The Sage in Han Geng

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Ten years ago,no-one has ever heard of the name Han Geng..and now ten years down the road..this name is often on the lips of many..!

This name will evoke screams from young girls when he appears..

This name will bring out the admiration of young boys when he recalls his life

This name will be the envy of all when he attends events…

This name will stir the hearts of mothers when they hear of his filial piety…

In short, this name is a phenomenon and a sensation at this  time..

What make this man ticks..? At times, he is still a boy..but other times he is like a wise sage..beyond his age..!

In appearance, he is quite dashing and dorky the next..

What makes him so lovable and likeable among his peers..that n0-one would want to crush his dreams..instead they want to help him achieve them, not just that but boost him up, all the way..!!

In this day and age, of a world that is in decadence,no-one would want to help another fellow who is a threat to one’s own career and success..! And yet..this person evoke so many emotions and commotions far and wide, young and old alike..that it can be safe to say it’s a phenomenon and a perplexity !!

Could it be, that one sees oneself in him..! The success he has achieve so far ….the determination that is lacking in oneself..? The hard work he put in to achieve his dreams..? The adventurous spirit that completes his own expectations…? No matter!! Whatever it is, he is one person who holds everyone’s attention and fuels one’s fire to be like him and go for one’s own dreams as well…Han Geng has become the motivation for many young people to pursue their own dreams too..!! What a guy!!

Look at his answers and we can glimpse into his mind and know who Han Geng is and how his mind works…

Happiness and Sadness
10 years of this man

Han Geng :

“One person’s attitude towards life determines the direction of his(her) life.
10 years ago, I was just a boy who just graduated.
I didn’t think about my future and only wanted to strike out on my own.
At that time, I have always felt that the world out there is so big that there would be a day that I succeed.”

10 years later, striking out became striking back
“I already can do whatever I want to do now, to fulfill many of my dreams.
I cannot tell that if this is happiness.
Because there are still so many things I need to look at and many choices I need to make.
I still bound to have someone or something which I cannot pick up or let go.
But at least, after so many years of persistence and hard work, I have learnt how to help myself and also help the others at the same time.”

Han Geng, Singer

Was a member  of Asian best group, Super Junior.

The only Chinese member.

Became popular around the world,with the hit song “Sorry Sorry”

Will now be releasing a new  Chinese (solo) album.

The worst crying experience of my life

It was when I was a trainee in Korea. I haven’t gone home for almost 3 years.
Once during Chinese New Year, I called home, once the call got through, I just started crying.
I cried for almost 10 minutes before saying: ‘Mum, happy Chinese new year.’

His reflections

“Throughout my life, I cannot say that I have never been envious of someone, I cannot say that I always know what to do in my life, but I have been trying hard to prove myself.

For a man to diligently, take a step at a time to fulfill his dream in a down to earth manner, change the way of life and finally, providing the best environment for his family, that is something to be proud of and be happy about it.”
note : excerpt from a recent interview of  a fashion and health magazine

Credit: Baidu
Translation: [info]huiwensg @ [info]geng_bao

credits as tagged

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10 Responses to The Sage in Han Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Wanna say thank you so much to the translator, and also garnetblue for sharing this translation and your beautiful poetry before it.

    I read the Chinese version couple of days ago…his words, especially the first part, make me think back what I’ve known about him, shed tears, but also bring peace in my mind, …ten years, from a boy to a real man, a man of so many stories behind…there have been quite a few times when reading his words and hearing what he said, I find myself have too much to say…just don’t know where to start…

  2. Mandy says:

    I just can’t stop rewinding the video for a few times to watch and hear Geng’s signature laugh at 0:57. “ar HA ha ha ha”.

  3. Smile says:

    “providing the best invironment…..” I like this last word 🙂

  4. polly says:

    Yesterday, I bought the magazine “ fashion and health”

    especially to find the part about Han Geng.

    The subject of this column is about the happiness and

    saddness of man during the past ten years. Basically it’s

    about growth, from boy to man, from simple to mature.

    Of the ten person having been interviewed, I was touched

    most by Hang Geng’s words. Very homely and sincere

    expression, not hard to understand, but most touching.

    Especially this one

    ” I have learnt how to help myself and also help the others

    at the same time”

    more wiser and maturer than many of the actors of his age in China.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Totally agree with you!!!
      ” I have learnt how to help myself and also help the others at the same time”
      just wanna add…if sme could understand a bit of it, things wouldn’t end up like now…well, at least they partially helped Han Geng learn this lesson as a negative example.

  5. onepinetree says:

    Garnetblue, I will translate your post if you don’t mind it 🙂

  6. He is and has become a person to be admired… His honesty, down-to-earth demeanor, his wiseness, but also his dorkiness… I love him in whole 😀 … such a beautiful person inside-out ♥

  7. please34 says:

    beautiful story again .~
    I can’t see any reasons why I won’t love him.

    ~He is everything.

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