Han is Han Geng’s “韩”

What's the Difference.

Cr to gengchul214

Faceted Gemstone

Since at the end of December 2009, Han Geng has been reclusive and there were hardly any news on him. For the very first time in 2010, he appeared on SoHu for an exclusive interview which was done in secrecy. That was explosive news indeed..!! He came back with a “bang” and a big impact on the entertainment media and his loyal Gengfans..! 庚飯

Then all was quiet after that “surprise” interview..,only for a while..then the buzz was that he will be appearing as a guest on a talent show (Migu) and was seen in LA at the time the news was released..!All these happened in March.!

The next time he was in the news again and was at the MengNiu A Decade of Music and awarded the Newcomer’s Award. He showed us an “improved” Han Geng.! Han Geng then surprised us a week later at the launching of Guangzhou Asian Games  and this time as  Star Volunteer.. He was also later spotted in Taiwan …..These  activities happened in April..!

In May,we saw him at two places ..first, at  Shanghai World Expo where we found out that he was appointed as the Ambassador for Chinese Element…and this time singing the theme song “The World is Watching China” !! He flew in  to Hainan Island for the 2nd Anniversary celebrations of  Beijing Olympics Torchbearers..a day later !

During that time he was also secretly recording the theme song for the Asian Games..This we found out from news snippets  that were leaked…It was also revealed that he is coming out with a solo album..his first..at an event sponsored by Red Bull Energy Drink entitled “New Energy Music Plan” with the involvement of five current reputable music producers !!

All  was confirmed this June, as he officially introduced the games’ theme song at the launching in Beijing..A song that challenged his vocals, for he is known as a tenor..and that song showcased his vocal range.

It can safely be said that this will act as a launching pad for all his upcoming activities.!! Like what can be seen in the newest news report here..take a look..

cr: OnlyForHangeng@YT

This records his activities on that day June 4th…

A  short translation will suffice for now (until a sub version is out)..hehehe!!

“Due to his litigation case,Han Geng was rarely seen in public and  TV…but just recently during his appearance at the conference, the reporter was able to trail him and record his activities for that day which lasted more than 8 hours non-stop..starting at 12 noon till past 9 in the evening..!!

It was reported that Han Geng arrived from New Zealand just the day before the conference ..On that day,Han Geng woke up at 10 am and arrived at the network station at 12 noon. As soon as he arrived,he went straight to the dressing room and did his make-up and didn’t even stop for refreshments. Fortunately,the host, Xie Nan was there and was able to release some tension and nervousness from Han Geng by chatting up with him..even during that time while having his hair done, Han Geng took the opportunity to do some last minute practice on his song..!!

By 2 pm he was ready and it was showtime.. and followed by some back-stage photo shoot for SoHu..He only grabbed some bites in between takes and interviews..His work attitude has not changed ever since before and after his lawsuit action..He is as diligent and industrious as before..!!

Then by 4 pm,he was off to another photo shoot ..he didn’t even take a break after almost a day of activities..!! This time he was filming for the Games promo pictures.(?) Though he lacked practice in table tennis (Ping Pong), he kept playing till he was able to get the perfect shots..After 3 hours everything was over..and it was already 9 pm.At the end ,it can be seen that his eyes were getting  red and yet he was still as lively as the start of the day…he said he planned to drop-by his mother’s shop for his dinner..his favourite… pickled vegetable dumplings..hehehe…!! All in a day’s work for Han Geng…!!!!”

Just like you and me..with an exception of course……he still looked cheery after a day’s work..!! He didn’t even look  deflated…more like inflated with bouyancy ….envy,envy….

On June 8, he went for another photo-shoot. This time for “MEN’S UNO”  an exclusive fashion magazine for men, published in Hong Kong….hehehe!!!..In the past,only international celebrities and stars have graced the covers and now it’s Han Geng’s turn to grace that prestigious cover..!!! Again it was commented that Han Geng was a co-operative model to work with as he complied with all the demands of the director .

getting ready for "Men's Uno " magazine photo-shoot

credit as tagged..

all are duly credited..

Remember, there are two magazines coming out in the next few months….CECI and Men’s Uno (for GengKnights ? hehehe!!!)

Do make your reservations..huh..? hahahaha..!!

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10 Responses to Han is Han Geng’s “韩”

  1. garnetblue says:

    Ahhhh I like his skin complexion…!! Envious..!!
    He looks good and yummy with no make-up on..!!!!
    No wonder he is the “darling” of the cameras…!!!

  2. truly3qts says:

    He is such a sweet person….joking around throughout the day. Obviously he is enjoying his work….that is how one survives 8-hour straight work without being “deflated”.

    Thank you for the partial translation garnetblue….so good to be able to understand what is being said about him.

    OH MY….does he look good in that last outfit or what….hair swept back, showing off that GORGEOUS face…..black T, washed jeans……..those looooong legs….aahhhh!

    Now I’m also energized!!!!!

    And seriously….the comparison pictures….the difference is……the quality of the pictures?????? LOL

  3. wendy says:

    When is the Men’s Uno magazine coming out? I wish I can get my hands on one. 😦

  4. May says:

    HeHeHe How a Handsome & Sweet Boy!!!!
    What’s difference? Nothing!!!!

    Thanks for your kind po about Geng’s information, I Love Y!!!!

    Han Geng Finghting! Geng’s Fans Fighting!

    Fm One of the Geng’s fans of Taiwan

  5. Sharon says:

    Thanks for updating so quickly, you guys are so hard-working!

    Hangeng is sooooooo… cute saying,’not gonna tell you, I’m JUST not telling you!’
    And in the car, he said,’I’m not telling you, not saying, hahaha.., not saying!’
    I’m dying!

    Is he really gonna be on the cover of Men’s Uno? Really COVER? You know what of people have been on the cover of this magazine! I’m fainting! I’m so gonna buy it! And CECI as well!

    Good job, Hangeng! Keeping it coming, we are ready! It’s just about time!!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      I think so, on the cover of Men’s Uno, the one who posted the pic indicated that at his microblog, that’s why we all get so excited ^^

      I just love when he is saying “Just not telling you” part, sooooooooo cute~~~never imagine a celebrity can be talking like this in front of media, and no one feel any awkward but cute~the media are asking him difficult questions like about the lawsuit, about what he was doing in New Zealand…hearing such an answer, all the media must be like, OMG~~~okay…have to let this kid go, otherwise we are really the bad guys…hahahahaha~~~~~~nice!!!

      Actually this “not gonna tell you” is one line of a song from a very old kid’s show in China back in early 90s…or even late 80s…ha…couldn’t remember…anyway, this line was very popular among kids at that time~~~~~

  6. Can’t wait for those magazines to come out, don’t know if I will be able to get one though… but seeing the pictures will be enough (?)… He’s so cute playing ping pong XD… Geng Jia You! All these news are making me so happy! Thank u for sharing!

  7. Smile says:

    Hangeng look more manly with the hair swept back, thanx for sharing the pics…

  8. Mandy says:

    One thought I have as I watch the video clip is that Han Geng looked relax, joked around a bit, or simply enjoyed working! All of these are hardly seen before. Correct, he still puts on his signature smile, but if one has watched enough videos of Han Geng, you could probably tell his smiles here are almost like pressure-free, right from the heart. This is GOOD~

  9. onepinetree says:

    His look reminds me of the musical “GREACE”. I wish someday he would perform a musical as well… probably at BROADWAY?

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