Han Geng…Process of M.V. recording

Han Geng has been busy with recording and shooting for the M.V. “Asian Games Have Me As Luck” recently at the studio of Producer Xiao Ke in Beijing.

Throughout his recording, he was followed by a cameraman and a news reporter who taped the whole process ..

Here are some pictures which are officially released today….

Interviewed by News Reporter

Arrival at Studio

Check out his car…!!!!

Han Geng Carefully Preparing for Recording

A professional Geng at work…!!

Dance Clip

Please check out this link for more pictures at the recording…



Geng Baidu Bar

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5 Responses to Han Geng…Process of M.V. recording

  1. JOSY says:

    he’s looking great! always have, but now it looks healthy great 🙂
    this summer i’ll be in china and i’m sooo gonna buy his album!
    hangeng, don’t let the haters stop you from having a bright future you hear?!
    we will always support you and the SM tales will just go in one ear and go out the other ear… no worries… we have brains and love for you!
    jia you oh!

    • Aranya says:

      You will be in China this summer?
      When and where you will go?
      Maybe we can meet each other! I really want to know more foreign Geng fans!

  2. JOSY says:

    and geezzz, how long are his legs for crying out loud? 😛 😛 😛

  3. followurdestiny says:

    ♥♥♥ (^-^)

  4. superfanofKPOPsj says:

    ..it’s good that he’s looking great now!!..^^..i hope it’s forever!!..btw,,thanks for posting this,,i’m a Filipino ELF and a Geng fan..i love your blog..thanks!!..

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