My Sunrise and Geng

When we look out from our windows or any windows in the early dawn,we see a sunrise..and of course from the east..!

We have to look towards the east and not west if we want to see the sun rises..

East is where the sun rises each morning…

West is where the sun rests each evening..

It is not relevant of where we are, whether it’s East or West..

Or up in the clouds through the plane windows..!

Or mountain tops..!!

The sun is sure to rise from the East and rest in the West..

Have we ever watch a sun rises in the sky…

It starts ever so slowly and before you know it,it is already in its full glory of brightness..!! From darkness to brightness…!!

That’s how Gengfans liken his life to his  present situation…It may seem dark now but light would come and then it would be in its full glorious brightness…!

  • A sunrise….is a new day !
  • A sunrise….is a new beginning !
  • A sunrise….is a new hope !
  • A sunrise….is a new future !
  • A sunrise….is a new promise !

Han Geng,
We are one in the millions of sunrises
that you see everyday..!
When you look at this,remember that each
sunrise represents our sincere thoughts
and support for you..!
Though the pledge was for 20 years..
but that is not the limit of support
for you..!
We can’t measure time..
but we can count the sunrise each day.
And as sure as the sun rises each day
you can be sure of my support for you
and cheering you on each new day…
A sunrise is a new day…a promise
A sunrise is the new beginning …a hope
A sunrise is the birth of new energy…a force..
The sun is your star that rises over the bridge that links us together..
as we travel towards the unknown horizon.

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5 Responses to My Sunrise and Geng

  1. StarNight says:

    Beautiful words~~~
    But why…I cannot see the beautiful sunrise.

  2. garnetblue says:

    I can see the sunrise..
    Anybody else?

  3. Smile says:

    Sunrise, the ray come first then the sun. I think the ray represent the aura of hangeng & the sun is hangeng. Juz my opinion 🙂

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