What Say You..? The King on the #1 Spot !!

This Asian Games promotional song sung by Han Geng and Bibi has yet to acquire an “official” English title…so I will just use the direct translations from the original Chinese…”Asian Games Has Me As Luck”..

A lot of interest has been created since the teaser came out a few days ago.

There was much enthusiastic anticipation for the song to be “officially” released and so on June 1, it was released..!!

The release of the song was met with explosive attention..!! It caused a lot of frenzy on the net..!! And the response was very good…

Just a short and summarised account taken from the official news at SoHu Music published on June 1,the day the song was released..(as highlights only)

  • Only after one day of it’s released, it was in the ranking  list of  all major music charts.
  • It even  surpassed in rank the song<阿拉侬> , ( a duet) by Andy Lau & Jane Zhang.
  • It has ascended quickly  in the rankings; capturing the major music charts
  • It is the 1st promotional “Asian Games” song to be presented to the general public and popularized..!
  • It has reached ten million hits making it to the # 1 spot on the charts..

source: Sohu Music

Cr: as tagged

Let us recap from the time Han Geng sang the song “I’m Willing” to this present time and see the major improvement in his singing skills..

We,as Geng supporters,do not just love him blindly but love him with his flaws as well. Wanting him to improve himself day by day and explore his potentials so that he can excel in his talents..That is the true love of Gengfans for him..Gengfans do not heaped empty and hollow praises on him because that will harm rather than help him on his journey to  success..!!

Come June 4,when Gengfans and Geng will meet for the official launching of the song and whereby Gengfans will give him blessings and well-wishes..through the videos recorded and gathered from all over the world..!! This will signify his official entry in China  as a “solo” artist..(?) It will be an auspicious occasion !!

This one is dedicated to Geng on his birthday in 2007..see all the supporters from different lands..?

All vcrs credited as tagged..

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5 Responses to What Say You..? The King on the #1 Spot !!

  1. Smile says:

    Thanx garnet for all the vid, I think the first vid is where hangeng didn’t sleep for 2 days n the fan sing with him ( correct me if I’m wrong ), I guess geng mania is spreading everywhere 🙂 in every minit…

  2. truly3qts says:

    Yes…he has come a long way…never stops improving himself…even just a fan…I’m so proud of him

    I can’t wait for June 4th….the BIG DAY….he will meet with his fans once again….and this time he will be able to see his supporters from around the world….I just can’t wait

    Thank you garnetblue….such dedication….with much appreciation 🙂

  3. Mandy says:

    Many thanks Garnetblue for keeping us updated on Mr Han’s activities. Let us show the world power of Mr Han and Gengfans across the world.

  4. Sarah says:

    Garnetblue sister thank you so much for sharing us this precious information and also the videos…
    Can’t wait for tomorrow…
    Hangeng Gege Jiayou!!!

  5. followurdestiny says:

    😀 Spread the Geng-love 🙂
    HanGeng-ge Jia you! ♥

    Thank u for sharing all these…♥

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