Games Singer !!!

  1. Sarah says:

    First? hehehe…
    Hangeng Jiayou! Hangeng Jiayou! Hangeng Jiayou! Oh my…I really want to scream that word loudly!
    Watching the video when he was recording a song really make me proud…yeah…
    He is Hangeng…The best man in the world…Dream comes true…
    Thank you so much for garnetblue ^_^

  2. Kim Ni Sha says:

    He would singing???
    Hahahaha I’ll be waiting for you Gege….

  3. blackchick says:

    How do you feel about word “new singer” and “New generation of stars”
    Why they call him that??? so funny.
    He has debuted as singer from 2005, now is 5 years. They always stress word “singer”. What is their purposes, to determine HanGeng is singer???
    He always is singer!!! He can dance, can sing well. SME also accept for him to sing Betrayal on SS2 stage, bcs they know he sing well. HanGeng can feel so stress about this word.

    In SJ, not only him, but some others also only sing 1 or 2 lines. It is feature of music band.

    I hate SME so much, because they don’t care about his individual activities, ignore his good chances, gave them for other members, he always had to support other artists in China, no time for rest…. I hate SME.

    His fame is over Asia. Why they still call him is “New generation of stars”

    • trueblue says:

      I don’t get it..!What is it you wanted to address here?
      What is your point here?

      He was always associated as one of the members in a group but never as an individual in his own rights…Also, he was more known as a dancer than a singer..!!
      So I don’t see it as a problem in calling him a new generation of singers /stars in China..His previous activities were always outside of China..!!
      Han Geng debuted outside ,unlike those who debuted in China..
      Now,Han Geng is back as himself,just HAN GENG so it is appropriate to consider him a “new” singer..in CHINA..!!
      His fame(in Asia)is never a contention here,it is his development in China that is the real contention..
      He needed to establish himself as a “bona fide” singer in his own right and be presented to the mainstream public (which is the target) who has the purchasing power..
      To last long in this field,one has to target the mainstream public who are the real critics..
      They are the ones who decide whether one is a singer or an actor or a star..so they are an important element for a long career..
      Let’s not split hairs here….that part of the sentence is just a figure of speech so don’t need to fret over it..!!

      • blackchick says:

        First of all, everyone know him because he is member of SJ. Me too.
        With SJM, he debuted in China from 2008.
        he worked so hard to hope that he has a stable position in Entertaiment industry, to hope everyone treat him as good singer, good dancer and good actor.

        After 5 years,everyone in Asia also know him,so he is still called “new singer,” “new star” in China??. I don’t think they just know him in a short time.

        I’m a fan of HanGeng, I’m not selfish, he can stay or leave SJ, depend on what he want. I always support him.

        With me, he is artist who have experiences in music industry. But I don’t like to idolize him.It seem to place more pressure on him. At this time. he need a calm mood!!!

        As you know, many elf turn back on him. Blame him. As my limited thinking, now any artist on the world doesn’t want to act only in their country. Chinese artist is also. HanGeng is also. so you can’t say that “His fame(in Asia)is never a contention here”. Opposite effect is not good for his future

        This is my opinion, very clear. If it make you not happy, so it is my final message.

      • bristlegrass says:

        Please calm down, girls ^^ just a title, compare to what Han Geng has been through all these years, really not a big deal…

        As a Chinese gengfan, I hope I could clear up the word of “new” being often mentioned in Chinese media regarding Han Geng, if I may.

        Han Geng is new in China…before 2008, I have to say, Han Geng was no one in China, only fans knew him; after 2008, although he got more fans through improving himself and being Olympic torch bearer and in “Beijing Welcome You” MV. I have to say sorry if someone doesn’t agree with me, Han Geng is the ONE making SJ and SJM get some acknowledgement in China, not the company nor SJ as a boyband, that’s why SME wanted to use him to promote the group but so afraid of his popularity. Thanks to SME’s all kinds of oppressive tricks, his talents and fame were still limited to fans, never actually recognized by the Chinese public or we may say Chinese mainstream entertainment industry. Therefore, in this sense, he is brand new, compare to many Chinese artists who have been active in Chinese entertainment industry for years, and Han Geng just debuted in China in 2008 with no individual representative work.

        Yes, Han Geng is not an idol, he will be super star, so his fame should not be limited in fandome. and Yes, Han Geng will not be limited himself in China only, but he has to make a firm foundation in his home country now.

  4. Smile says:

    My opinion about this “new” is, for some reporter they juz knew hangeng, it is proof that when he sing at shanghai expo, some of the reporter and audience juz know him, but for his fan whether in china or outside china already know him for so long..sorry correct me if I’m wrong, this is juz my opinion 🙂

  5. Sharon says:

    I don’t see how ‘new singer’ could be offensive! And I don’t see the phrase ‘new singer’ in the news. It’s ‘new generation of stars’. Zhou Bi Chang who debuted before Hangeng and is already popular holding concerts and stuff is called ‘new generation’ here. She also received the Mengniu’s New Comer Award.

    As a matter of fact, Hangeng is ‘new’ to the Chinese Media and the mainstream public. Still many people don’t know about Hangeng, they would call themselves ‘out’ when they get to know him though! I do see something positive! That means Hangeng has great potentials in the Chinese market. Surely more people will like Hangeng once they see his work! These are ordinary consumers, they are not crazy fans but the number is big! So, look on the bright side! I’m smiling!

  6. garnetblue says:

    Thank you for all your comments and insights..
    It is always refreshing to know the thoughts of others..
    I am smiling here too..
    I am kinda of relief that Han Geng is able to start afresh in his own country and among his own people..eh!!!!
    He didn’t start from the bottom ground as expected but with his peerage…
    That is good because he is recognised among his peers..!

  7. truly3qts says:

    To me….the point of the article is that Han Geng is being recognized by the public as prominent singer…and may I quote “has the most infectious stage presence in the Chinese music scene”.

    And with that……it is good enough for me…..he is being recognized as an individual artist since he is starting all over again by himself….I am happy for him.

    Another thing is….he is recognized as a singer….whereas before with the group….he is known mostly for his excellent dancing skill….I am proud of him.

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