2:09 vs 209

There is so much to cover on Han Geng these days that I don’t know where to start…hehehe!!! I felt that I was either sucked into the vortex of  a tornado/whirlwind or blown away by a strong hurricane/typhoon..!!! I feel like throwing a lasso around him and tell him this “Hey cowboy..! slow down..!” But then he is no cowboy..haha..Are there cowboys in China and precisely in Beijing..huh? So I can’t use this metaphor ..eh?…If he isn’t a cowboy,then what is he?What can aptly describe this precocious child..?Aahh..don’t forget that he is a warrior….so all these events that he has been planning and attending are part of his strategy in the Art Of War..he must have read that book written by Sun Tzu….But then ..is he in the middle of a war..huh? kekeke..

Hmmm..Anyway…Let’s see……There are many Geng blogs and forums and sites that have so many variations of news,news clips, videos and newsprint too..that sometimes the main points became distorted and become irrelevant..

Just want to highlight some important points here in regards to his 6.22 press conference..

Prior to that there were many rumours and speculations about him,and his lawsuit..that it came to a point of being absurd already with lots of exaggerated and fantastic  stories..Sometimes one wonders if they are Geng forums  and fan sites or are they news reporters, each one trying to outdo each other in putting up the “latest” on Han Geng..!..that’s the “craziness” he has stirred up in GengFans..hahahaha


he leaves those legal matters to his lawyers.

he believes and trust them

his stance now is Stare Decisis (according to his team of lawyers)

he has been waiting and it’s 6 months now with NO CLEAR DECISION…

so he has decided to throw his energy and focus on his work and career..


his mother used to nagged and pester him to settle down but no avail so she has sort of given up and is helpless to persuade him in that matter..she is now busy with her own “career” that is managing her dumpling shop and running her own beauty salon..haircut..anyone? Nice to know that now HG just have to drop-by her salon for a haircut and facial..hehehe !!!! If he is hungry,he will go to MeiHua..

he is  not in a hurry to get married..he is too busy these days that he has no time for dating…he wants to be financially stable and be a good provider and head of the family..he is contented if his family are cared for and he has  good health that is his satisfaction.

Artiste life:

having his 1st solo concert as a showcase and promoting his album…

regarding him being too old in this field as there are  more and more younger “stars”  coming up ,he said his face is youthful and he still has the energy to dance and perform..cute and cheeky way to answer..

concert dates are 17 & 18 July..album has 23 tracks including 2 cover songs…Sales of tickets are on 2:09 on the 25th June…

he will have the original dancers of MJ featured in his MV

his songs were recorded in US, Taiwan and Korea,and MV was shot on New Zealand

when questioned if he cannot succeed,he answered..making money out of his concert is not his motive..but to get contentment and self fulfillment in the achievement..

Sports life:

when they were in university,his professor forbade them to play football/soccer as this sport will make their muscles and bone to become stiff which is not advisable for a dancer’s legs..hehehe…he needed to dance gracefully and nimbly for us ..eh?


so far he has a collection of titles..Ambassador for Shanghai Expo..Star Volunteer for Asian Games..Candidate of Chinese Elements and now the Guardian of the Great Wall


A recap:

A GengFan’s  P O V ( I hope she wouldn’t mind me using her exact words here because that is what I wanted to express too)..hehehe….

Our Han Geng is always so so so unique!!! He always does things others never dare to do or even never dare to think…25 years old, with such talents, networks, and good looking…the resources that he has got so far, is almost like that of a top celebrity, across Mainland China, HongKong, Taiwan,…not to mention the Asian Games, the Shanghai World Expo before, just having a press conference at the Great Wall…is really impressive and imposing!! The Chinese government officials would never grant a press conference at a place that symbolized  the nation, if they don’t think this is important and appropriate, and the National Symphony Orchestra in his concert…again, really not only about money…so his concert is going to be a REAL CONCERT!!!”

A Very Special Bonus

Arrival in Changsha

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13 Responses to 2:09 vs 209

  1. I know right?! All this news and commotion these past few days around Geng is making my head spin a little, but I am so super excited as well! I hope more good things will come his way and that the lawsuit will end in a peaceful way ^-^
    (things to be excited for: MV, album, concerts, tvshows, photoshoots/magazines, future collaborations with Jackie Chan XD…) It’s all happening now! XD <333

    “Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out”
    – John Wooden

    • garnetblue says:

      Who could have known that being a GengFan could make us study literature all over again..!!! hahaha..!!
      Yea I agree with you..

  2. Smile says:

    News all over the net, no one can stop him now. Even people who dont know who he is get the news. People may say whatever they like but hangeng won’t stop. Hangeng let’s rock the great wall! 🙂

  3. garnetblue says:

    Hey guys it seems that I double posted one of Geng’s picture..well if you guys don’t mind,I will just leave it there..okay?

  4. garnetblue says:

    Whoever got a shot of his back deserves a pat on her shoulder..hehehe,,!!
    The one where he is bowing to his fans…nice posterior..hehehe!!

  5. bristlegrass says:

    I think I need to reverse my image a bit at this blog if I have any…I’m not a randy wolf…ummm…not only…

    Han Geng, having known you for about one and half year, not so long, not so short, after finally seeing you can talk a bit about your thoughts and dream freely in front of media at your own press conference, I have just a few words for you…no matter if you know about it or not, I know you’ve been practicing it in your real life.

    “天行健,君子以自强不息;地势坤,君子以厚德载物。” 《周易》
    “As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection;

    As earth’s condition is receptive devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind.”

