Reel or Real(Revised)

Nowadays, the number of agencies and systems in culturing newbie singers are increasing rapidly, becoming better and better, this is very good to hear. However, the real life of a singer and what people see on television and on stage is very different. To succeed, a large amount of effort and high expectations of oneself  is  necessary. If you think you can endure all these, then don’t hesitate. Work towards your goal.

So till today,we see Han Geng as he is, down to earth and still as approachable as before..He always describe his kind of job as like any other jobs except that his job put him in the public’s view and sight..more often than not !! In other words..under the microscope all the time !

These are just a few glimpses into the life of  Han Geng the singer..

But we also hear from others the work attitude of Han Geng..

From photographers and crew who work with him in the  studios and the outdoors ..just recently the one for CECI..It was shot in a meadow and it was noted that Han Geng changed outfits in the car..! not even a proper make-shift shed where he can comfortably fit his clothes..huh? But then he received special attention from the “stylist” who “fixed” the final touches to his clothes and she even joked and assured Gengfans that she didn’t sneak a peek at Han Geng while he was changing in the car..hahaha..!! She went further to elaborate that she took special care of him by not exposing him to the elements of the meadows so that he won’t fall sick..(maybe she is also a gengfan..)

Just by this account,we see Han Geng’s practicality and professionalism.He is considerate and understanding and is not demanding. He didn’t make things difficult for the crew,that’s why all of them who get to work with him will testify that it was an easy job for them..! Cameras just love him..according to photographers. All shots were equally beautiful and there were minimal wastage or none at all..! Which is good because less wastage of time and resources equals more profits..hehehehehe..!!! Who wouldn’t want to get him..!!

rugged terrain


Can you see the conditions he has to work in..? Where is the glamour..? Where is the prestige ?

That is why I asked Reel or Real ? All pictures in pictorial and magazines are just too beautiful and surreal ..

Real or Reel

Now, do we get the picture ?

Just like Han Geng, his fans are also emulating  him in work attitude be they young or old.. Humility and self-discipline are noted as his traits..!! As Gengfans,we can proudly hold our heads high and walk tall when we hear these kind of feedback..!!

delectable..yum yum..

Just to tempt your appetite for more of Han Geng…look out for these June ,13,14,19,20,24,29 and 30..!!

Keep an  eye here..more details on the way..

Note: I mentioned certain people here in this article as  there is a need to because I wanted to highlight Han Geng’s influence on  strangers who were fortunate enough to work with him..!! We can learn from Han Geng’s attitude towards work and life and people..He never assumes an air of superiority towards others,either in work or friendship..So we can also see the real person in Han Geng..Be it reel or real,he is the Han Geng that we love and admire..His work attitude really put some of us to shame..kekeke..!!!

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4 Responses to Reel or Real(Revised)

  1. Smile says:

    That’s why I love him, he always look down even he in a higher place, hardlife make him always aware of his surrounding and appreciate everything that has been given to him. He doesn’t put himself as an artist but a friend to whom he work with….

  2. rizkahangeng says:

    he is so damn freakin’ sexy………….. i love him……… really love………

  3. bristlegrass says:

    My adorable boy, my inspiring friend, my respected King, is BACK!!!

    Getting so excited now~~~~~~~

  4. He’s admirable and so adorable at the same time XD…
    Can’t wait to see him in all those activities/recordings! XD

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