Han Geng …the Artist in him !!!

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.
John F. Kennedy

This is so very true of how best to describe an Artist…

An artist like Han Geng…as an artisan or however you want to describe him.!!

Lately, we have seen his newest works, as in dance and song…

And….Golf ..?

Numerous times we will discover a newer facet of him and wonders how many facets he has…!!! We question ourselves..is there no end to his talents..? If only we have one or two of his gifts..and then we would be contented…!!

We know he can cook and bake and “milk” shake……

Then recently at the Shanghai Expo..he exposed his pottery talents….

He did some paper-cutting art and painting……

Now we see him as an advocate of ” green living”, like in environment friendly…

Here is the latest we have on him..

I am a sheep with art cells.....baaaa..!!

This is a chibi of what Han Geng did.He designed a bag with the theme “environment friendly” organised by some company, I think it’s Kose cosmetics…? It was up in the polls for the best design..Hahaha..I didn’t know that Teacher He is one of the other 2 competitors. There are only 3 celebs involved here in bag designing…? Our Geng is one of them.. The other one is Huang Lei..

A brief description of….

Teacher He or He Jiong…

he is host of Happy Camp and also a professor at the University of Beijing.

His entry on environment…

“Environmental protection is not on paper, but long-term commitment, with actions to support environmental protection, place together on the side bit by bit!”

Huang Lei……actor, producer and director.

His entry on environment..

“”Green society, green living, build a patch of green for the next generation of the future!”

Han Geng…. international popular artist.

His entry on environment….

“”We love  nature, we love traveling~ If we can focus more on the low-carbon environment, then the beautiful scenic areas will be preserved even better!”

His design is in grid form and in rows of 5×5 = 25 grids which means 25 years..!!

Please vote for our genggeng, click the green button with three Chinese characters on it, it says, “sending green leaf”. Here is the link to vote..


So do you like what you see..? So let’s all vote for genggeng..our little lamb..hehehe..!!!

All credit as tagged..

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9 Responses to Han Geng …the Artist in him !!!

  1. Mandy says:

    Voted la ^^ Mr Han keeps learning to improve himself. I need to have this attitude to continuous learning, too~

  2. truly3qts says:

    Ah….Han Geng is spending his “waiting” time wisely, contributing to campaign for the environment and China’s various major events….I’m just happy reading about his recent activities 🙂

    Thank you garnetblue….for sharing many of Han Geng’s talents with us….

    I wish I can get a hold of his bag.

  3. onepinetree says:

    The released song got the #1 on the chart!

  4. Sarah says:

    Woooaaa…or Hangeng Gege really surprised me!
    A multi-talented guy…
    Thank you garnetblue sister and pinesis for the link and the info ^_^
    Really glad to see him doing this activity…
    Go on Hangeng Gege….We’ll always support you!

  5. bristlegrass says:

    haha~~~~even if I was not a gengfan, I would vote for Han Geng’s design. Like always, Han Geng’s style, simple, clean, and elegant~~~that’s my type~~~He also grasps another key-point of this event, the 25th anniversary of sekkisei…rather than point it out directly, he also symbolizes it…25 colourful but quietly elegant years~~~just I will love it even more if he would like to symbolize the sekkisei with some image maybe a snowflake in the last grid…hehehehe~~~

    Although I’m not big fan of this brand, I will definitely buy their product if they give me Han Geng’s bag =P if I can buy his bag only, that would be perfect, hohohohoho~~~~

  6. Smile says:

    Got no 1 on chart!! 🙂 may I know what chart is that, pinetree? The design bag love it so much!! Did anyone notice the colour he choose? Juz askin? 🙂

  7. followurdestiny says:

    voted! I’m surprised too… his considerate heart for everything and
    now the environment too ♥ I kinda love the design, it really suits the bags overall design 🙂
    ♥artist!Geng XD

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