Song For Han Geng…by Gengfan

There is always two sides to a coin….
There is good and evil….
There is Yin and Yang…
In other words negative and positive…
Every cloud has a silver lining….

These statements have been reiterated over and over again..and yet they are true.
In this world that we live in, there must  be a balance in everything…!!
Like day and night,sun and moon,earth and sky…and so on…

So in the midst of the present mood of gengfans, I would like to share this taken from Geng baidu bar

It is a song written by Rylla and sung by Gengfan (?)

I would like to attempt to translate the lyrics as accurately as possible.
If anyone has a better translation please do share with us..
This song was done two weeks ago but I didn’t have the courage to translate it because I was afraid that it might be lost in translation..

I was hoping that someone would translate it so I don’t have to even try doing it..hehehe…But the words are very appropriate at this moment in time so here pain, no gain…no testing,no results…hehehe…

It best  describe  the characters that  reflects Han Geng’s personality.It is about the Strength, Loneliness,Bravery and Commitment that Han Geng is known for. It is more a song of commitment for Han Geng and his future plans…just listen..!!

Strength –  is your motto.

Even sadness became very quiet

Loneliness – at times is very transparent.

YingZhaofeng will wipe clean the tears


Perhaps one day when you are no longer young

All stories in the past will become the landscape

Maybe one day you’ll become doubtful for just once

Promise me that you will not wet your smiling eyes

Close your eyes for a  moment that  of our promise to you

For that  one heart,there will be 500,000 counterparts to it

No matter how bumpy the road ahead and seems endless

Our capricious love for you is Forgiveness

The wings of love will emit warm light for  this moment

500,000 hearts applauds for just one heart

No matter how bumpy or endless the road ahead seems to be

I am willing to forsake (betray) all that I believe in, just for you

Bravery (Courage) -is your telescope

for watching the moon and the meteor which is attracted (captivated) to each other

Commitment -is stronger than the oath

The sky will become clear after the rain

Repeat chorus


Narration :

20 years from now (or 20 years later)

When you reach middle age (when you are in your 40’s)

When I am almost close to fate

Hope that at that time

I can still sit below the stage (in the audience)

Listen to you singing and

Giving you applause..

Lyrics: Rylla

Music: Rylla



Geng Baidu Bar

Credit as tagged  

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9 Responses to Song For Han Geng…by Gengfan

  1. followurdestiny says:

    So beautiful, the lyrics, her voice, the love ♥♥♥

  2. Smile says:

    Juz to add…life is like a wheel, up n down, same scene like hangeng right now, but remember one thing the wheel is always spinning depend on the rider whether to stop or to run it ( sorry for my poor eng) 🙂

    • garnetblue says:

      Hey, it’s ok..I can understand what you mean…
      Hope you like the song..I like it especially the lyrics..

      • Smile says:

        Her voice so sweet, I imagine she sing this song Wif hangeng, a duet song probably 🙂

  3. onepinetree says:

    Garnetblue, thank you for keeping updating our blog…your love and support for Han geng always touches me.

    Every time I see Geng Fan’s devotion toward Han Geng, I wonder what this boy has… what makes his fans make so devoted to him.

    May is almost over and June is coming…. I hope June is much better than May for us.

    • garnetblue says:

      Awwwwwwww Pinetree..!!
      Yes May is almost over…
      And June is just on the door-step..
      Hope you are doing well..
      Bristlegrass will be back soon ,too…

  4. truly3qts says:

    Meaningful…very touching…so appropriate for Han Geng

    Thank you garnetblue for the translation…

    GengFans are just GREAT….solid supporters for our Han Geng….always giving him strength….an unbreakable bond

  5. bristlegrass says:

    Wahhhhhhhhhhh~~~you updated almost everyday~~~~~and you even translated the lyrics~~~~~

    Thank you, thank you, Garnetblue, you are so diligent, hehehehe~~~~~our genggeng is just gorgeous. The videos made by gengfans will be broadcasted on June 4th when Han Geng is attending the release conference of the Asian Games song he recorded.

    btw, I am back in Canada now~~~~~long time no see, girls ^^

  6. from the deepest part of my heart, I would like to give thanks for every authors of this blog. your endless efforts to make someone like me, who are really new to the world of Han Geng able to learn more about the him are tremendously amazing..

    Thank you…

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