Blessed Pictures of Han Geng

Often I visit to collect Han Geng’s pictures.

They are generous enough  to leave this board open to the public.

However, if you want to get exclusive pictures and leave a comment, you can join in.

They even have a guideline for “how to join in” in English.

As a foreigner I found out this site is really English-friendly one and those members are so amicable!

Anyway… the prologue was unnecessary too long.

Most of Geng fans love Han Geng’s traditional dancing.

Through the traditional dancing performance, Han Geng more shows off his feminine side.

Look at him. I can feel his flawless movement even from this one shot of the picture.

What are you looking at, Han Geng?

Whenever he looks up like that, I see his pure childlike personality, full of curiosity…full of wonder for the world.  Ah…. Han Geng… where are you from?

The focus of these two pictures….. is….his THIGH!!!

Yes, I am seriously obsessed with his thighs. I don’t like guys with skinny thighs.

Look at them, which remind me of a unbreakable rock!

That’s dancer’s real/genuine thigh!

With a pure baby face, Han Geng’s whole body is a piece of ART WORK!

Thanks to his Mom and Dad for producing such a high quality baby….. …for US…

Ha ha…

I realized that it’s not just me, who turn to be a pervert regarding Han Geng.

All Geng fans are literally perverts!!!  Look at this picture..

Why are we so obsessed with his body parts?????

Look at his chubby fingers on his firm and strong THIGH!


This wickedly bad boy knows how to entice his fans…

WHAT ARE YOU DOING, Han Geng???????

Well… I just want to tell him that..


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8 Responses to Blessed Pictures of Han Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Ha! Our blog has a bland new coat~~~~~like we have a new start with Han Geng

    Girls…I know what you are talking about…his THIGHs are really something, genuine dancer’s thighs, hohohoho~~~~

  2. wendy says:

    I think his thighs are now world-famous! 😀

  3. lys says:

    wow………I like this new background ! looks pure , like gent’s new start~

    “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, Han Geng???????

    hahaha,I’m thinking in the same way, even the order is same…

  4. trueblue says:

    Girls I really like his thighs,they are solid and sculptured-like not huge and gross like the body builder’s..hehehe..!
    As pinetree said ‘ we are perverts” hehehe..!!
    I like this theme about you girls…?
    It brings out the pictures of Geng in a striking manner..
    It makes him stand-out..LOLs as if he didn’t stand out before !!
    His overall physique is just in a right excessive bulkiness anywhere…
    Well,I suppose dancing build up muscles in a different way from body-building..hahaha
    We have to come up with an article exclusively about his muscles…eh? Or better still his body..oh where are my thoughts leading me..kekeke..!!

  5. truly3qts says:

    Hahaha….never paid attention to his thigh before….hardly could see the part often

    Usually I’m a leg person… his loooooong legs…..and lean arms…..and gorgeous face get my attention first….

    Now that onepinetree has introduced her obsession……hmmmm……

    Thanks for the new theme…..and the above blessed pictures

  6. bristlegrass says:

    He was stuck again, he was late again…

    to conclude one day of a 3 years boy: Ah! get up late! Ah! traffic jam! Ah! I’m late! Ah! Rehearsal begins! Ah! Time for food! Ah! Go home! Hehe, Good night!

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