Han Geng…..2010 Activities !!!

Recently, there is a lot of buzz in the entertainment media in China concerning our precocious Han Geng baby..!!!

He is so hyper and energetic that it is so hard to keep up with him…!!

He will appear randomly all over the places…!! Just to quote someone who diligently follows him.. “whether he at north,south,east or west I’ll follow him!!”

Let me just gather all his recent activities and try to compile them chronologically if my memory serves me right..hehehe !!! I will start with the latest event and going down to the oldest…(within these few days hopefully before his M.V. released)

Here is the one just out recently…

Behind the scenes of the M.V. shooting “Asian Games With Me As Luck”.

A little explanation here…During the course of filming ,the director suddenly realised that that it would be a waste of Han Geng’s dance skills if he doesn’t include it in the M.V . So he discussed it with Han Geng (you can see that in the clip) and of course,our Han baby is such a sweet guy that he agreed to do it..hehehehe!!!

When Mr. Han baby was interviewed, he did mentioned that it was his 1st time doing an M.V. shoot with stage lights behind him and giving him the sense of performing on stage..he kinda felt it was beautiful !! With the incorporation of his dancing in the M.V. it will be something unique and special, especially it’s a Games related M.V….Got it ? Sports & Dance incorporated..?

Let’s look at some of the “behind” pictures..!!


I Am Han Geng

Deep Discussion

Watch his cuteness overload..eh? This is what we want to see..!

We want to see him having self-fulfillment and be the person that he really is,with no inhibitions and be confident, stable and focused !! Knowing where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do.In other words..be his own boss !!!

Let’s go back a little,when this was released:

A little explanation here..this singer nickname “Bibi” was doing the recording in Taiwan whereas Han Geng was in Beijing..She was busy with her own album release and doing concerts when she was asked to record this song.Actually the song was recorded in Taiwan in April (when Han Geng was spotted there earlier).In this video clip,Bibi “accidentally” let out that she went to a certain recording studio and saw a picture of Han Geng in the studio.She found out that it was  customary of the studio to “paste” pictures of people who had done recordings there. So she realised that Han Geng was there before her as she was only able to have her recording later due to her busy schedules..!!

The last recording done was when Bibi was in Taiwan and Han Geng in Beijing,and that’s why the media coined it “duet across the seas”.Let us anticipate the release of the song on June 1st and the M.V. on June 4th.

卫羑里 @ t.sina.com.cn

re-post: geng bao; a han geng community

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6 Responses to Han Geng…..2010 Activities !!!

  1. truly3qts says:

    Ah…garnetblue….THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping us uptodate with Han Geng’s activities.

    I’m looking forward to the full MV….hahahaha….director couldn’t help but ask him to do some dances in the MV. He is just so so so good…..no one can resist him.

    It is great that despite the delayed of the lawsuit, we can still see him active….doing what he likes….what he chooses at his own free will.

    The GIFs are adorable and the first picture, with all the lights in the background, so fit for a SUPERSTAR.

  2. Smile says:

    Thanx garnet… North, east, west, south… suit for his activity right now 🙂 can’t wait for the MV.

  3. JOSY says:

    big star = everywhere!!! you cannot not notice him 🙂
    boy can sing!

  4. KIMyean25 says:

    thanks for the latest update of Han geng.. 🙂


    co len hangeng luon ben canh anh va ung ho anh

  6. czeariena says:

    what ever he does he remains so cute jeje love him so much

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