    I used to think these words are incomprehensible and unrealistic, but after looking at you, I think I get it. To now, only one request from me, as your devoted fan, continue being yourself to the end, since this is what you have always been fighting for ^^

    Anyway, time to spread your wings and fly high~~~~

    Some words for some others, “some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. Still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they’re gone.”
    — Morgan Freeman in “The Shawshank Redemption”

  6. wendy says:

    I love all the quotes here, but I think the quote from Morgan Freeman in “The Shawshank Redemption” is really beautiful. I think it describes Hangeng perfectly.

  7. Sharon says:

    Can anyone translate the news here?:
    about Hangeng’s recording of ‘Happy Camp’ yesterday.

    • garnetblue says:

      There is nothing new regarding that..it is just like what he said in the 6.22 press conference..This was recorded at Happy Camp and most of the questions are the same..BUT one thing new though..HG sang and danced in that recording and that will be aired on July 24 to coincide with his album release.. Also someone is already doing the translation once I have it I will let you know..hehehe..!!

  8. onepinetree says:

    What are these comments? I mean…you guys are way too far intelligent people… 🙂

  9. polly says:

    “China daily”,one of the most authorized and famouse national newspapers of China also reported about Hang Gen. Here is the report.

     Singer ready to spread his wings
      By Xu Fan (China Daily)
      Updated: 2010-06-24 10:05
      Han Geng plans to fight a large Korean agency to gain his musical freedom, writes METRO’s Xu Fan.
      Singer Han Geng (or Han Kyung) wants nothing more than to throw away his mask and sh-ow his audience his true identity. The 26-year-old Chinese pop star, who has been developing his career in South Korea since 2001, actually had to wear a mask for a while when performing overseas because of broadcasting restrictions. Now, he is working hard to show his Chinese audience the man behind the mask. He strikes to become more successful on the mainland, even though that has meant embarking on a bitter lawsuit with South Korea’s biggest pop music producer and agency, SM Entertainment.
      On a sultry Beijing afternoon this week, Han stood on the Mu tianyu section of the Great Wall and declared that he will not give up in his fight to sever ties with the agency and begin to control his own destiny.
      ”The Great Wall is a miracle in this world and the pride of our nation. I think it’s a perfect place to restart from,” he said.
      Han’s lawyer, Li Guangbao, was also on the Wall to issue a statement on behalf of the star and an update on his lawsuit.
      Li said the case is still before the courts and a judgment could take some time because South Korea has no restriction on trial length.
      But Li said he thinks, ultimately, Han will be able to end his contract with the South Korean agency and begin to manage his own future.
      When asked whether the slow-moving case is troubling him, Han replied: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”
      His agency, meanwhile, is heaping on the pressure and has asked Han for 2 million Korean won for “training fees” and for financial losses it expects as a result of his breach of contract.
      Han, who had signed a 13-year contract with the agency, decided to end it last year.
      He released his first solo album, The Heart of Geng on Tuesday.
      One of the themes of the album is renewal.
      And he is following up the new album with plans for a concert that is being supported by entertainment industry friends including Hong Kong kungfu giant Jackie Chan and film director Stanley Tong. The performances are set for July 17 and 18 at Beijing Exhibition Center.
      Despite being only 26, Han has been in show business for many years.
      Born in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, he moved to Beijing for professional dance training when he was 12, where his talent for folk and ballet dancing turned heads and won him the chance to perform all over China and in other countries, including the United States and Russia.
      But Han really broke out at the age of 21 when he beat 3,000 hopefuls in the H.O.T. CHINA competition on the Chinese mainland. Triumph in the competition won him a contract with the Seoul-based SM Entertainment agency from which he is now trying to escape.
      Han became hugely successful in Asia after the competition and, in 2005, became part of a hand-picked group of 12 handsome young singers known as Super Junior.
      But the chance of a lifetime turned into a nightmare when Han, the only member of the group from the Chinese mainland, learned that South Korean broadcasting laws would not allow his performances to be broadcast on most TV stations.
      At one point, he even wore a mask while performing for eight months during 2007, to hide his identity so he could perform without the authorities finding out he was from Chinese mainland.
      ”When I was wearing the mask, I felt so aggrieved. Why couldn’t I be treated the same as local singers?” he said.
      ”I was so upset and wanted to talk to my mother but when I got connected to her, I said nothing.”
      He said the band got on a treadmill of frequent performances and he suffered stomach problems as a result because of the irregular hours and erratic mealtimes.
      ”I felt so tired and under huge pressure,” he said. “During that time, whatever I ate, I vomited.
      ”My mother came to take care of me. She took me to a Chinese hospital and supervised me as I took the medicine each day.”
      Han has since recovered from his illness and has returned from six months in the United States where he went to improve his dancing and singing skills.
      ”I learned dancing from a teacher who had been Michael Jackson’s choreography coach,” he said, adding that Jackson’s choreography team is helping him prepare for his upcoming solo concerts.
      In addition to carrying on with his music, Han is also nurturing an ambition to break into movie.
      ”I have always been interested in acting and my dream is to co-star with my idol Jackie Chan in a kungfu movie,” he said.
      But for the time being it is music that holds his attention and his career is going from strength to strength.
      One of his new songs, The Asian Games is Splendid With Me, has topped the charts in more than 30 domestic pop music lists and has had more than 100-million dowloads on the Internet since it was released on June 4.
      Han is hoping his future will also be splendid, after he wins his freedom from the agency that has managed his career for the past few years and after he gets to throw away the mask, once and for all.

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