Comparing Han Geng to the Salmon…(hypothetically)

Hall of Life

We all like to live in a world without worries and with happy endings like a fairy tale..We have seen and witnessed the path that Han Geng took since the beginning at the very portal of his adolescence.

His journey started at the tender age of 12..and has spawned over 13 years in chasing his dreams and catching them..

I have never seen someone as determine and discipline  as he is..! As I look at his life(that I know of) I find a person who is fascinating and intriguing as his life- story unfolds before my eyes.! Every facet of him is as attractive and as complex as a rare  flawless gem..! The extraordinary thing is, he is just a simple guy as ordinary as the person next to you..and yet ?

Many who have met him in real life especially his Gengfans walked away with awe and a sense of surrealism..and having more questions than answers..!!

So in my own simple  mind,I would like to compare his determination to that of a salmon returning to the place of its birth…!!

Against Raging Waters

In all of nature,I don’t know of a more determined creature than the North Pacific salmon when it is returning to its place of birth.

I could picture Han Geng as the determined creature which is the salmon and his present situation which is returning to his place of birth,China !!

Born in fresh water,these particular salmon migrate to the ocean and return to their birthplace three or four years later to reproduce. That may sound simple enough,but in fact the journey which  can be as long as 2,000 miles or about 3,200km. is unfathomably difficult…!

Though born in China, he migrated to the ocean which was  South Korea and  now has  returned to settle down after all those years .It may look easy enough but in fact this journey took him through lawsuits and court- hearings which may last months or years,and is unfathomably difficult..!

When the salmon reach the river mouth where it entered the ocean years before, the journey becomes more difficult and perilous..It’s all against the current now.

When Han Geng reached the shores of China, his homeland,where he left years before, his journey becomes more difficult and perilous as he is up against the media and black propaganda. He has to fight the flow of current in going uphill. He has to contend with those who wanted to tear his reputation to shreds..!

As the river narrows to a tributary and then a stream, at times the salmon must force its way over rocks and  raging rapids. Then there are bears along the river banks to feed on the salmon.There are also a gauntlet of humans with nets and hooks to catch them. but the salmon would not be deterred,as they struggled to clear every obstacles between them and their goal.

As the lawsuit progress, his options were fewer and more unwanted attention were drawn to him. Obstacles after obstacles in the form of delays and postponements of his case were placed as a blockade in his goal to gain his civil rights back..! He lost potential and lucrative  offers along the way which means less options to work with. But Han Geng would not be deterred, as he focused on swimming towards his goal by being himself doing what he does best and utilizing his time wisely. In doing his part,he has to fight the current even when it would be so much easier to turn around and just float downstream..!!

This video clip shows the salmon giving up and swam downstream…

These video clips  show  the ones that are strong and determine to succeed !!!

I greatly admire the salmon’s do-or-die spirit, and I remember them when my own energy wanes or some goal seems to be slipping away.

This can be said of  his Gengfans who stood afar watching him fight his fight to gain his identity back..and learn from him in the process the do-or-die spirit and be energized when their own spirits waned or falter in their pursuit of the goals..This is the impression that Han Geng leaves upon his admirers and fans..and the impact is shown in their  love for him to accompany him for the next twenty years to nurture and protect his dreams and help him realizing it !!

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6 Responses to Comparing Han Geng to the Salmon…(hypothetically)

  1. Kim Ni Sha says:

    My English is bad, so I make my language |(Indonesia)
    Oppa, wajahmu emang kelihatan berbeda dari yang dulu. Aku lebih suka wajah oppa yang dulu. Tapi gak papalah,, I STILL GENG’S FANS…

  2. Smile says:

    Love the idea 🙂 deep down in his heart he want this all to be over & start a new life, as he said he want to be ” A new hangeng “

  3. onepinetree says:

    That’s why we are desperately in love with this young man 🙂

  4. followurdestiny says:

    We love him for it 🙂 and it’s such a lovely idea ^-^

  5. gengfan ★ says:

    Do you know that my favorite fish in the whole wide world is salmon???? HAHAHA :))

    Seriously. I can eat salmon for the rest of my life. I never get tired of eating it o________o

    And comparing my two favorite things in the world…. i’m speechless.

    I love what you wrote! Very nicely said!! 😀

  6. bristlegrass says:

    Ha! Thanks a lot, garnetblue, just love the idea you conveyed here~

    Han Geng never lets those who truly love him down, but he will definitely make his enemy disappointed! Keep it up, Geng, for your freedom!

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