Geng’s MV Concept

Ever since the released of Geng’s Teaser MV, there were lots of Oooohs, Ahhhhs and sighs….

Phrases like ….It’s Epic!   Awesome..!! Want more..! Rawr..! and words that I have never seen nor heard before..!!  hehehe…!! It’s a Biopic…!! It’s a Movie trailer..!!! etc…

This boy is making a sensation not only in China but all over the world…!!

Some are close in hitting the correct answer to the MV..

Just take a look at the story behind this MV…

Geng’s concept..conceptualizing his life story..making a record of sorts by breaking it into 3 parts plus a special..!!!

No wonder the full version of the MV is 20 minutes long and cost 20 million dollars to make..!!! Spanning 3 countries..USA,NZ and S. Korea….!!

This boy never does things in moderation…!! Everything is in excess…!!

Recently, Han Geng announced his comeback at the Great Wall of China, much concerned new album is starting to unveil itself. Firstly, preview of the MV filmed in America, New Zealand and Korea is shown to the public.

This MV preview, visual effects and storyline is comparable to a movie. Gathering views from 3 countries, America, New Zealand and Korea, top-notch production team, usage of helicopter to take views from the snow mountain, talks about the stirring tales of a new king.

What’s worth mentioning is that in the MV, Han Geng took off his glamourous side, set off from his heart (start over again) and appear on the screen with no makeup. Han Geng who has debuted for 5 years, he seems to be using this way to announce the return of the real Han Geng.

Through understanding, this MV would be shown in a movie style, 3 parts and an extra, talks about the theme of , the suspense caused from the preview would all be resolved when the full MV is revealed.
Translation: [info]huiwensg @ [info]geng_bao

Special bonus…

Picture from CECI magazine

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8 Responses to Geng’s MV Concept

  1. polly says:

    I wondered for a while how did Hang Geng get the support of Travis Payne. It’s such an amazing thing! Unlievable!!!

  2. Smile says:

    S.Korea? Which one in the mv did they shoot in s.Korea

  3. truly3qts says:

    Can’t wait to watch the entire MV…..story telling…..his story… clever!

    And thanks for the bonus garnetblue 🙂

  4. onepinetree says:

    Personally I like the BONUS picture. I want to bite his inner thigh… ANG~~~~

    • garnetblue says:

      me looks so delicious and yummy….brrrrr

    • bristlegrass says:

      Two typical gengfan wolves here…

      I think I am satisfied with his exposed parts…leg, arm, cheek, lips, and ear…

      you girls can go for the inner thing~~~

  5. polly says:

    Here is a story made by a Chinese Geng fan from the preview of the MV, original created by SM 是 BT. Just for fun!!!
    “Hang Geng is a grassroot and ordinary people, the background of the heroine is a mistery. Hang’s dream is to be a super star, and had been working hard for it. The heroine had been around and ecouraging him. The two often climb mountains for overlooking and communing.However the path to stardom had been rough, Han has taken a lot of effort, but could not get payback and respect. Meanwhile, the heroine decided to break up with him with the excuse of not ambitious. Hang was very sad and never thought their pure love turned to be like this. He began to wonder and confused about what he had been looking for and what is the real value of himself. At that time, the heroine called him and said, he has turned to be a coward she looked down upon, and she will be waiting for him ath the top of XX mountain; if he was able to get to the top to prove his ability and willpower, then they could make it up. Hang Geng hung up the phone and had a bath. In order to prove himself and save their love, Han decided to climb the mountain and after great effort he go to the top. The heroine was waiting there and laughed with despise, saying that he was too kind, simple and without thinking and the dream could only be acheived by fighting. After that she got on the helicopter and left , leaving Han there. Hang finally called out his depression and was determinde to let her to regret and show her his succuess. After the landing of the helicopte, here is the inner monologue of the heroine, originally she had never doubted about Hang’s capacity, but for the terminal illness she did not want him to scatter his attention; meanwhile, she hoped to motivate him with the method. Then she asked to break up with a sad heart, and died. Han did not know all about these and he made desperate effort to be an A-list star. At that time, the reported digged out the affair of him and told him that the heroine has died. Hang was astonished and fell off the stairs. When the old photograph was dug up, his thought was mixed and he decided to climb the mountain again. On the snow mountain, recalling the past and breathing deeply…… On the top of the mountain, he began to understand his own value and what he had been pursuing…knew the mother nature and his own heart…

    Very bathetic story with false sentimentality. ”

  6. polly says:

    One more word of the author:

    ” This story is pure fiction and any similarity is purely a proving of my prediction… … “

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