Are You Ready for His Return? Let’s do this~~

The link of activity announcement at Geng Bar

 Translation: Bristlegrass

Title: Han Geng, I Support You! [Sunrise] Photograph Collection!

Preface:  Sun rises up in the East, Let’s get on boat and set sail

 A New Day, A New Start

Wave to yesterday, Look forward to tomorrow

Ready for take off, Wait for you join

Glowing rays are shining in the East

They are about to break through clouds and fog,

shine in all their fascinating splendor.



Han Geng, Fighting!

I support you!



Start: 23:00, June 12, 2010 

End: 18:00, June 16, 2010


Shooting a photo of SUNRISE, and add one sentence you want to say to support Han Geng

Photo: you can pick any place which is featured or meaningful for you…of course, any place you like, close to your house, school…as long as you can shoot a picture with SUNRISE showing full of vigour. ONLY ONE PHOTO is needed!! So please choose your favourite one, send it to us  O(∩_∩)O

 PS: Pure Scenery, No People!!! (hehehehe…)

The words to Han Geng: please express yourself more precisely, due to some limitations, try to make it short, whatever type you like is fine, no constraint, but try NOT to TEASE or JOKE too much.


1: Please follow the format as below, send the photo and supporting message to Baidu Han Geng Bar Email Account【

2. # Title should indicate your ID (doesn’t have to be an ID account at Geng Bar) and Where you shot the pic,

For example: ID: ***** Region: city, country

# When upload the photo, better to use the “photo” button, to upload picture with this function.

# Once we receive it, we will send confirmation, but we may not be able to reply immediately, please understand, we will do our best.

3. If you can photoshop to show your own style, it is totally fine, but please do not make it too fancy, please indicate ID, region of this scenery, and words for Han Geng in the picture

If you don’t know how to photoshop, please just send the original one to us~~~~

Photos of Sunrise…reference = =, XDDDDDDD日出

(Sunrise~~~in Montana…okay, I googled Sunrise…I suppose this is it~~~sorry, don’t know whom to give credict to, just borrow this picture ^^…it’s kinda boring with text only in this article, so I add it…hehehehe~~~) 


BTW, just want to indicate that, this activity is just for Han Geng and Gengfans, between HIM and US, a sincere gift for Han Geng to welcome him back, not for media or something else…it will be shown in some occasions in future (cannot tell yet *_^), but only watched by HIM and US ^^


Also, the official version of Great Wall Geng’s audio is posted at this official website, please try to download it there if you would like ^^ I believe you can recognize his name~~~~it is possible that he will be invited to record for other cutural heritage if the officials see his popularity~~~hehehehe~~~~

Asian Games Song Official MV



About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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10 Responses to Are You Ready for His Return? Let’s do this~~

  1. trueblue says:

    Hey B’grass, do we send the picture to you or to Gengbar?
    We don’t have ID so how?
    We send to you so you just compile hahaha
    You’ll be having your hands full!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Ummmm….I think you don’t really need an ID from Gengbar though…they just want you be able to identify yourself without showing your real name.

  2. truly3qts says:

    I’m READY….oh let me tell you…..I’M WAY BEYOND READY to see him come back with his own albums, movies and whatever he desires to show us……

    Thank you bristlegrass for letting us know of another meaningful project for our Han Geng. I should be able to participate on this one……as I’m afraid that with the previous project, or any project, showing my face will shock him to death hahahahaha….

    Now must go camp out to find the most beautiful sunrise for him……

    Ah….I really like the meaning of this project……GengFans are just GREAT! 🙂

  3. Mandy says:

    Yeah, I can participate~ I have a picture of the sunrise taken in Australia…happy happy happy…

  4. gengfan ★ says:

    Is the “ID” that you mentioned the ID in Baidu Bar? (Method Number 2)

    So we need to have an account in Baidu?

  5. followurdestiny says:

    Question! should the supporting message be in Chinese and does it have to be photoshopped into the picture or does it have to be kept seperate?!

    • dyjsm930 says:

      You can ues english,
      the message is seperate with pic.
      You does’t have to be photoshopped message into the picture

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