How Do We Solve A Han Like Geng..? I Am Little Han Geng and Han is Han Geng’s Han..and Geng is Han Geng’s Geng..!!!

“I think China nowadays busy with Hangeng schedule n Hangeng mania. U know garnet I even imagine the China map now look like Hangeng’s face 🙂 wow! Sure hangeng name is everwhere.”… Quote a blog reader.

When I read that I was laughing so hard and try to imagine the map of China looking like the face of Han Geng..hahaha!!

Anybody would like to try fitting his face in here..? hehehe..!!

But according to Mr.Wang who is now racking his brains for ideas on how to film the MV “World is Watching China” with Han Geng wrote this in his microblog:-

“At night, I was busy working on the “Heritage voice signature”  Hangeng recorded for the Cultural Heritage center. (At this point, GengFans are probably wondering what others things did I find for Hangeng to do. This time he’s going to be a “Shadow Tour Guide”, if you’ve never been to the Great Wall of China, then let Han Geng be your Tour Guide. I can’t say too much specifics, relevant government departments will soon release official details. In conclusion, you guys can call him “Great Wall Geng” now). “


So far the latest nicknames for Han Geng are “Great Wall Geng” and “Han One Shot”..Never met a person whose list of nicknames is as packed as his talents..!!

And for his schedules..just take a look..!!

From Zhang Dong’s Weibo (Happy Camp director):

“I’ll truthfully tell you the upcoming guests that are recording, so please can everyone stop calling in the morning pretending to be surveyors and ends up asking for tickets. June 24th is Han Geng, . Let me restate the most important part, I don’t have tickets , especially Han Geng’s tickets, stop asking me!!!!!”

And the recent photo shoot for CECI….as in latest..?The pile of big leaves at the forefront of the picture look like bamboo leaves,so the chibi drawing came out like he is amongst the bamboos..


News just out..from the girl in the picture at the photo shoot..(her microblog)

June 3, 8:34pm

A news just confirmed! some lucky readers of CECI August journal,will  have a chance to get the magazine with  Hangeng’s signature as a souvenir…

June 3, 9:16pm

About the details of the autographed  journal , we would tell u more next week! thank u for ur support! and the magazine would be  published nationwide  including Hongkong. If  purchase cannot be made at stores , u can leave a message to me and CECI’s mini blog, our magazine would arrange to post it!  ( and CECI miniblog

June 7, 7:13pm

Hangeng used the car as his changing room for the photo shoot.Don’t worry,I didn’t let him exposed to the meadows.

June 7, 7:29pm

I didn’t sneak   a peek, just help him arrange his clothes…only!!!

Now as for Han One Shot..haven’t found a chibi yet but I would like to share this one…

And here is one bonus chibi for you to try take a guess of  what is it…let’s see who get them all right..!!

Take Your Pick

One more…

This last one…? Who do you think it is..? hehehehe…!!


Thanks to all Gengfans who made this possible

All credits are as tagged…

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11 Responses to How Do We Solve A Han Like Geng..? I Am Little Han Geng and Han is Han Geng’s Han..and Geng is Han Geng’s Geng..!!!

  1. Smile says:

    Hangeng face. Lol!!! So busy our hangeng… I hope he take care of his health as well…

  2. Mandy says:

    we also want an autograph for! When will I get to see Mr Han perform live? Not much time left for me…

    • garnetblue says:

      What do you mean by that “not much time left for me”?
      All good things come in small packages..!!

      • Mandy says:

        I will be leaving Asia soon and returning to America, thus moving further away geographically from Mr Han.

      • garnetblue says:

        Maybe so,but as long as we still have breath in us,there is a possibility of him singing “live” and in concerts..hehehe..!! Who knows what happens tomorrow…eh ??? Take courage..jia you..!!!

  3. truly3qts says:

    GengFans are amazingly passionate, devoted, creative and talented…..those chibis come out so fast once new news emerges, and are absolutely adorable

    And have to agree….Han Geng is one of China’s best “unofficial” representative figures

  4. garnetblue says:

    To anyone out there, the autograph ..who was that addressed to…??
    It was to Mr. Han..(which Han?) Anybody knows..?

  5. bobo says:

    Dear garnetblue, I like this post so much, thank you for sharing so many cute photos of Genggeng. But as a mainland Chinese, I am afraid the map of China you used maybe arouse some confusion…I think Taiwan province is also included in it. Because you are not in mainland, you maybe not know this issue…Just a reminding, please do not make me wrong.

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you for visiting the blog…I went back to check but I don’t see Taiwan  there.. The little island south of China is Hong Kong or Hainan Island… Thank you for the reminder though.. Hope to see you here more often..!!!

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