Han Geng: The GOD of BEAUTY

Please have a deep breath before peeking up following pictures.

These pictures just prove how beautiful Han Geng is.

Oh… Han Geng..

Please show up in my dream tonight… I will be extremely honored.

original source:http://slide.ent.sina.com.cn/y/slide_4_704_11354.html#p=1

2nd source: http://www.ihangeng.com/viewthread.php?tid=24429

In addition, as Bristle Grass mentioned, it’s a complete contrast between Innocent Angel and Deadly Devil.

Yes, both of them are HAN GENG 🙂

credit: Si Woo

Source:   http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120110097067


My husband just laughed at me after reading this post.

Well…. I  cannot help myself… honey…

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17 Responses to Han Geng: The GOD of BEAUTY

  1. bristlegrass says:

    My reaction is as following:


    My Innocent Angel and Deadly Devil~~~Geng, you really know yourself very well!

    ps: Pinetree, please tell your hubby, your reaction is too normal to be laughed at ^^

  2. wendy says:

    Holy cow! I literally stopped breathing for a couple of seconds when I saw those pictures.

  3. Paste says:

    Imagine his role in a movie, like those pics 🙂

  4. 3qts says:

    Not only his GORGEOUS face….but the expression through his eyes are just captivating…..giving totally different feel……one so pure while the other so dangerously seductive…..unbelievable!

    Thank you

  5. followurdestiny says:

    gorgeous, breathtaking 😉 ♥

  6. polly says:

    We all know that Hang Geng’s appearance is changeable, but his heart never changed,a typical Chinese heart.

    Now I am trying to translate a Geng fan’s discussion about the Chinese elements of Hang Geng. A quite talented girl born at the middle of 1990′ age. May My English is not good enough to express her uniqie and appropriate description. So please do not blame me for that, hehehe…

  7. polly says:


    First I have to say this article is forced out by the song” The world see China”, although I know it’s quite without Timeliness…

    Actually my original intention of writing this article is from the comments by someone long ago, always asking” With the korean star-packed appearance, what is left to Hang Geng? What is the very thing of Han Geng that is worthy to be appreciated, admired, striking the right chord of so many people, and touching the hearts of so many people? ”

    After all, a person who has made so many people of different ages and jobs and ranks focusing on him for so long, there are deeper reasons than the talent.

    I think it is those Chinese elements which is deep sedimented in his bone, those things belonging to traditonal Chinese culture which are praised and spread by classic books, shining under the sunshine, under the dazzling star-packing.

    Chinese elemets not only refer to noble music, the five tunes of gong, shang, jiao, zhi, yu of Chinese Ancient Music, the style such as the hazy and rainy Jiangnan of China or the Saibei Smoke in the desert. Furthermore, they refer to the courtesy, benevolence,honesty, moderation, etc which are passed from generations to generations until nowadays, never stopped.

    I was born in the middle of 1990′, supposed to belong to the generation which are fully impacted by the western culture and point of views.

    But I still admire the the ones who are gutsy and dauntless to do thing as the archaism goes “Though thousands of people are there to fight against me, I still go.” I still understand the words”do what by humanity and duty show extremely forbearance”, I still envy the ronmance of lifelong commitment to a single romantic partner.

    These are the belief to struck a responsive chord in the hearts of so many people, having agreement on the value outlook.

    I ‘d like to write about those Chinese elements sedimented in his bone but do not know how to start. I thought about one word always used to describe him “jade-like warmness and smoothness”, in fact the similarities between him and jade not only inclue the warmness and smoothness, far more than that…

    • onepinetree says:

      It’s very interesting. His charm does not only reflect qualities Chinese people highly regard but also Korean people. Thank you for translating such a long story! Please share any good stories about Han Geng with us.

  8. Ariel Lee says:

    Oh!!!!!! I can’t breath….
    Originally I thought I love the angel Geng more…
    Finally the devil Geng kept coming into my mind…so charming!!
    I love his sharp eyes…I can’t wait to see his MV!!!
    MV!! MV!! Give me his MV!! Devil MV!!!!! Hurry!!!!!!!
    7/27 is too long to wait….= =”….

    My crazy Taiwan Geng fans will fly to Beijing and watching continuous 2 days concert with the nearest seat…I envy them….wuwuwu~~~~~~
    The news said Geng will come to Taiwan with new album…I’ll wait…

  9. polly says:

    Continue the translation:

    (the original article uses half literary style, and it’s quite difficult to reflect the grace of the words in the translation… )

    Many people describle Hang Geng with the words “jade-like warmness and smoothness”. Gem, as smooth as junket, although amiable, still could not be offensed. If you touch it softly, you will feel smooth and fine; if you hold to it, it will reflect with the flashing point. If you keep it under your shirt, you will feel quite warm; but if you treat it fiercely, it will give you freezing cold. It seems to be fragile and easy to break up at the first sight, but actually it’s unbreakable.

    Just like Han Geng.

  10. polly says:

    Continue the translation:

    A few years ago,when he was away from homeland, having to take on the chin, we knew nothing about that.The
    words “unterlassen”has been talked too much.

    When taking a step backwards could not get a broader picture, one have to take some more steps backwards. When endure for a while could not get calm, one have to endure more. But I still remember the a determined look on the face of Hang Geng when he was saying the proverb”be neither humble nor pushy” at the programms of Lu Yu You Yue and Yue Ce Yue Kai Xin.

    In the old days, people compare jade to Junzi(man of honour, gentleman), who are intelligent without seemingly so and hide their light under a bushel. But when it comes to matters of principle, they shall never take a step backward. This is the spirit of “Better to be a shard of jade than a whole tile;it is better to die than to live when life is a disgrace” hidden behind the golden means of moderation of traditional Chinese culture.

  11. polly says:



    I see him like this:Gentle but not weak,determined but not stubborn,bear patiently but not indecisive,gracious but not hypocritical.

    Treat people and things with sincere mind; exercise proper
    restraints with a candid mind on both character and behavior. The words “Cylindrical inner side” (be smooth on the surface,but firm at heart) is the best description.


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