Han Geng…Return of the King..Global Activities!!!(Updates Pictures)Benediction video added !!

Dear Gengfans,

This is just so awesome..!!

I can’t describe this feeling or this emotion..!!

Just look at these pictures and see for yourself how much Geng is loved by the international communities..!!

Words just failed me..and even so this cannot be put into words!!

Just feast your eyes on these and fill your senses with unspeakable joy!!!

Just look at the different age range and groups.

Some are individuals,and some small groups,big groups and mascots too..!!

there are children and toddlers and others..?

Updates (June 2)

As one can see there are many Gengfans in China and outside China.For those in China,they are represented through GF branches and provinces..Of course the most significant place will be his home province of Heilongjiang..that cannot be excluded..! You can find the picture in there if you care to scrutinise carefully…

Ever since this project was started, many GFs have shown a keen interest and participation..Some were caught unawares and were feeling regretful because they were unable to join or they were too bashful to show their faces….!  and so the only way to appease their hunger is to look at these pictures…

Let me reiterate here,there are pictures of bashful GFs as you can see some of them hiding their faces…and yet have the courage and the strong determination to support Han Geng…hehehe !!

Recently,there are GFs from other countries who would like to show their support too, and are happy to share their pictures here..

So without much further ado,here are 3 latest pictures added and they are our comarades from across the Strait that is Taiwan..!! Interestingly,they too have a fan club called “OnlyLoveHanGeng”..I find this to be very common among Gengfans…the EXCLUSIVITY..!!! Notice the names are either “for”,”only” “just” or simply Gengfans..!! It shows of solidarity..eh ? I hope this will not be the only project that is being organised by Gengfans but there will be more in the coming days as the slogan says The King Returns..!!

I hope then all those who missed this one will have the courage to join the others that may be coming soon..do not linger because our Geng Bao is sure-footed and fast-footed too..He just pops up randomly and it’s hard to keep pace with him..hehehehe!!!!

Added 2 more pictures from Gengfans in Hong Kong..Forum Hong Kong Love Geng and you can see GengKnights here too..!!

Need I say more….

Thanks to all those who uploaded these pictures in various forums and blogs.

All these (I hope) will be use in the conference on June 4th in the launching of the M.V.of the Asian Games song…

All credit goes to them as I can’t enumerate them one by one,but I am sure they know who they are..



The song is out…!!!! teaser ..? on FM 99.3?

cr OnlyForHangeng@YT


Gengans’  Return of the King activities..made the news in Beijing.


Watch the video uploaded by OnlyForHangeng @ YT

Your efforts …resulted in this ..just watch !!! (from the conference June 4)

Benediction clip


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30 Responses to Han Geng…Return of the King..Global Activities!!!(Updates Pictures)Benediction video added !!

  1. Smile says:

    so sweet of hangeng fan, can’t describe with word :), hangeng fan let show to the world that hangeng has fan at every corner of this world who support n love him. Jia you!!!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Wahhhhh!!!! Thank you so much, Garnetblue, for collecting all these pics from different forums ^^

    I am so so so happy to see Gengfans’ supports from all over the world. We can never just use a few words to tell why gengfans are so devoted, but I can tell that Han Geng is a person deserving such love!

    BTW, the Asian Games song will be released today…I’m waiting for it now ^^

    • garnetblue says:

      Today? The song?
      I thought it was supposed to be 1st June?
      Anyway it’s alright, the earlier the better..hehehehe..!!!
      Don’t forget to share..ah..

  3. truly3qts says:

    Wow…GengFans are every where!

    This is pure LOVE for our lovable superstar Han Geng who will come back and shine on stage….once again.

    Thank you garnetblue for sharing such heart-warming pictures.

    I wish I could see Han Geng’s face when he sees these projects taking places around the world….just for him.

