This is You…..!!

cr gengfans @YT promo video


Your 1st solo concert is a sell-out..

You don’t need to promote it..

And yet your Gengfans love you so much

That they can’t help it but to promote you..

Just like you, nothing is taken for granted..!!

You start the ball rolling …

Gengfans keep it rolling…

You set the pace…

Gengfans keep up the pace…

You said…. “I Love You All !!”

Gengfans said …”We have always been here and have  never left..!”

You said…” I will work harder to give you a more splendid me..”

Gengfans replied..”We love you..!!”

You said ..”Give to charity don’t give to me..!”

Your fans didn’t say anything, they just do action speaks louder than words..!!

Such is the power and influence you have on your Gengfans that it seems almost surreal..

Yes are one youth worth emulating…!

Thank you for being just you..!!

Congratulations on your 1st SOLO Concert..!!

Congratulations on your 1st SOLO Album..!!

scatching your head

feeding your geng-rice

eating like a boy

macho geng as tagged…

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6 Responses to This is You…..!!

  1. ReinHIilda says:

    Han Geng Fighting! We are always behind you cheering~

  2. Smile says:

    Hangeng fight like a warrior, never surrender till the last breath. You are the sword and we will be your armour. Fighting!!!!

  3. polly says:

    Garnetblue and Bristlegrass, may I give you some suggestions?

    Could you translate some of Geng fans postscrips on Hang Geng’s recording of recent events, including the press conference, 咏乐汇, 最佳现场,超级访问,快乐大本营, etc and post them here? This is a very good way to have the Geng fans around the world to share the joyness of Geng fans of China, as I think.

    Besides Gengba of Baidu, there are some very famouse websites for Hang Geng, including 王者,追光. In China’s most famouse forum, tianya, there are many posts talking about Hang Geng. There is even a very famous post talking about the popular culture and Han Geng since 2008 with deep and unique analysis and vision. There hasn’t been a person who has been focused so long and talked about so much at Tiany Gossip for many years.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Polly, thanks a lot for your suggestion!!! ^^

      We will try our best to update information and news about Han Geng, but we are quite busy with schoolwork or work, so we may not be able to translate majority of the fan accounts, discussion, or analysis and post them here…T.T…please understand…

      However, if any visitor would like to post any of those information or stories as comments here, that’s extremely welcomed!!! In that way, we can share our love, news, and stories about our Han Geng all together freely.

      There’s no strict rules or particular duties here. The principle is simple, LOVE HAN GENG, SUPPORT HAN GENG, AND FOR HAN GENG ONLY!

  4. followurdestiny says:

    😀 I’m so excited… Geng Jia You! Supporting him all the way! 🙂

  5. bristlegrass says:

    I love that fan made video!!!

    Garnetblue, your poetry style wording is always beautiful and impressive ^^

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