27 Responses to Han Geng’s Album: Leading Track “My Logo” Released

  1. lys says:

    haha,so quick!
    There is only “gogo,showshow,international” in my mind now….lol

    love the way he put the “go go show show” in the lyric, that’s perfect for fans to sing along!~

    happy for him,for fans~

    • bristlegrass says:

      I think that’s the point~~~

      They release the song now, so that fans at the concerts can sing along with him ^^

  2. lys says:

    btw grass, here is the youtube address for the song, it’s available from overseas.

  3. alsdjfsoei *incoherency* I’ve been so excited… and now the song is released *extatic* …

    International, go go!

  4. Milo says:

    Good job! Hangeng, I am proud of you. Go, Go!

  5. onepinetree says:

    Bristle grass, Si woo was so busy..so I roughly translated this blog for Korean fans. Thank you for translating the news and lyrics.

    • Onepinetree says:

      Ah si woo just posted it ha ha
      Wow your translation of lyrics is Perpect!!!!!!!!!
      Here is my true respect for your language skills 🙂

    • bristlegrass says:

      Hehe~~~thanks ^^ actually…just translating the short phrases is okay for me = =

  6. Nancy says:

    “I’m going international, go go~~~~~~International show show~~~~~~~~~International logo oh oh oh~~~~~~~”

    I cannot stop singing it ,who can help me ? hehe^.^

  7. Smile says:

    I love the “international” well international it will be for YOU 🙂 Jia you!!!

  8. bristlegrass says:

    I translated some comments from someone who seems like a professional, or at least know a bit about music, in case you girls would like to know more about our Han Geng’s title track(just quoted from him/her, not necessarily reflecting my own thoughts^^)

    “Just talk a bit about some of my thoughts

    Prelude, many said it sounds like Lady Gaga’s poker face, actually others mentioned the reason before, the actual reason is scratching, DJ loves doing it, in order to cheer up people’s mood. Using such prelude is to make the song “catchy”.

    As for his voice, you guys can try to sing by yourself, the connections between the words as well as the pauses are difficult to sing. You can give a shot…key is normal…the entire song sounds no particular flaw. Just I am not quite satisfied with his voice’s power, some parts are not powerful enough, however it has been pretty good relatively, not many people can be Gaga anyway. but I still have to say, this is not an easy song, normally, the tune of dance music is flat in order to help balancing and keeping up steps, but Han Geng’s song is not, there are some degree of difficulty, singing and dancing at the same time, quite energy consuming, but as a singer with strong dancing background, he can handle his breath well, so I am not concerned about his live performance, and looking forward to it very much.

    A dance song without dance may lose some brightness, so its audio may not sound as good as slow songs. The whole production of this song is great, you can tell that the mixing from the very beginning to the end include so many different styles, the mixing skill is very strong, not just simply being electronicalized.

    I think it sounds like there may be boxing moves during the chorus, not quite sure.

    His voice, in general, high pitch is pretty good, can tell that from his live of “the world watching China”.
    but he still needs to improve, needs to be more steady. His low pitch is not as good as his high pitch. It’s never easy to sing at low pitch, because you need to compress throat, it is so easy to be out of tune, so the singer needs really strong skill to handle it.

  9. Smile says:

    Mmmm~~~ he/she giv hangeng a credit in some area, and that’s a good point. But I still love the song :))

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yes, it is a well produced song, and Han Geng did very well!

      Just wanna share some points of view from non-fans, so that we know this song can be appreciated and examined by someone who truly know music, and it can stand elaborative examination in all aspects, from music to Han Geng’s voice, I believe his dance in MV as well ^^

  10. truly3qts says:

    Wow….now I’m really excited….

    Thank you for translating both the news as well as the comment by certain professional.

    There will always be room for improvement….it is only his first album afterall. The significance of this album is proving wrong the image built since debut that he couldn’t sing.

    And to witness him both sing and dance will be something…..

  11. Sarah says:

    Waw…this song is an refreshing and energetic…
    Waw…he is really unpredictable…
    This is the first time I hear HanGeng’s voice in a “fast” song like ‘My Logo’
    Bristlegrass sis…thank you so much for the translation and lyric…Thank you very much! ^_^
    May I share the article and lyric to my friends on facebook? Of course I’ll put your name on credit…^_^

  12. *dexter says:

    go han geng i always in your side and all fans to support to you and i wish you will came her in philippines love you all the best more power “

  13. TIKAA says:

    awwh, kyung’ your song is so fun.. hmp* missing you in SUJU though. :/

  14. big says:

    you are superman .you make me happy at the time I saw you smail & dance
    I love you so much

  15. big says:

    Hangeng you r very hansome
    Hangeng fighting
    I love you & love your family too!…

  16. big says:

    I want to see you all the time

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