A Balance

I saw a very special Media Art in my Visual Art classroom and I want to introduce to everyone^^!!

[Maintainable Clothes]


A maker, ju yeon Back, connected special device to the clothes.

So people can not walk for a long time because the faster the man walk, the more clothes expand.

Finally, you can not walk anymore.

You ought to take a rest even for a while.

After removing air in the clothes, you can walk again.

In conclusion, you should set a balance between walking and breaking….!

Hangeng…. I think you walked a lot……….. too much…..!

You should take a break even for a while or you could not walk anymore.

Of course, our wise Hangeng may know about this important balance in his life.

That’s why he decided to leave SM.

People can not walk forever…….

His clothes was too expanded to walk well.

Now, he is taking a break time to get the air in the clothes away.


I really want to see his powerful walking  in China!

For do that, he must rest sufficiently…

Don’t forget the balance……. Hangeng…..>_<


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5 Responses to A Balance

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Ha! Thanks a lot for sharing this great idea, falling0621~~~

    I agree with you totally!!!

    I hope he has already found his balance point now…health is always the priority…

    I’m kinda feeling that he has a say about which activity to attend now, so he can adjust himself when he feels like to…just, seems like his balance point is always coming later than ours,,,hehehehe~~~~~

  2. onepinetree says:

    Han Geng knows this well…

    And I think he also knows the old saying, “Surround yourself with only people who will lift you higher!”

    Leaving the SME… what a smart and brave boy who dares to break out that trap.

  3. followurdestiny says:

    Ingenious… XD…
    I believe Geng is this sensible 🙂

  4. truly3qts says:

    0621falling….how thoughtful….thank you

    Han Geng had been scheduled to walk so fast in the past that he had no time to rest….his health deteriorated…..yet he managed to accomplish tasks set forth by SME….even exceeding them

    Now it is time for him to walk at his own speed. He is still walking quite fast, with many unpublicized activities which surprise us now and then. But at least he is setting his own pace, the one that makes him happy and the one that doesn’t jeopardize his health.

    I would like to add to bristlegrass’ last part of the comment. Because of the lawsuit, he is not able to sign with any other management company yet. However, because he is such media-magnet, event organizers want his participation. As a result, they are now going directly to him, creating this “rare” situation where he does not need an agent. How GREAT is that?

  5. Smile says:

    Agree with truly3qts! He does not need an agent… Rare situation because he is HAN GENG, special person, only special can have that Rare situation 🙂

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