  4. followurdestiny says:

    So touching to see all the pictures from Gengfans all over the world 🙂
    Thank you Garnetblue for collecting them 🙂 The toddlers are so cute XD

  5. thaobi91 says:

    hi everybody
    I’m BI and I’m from VietNAm
    there are many Gengfans in VietNAm and we also take part in this project
    so i will post some pictures of us

  6. thaobi91 says:


    there are some of our pictures!

    Han Geng ah~~ We love you
    because of you, we are here, in HangGeng’s Paradise!

  7. thaobi91 says:


    Han Geng ah~~ We love you!
    Because of you, we are here..in Han Geng’s paradise
    welcome you to VietNam

  8. thaobi91 says:

    is there anhbody can show me how to up picture here?

  9. thaobi91 says:

    okie i’ll post the link
    you can see the picture here!

  10. thaobi91 says:

    this is a picture of us
    Viietnamese Gengfans
    I’m moved when i see this picture here!
    Han Geng ah~~ We love you so much…
    because of you, we are here…
    welcome to VietNam

  11. sarah says:

    Oh my goosebumps!!!
    These pictures make me speechless..Proud of you all guys!!!
    Gengfans are so awesome!!!

  12. icydog says:

    I have recorded the video with a group of geng fans in Hong Kong as well~~
    It’s so great to meet with Geng Fans ^^

  13. Ariel Lee says:

    Hi! It’s first time to leave a message here! I’m the Geng fan from Taiwan! Taiwan Onlylovehangeng forum also join the video recording as well!
    Pls be free to take our picture of this activity from below web site.
    It’s my pleasure if our photo can also show on your blog.

    I’m a mother with 2 lovely kids and they’re geng fans, too.
    I believe Hangeng can clearly feel how much we support and love him!
    Looking forward to the conference on Jun. 4th!!!
    Hangeng & Geng fans fighting!!!

    Taiwan Onlylovehangeng forum

  14. Ariel Lee says:

    Sorry! I just found the photo inside the link was wrong…= =…
    I’ve updated it, it’s our video recording activity photos now.
    Welcome to check it out again!
    Yes, I’ll often stop by here! Nice to know you!
    I found Hangeng is very attractive especially for mothers…

  15. arielmammy says:

    Wow! Thanks for mentioning our forum name into your update!
    Yes, it’s very clear that we love only Hangeng!
    From the past impression that Taiwan’s Gengfans are more quite and not so enthusiastic compare with China or Southeast Asia Gengfans.
    We’re pretty shy and keep us low always, but inside, our heart is definitely hot for Hangeng!! He is such a special and wonderful boy we’ve never met before!!
    Now Taiwan Gengfans start to show-up aggressively. The King is returning, it’s time to let him know how popular he is in Taiwan!!
    And his album is now preparing in Taiwan, we may have more chances to see him here…hihihi…
    If you ladies would like visit Taiwan, pls be free to contact with me!
    I can help you to arrange everything!

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you for your offer.I am sure many would take up your offer if they are going to Taiwan for a tour…hehehe..!!!

  16. icydog says:

    I forgot to give our pictues to you XD
    We are “Hong Kong Love Geng”, a new forum in Hong Kong ^ ^

    • garnetblue says:

      Is your forum named “lovegeng.com?
      I think I will add your picture to the gallery as one final copy?
      Tomorrow is the day but if more of you wanted to post your picture here,you are welcome..hehehee
      Maybe we will keep this page running…?

  17. Hgatlanta says:

    Han Geng…Return of the King
    Support you

  18. cloud says:

    oh ,I see myself,hehe, so happy,I am proud of myself and all the geng fans in the word ,let’s bring the yellow flag to the whole word. ai ,my english is so poor , I must learn it well and then to talk with you .

    • garnetblue says:

      It’s alright even if your English is poor,but you have the courage to try..just like Han Geng..
      Trying & practice make perfect..
      Ahhha..let me guess which one is you..?
      Which city..?

  19. Meya Li says:


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