Dear Han Geng, how are you doing?

It’s me, one pine tree.

I know…you might ask me back, ” Should I know you???”, goggling your big eyes.

Just like you asked back to the PD of one program you attended, who has been your fan for so long time and even met you as a fan in the same program two years before.

Two years later, you met her in the same program, but not as your fan, but a PD.

When she asked you, “Do you remember me?”

Your answer was like ” Should I know you?”

ha ha… score.. Han Geng… 🙂

Yeah… I know.. you might ask me back the same question.

Please next time, answer the question instead of asking a question again.

Well..No…you don’t know me.

But at least you saw my family in Hollywood:

my husband, (he was very heavy Asian guy with eyeglasses),

my son (with the red shirt, he kept calling you ” Han!” so made you surprised.You gave him an autograph.),

this one..

you were too busy to write down the date …

and me (was holding “I Love Han Geng” banner in Korean)… and.. actually my unborn two sons also saw you….hypothetically.

That time I was already pregnant with twin boys. ha ha…

Hmm..they have temporary names… instead of baby A and B: Han and Geng… ha ha…

So I call them… Hannie…and Genggi…

I am trying to push my husband to officially name them as Han and Geng.. but.. my husband is very stubborn..

he says.. NO WAY….

You know.. men… they are so jealous…

If you still don’t remember me.. then.. Ok.. one of your friends took the picture of us.

This man.. you even uploaded his picture, so I guess two of you guys are so close, right?

Yeah.. ask him.. if he still has the picture.

Actually I really want to get the picture, since it shows all of my family members who support you.


How are you doing?

I am sure you must be So So busy….for concert and album release.

I also heard you have been on diet.

Oh My God… is there any more fat you have to lose?

No wonder why recent entries at your miniblog are full of food pictures…:)

When I saw you in Hollywood, you were way too skinny… I was literally in a shock.

When I saw you in Seoul before, you were not that skinny.. ..

I still remember that day…when you walked out of the limousine….

yes… I will just use this picture… he he… yeah… that’s my husband and me…


Ok, you might be wondering.. what I want to tell you…


Actually.. nothing serious…

just take care of yourself, Han Geng…

That’s what I want to tell you…

It will be a very long and rough journey you just started.

No matter what happens to you…

you have fans who love and support you as if you were their own blood.

That’s really something special.

A year ago.. I was very depressed with everything around you.

So I made a simple post about my honest desire about you…

” Is Han Geng content with the current popularity?

or does he still whisper to himself, ” I am still hungry?”

I wish Han Geng is still in hunger.

Han Geng, the one I love, will become a super star for everyone one day and he must be!!!

Then, I will not regret my struggling while supporting him under this pressure and unfairness.

Dear Han Geng,

Let’s fly freely…

You have wings…

Not everyone has such things…

What you have to do is just flapping your wings.”

— 06/09/2009 on Han Geng’s Gucci event at naver blog

Now more than one year have passed…

So many things happened to both of us…right?

Han Geng, I am very happy for you.

Also very grateful as a fan for your actions since then…

You decided to fly freely on your own will… so.. now you are ready to soar high… for us.. and for your family and friends… most of all… yes… for you..

Han Geng….

I will watch you from here.. how high you can soar up… how far you can fly away….

Well… that’s it.

Again, take care of yourself…

With Respect,

One pine tree

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22 Responses to Dear Han Geng, how are you doing?

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Honey……what are you doing…

    You make me cry…

    You will never regret for loving him, because he won’t give you such a chance, trust me…NO, trust HIM!

    • Onepinetree says:

      I know he already answered to my desire
      he suited Sme that’s the one I was desperately waiting for 🙂

      • bristlegrass says:

        ^^ sorry, Jemma, I know what you are expressing here,,,just I was too immersed in the part about love with frustration, depression and strong expectation…since I totally can feel you~~~you know, also what happened recently…so didn’t make very comprehensive comment ^^

  2. So touching 🙂 *hugs* … sweet…

    Let’s watch him spread his wings and fly 🙂

  3. Smile says:

    So touching…it is every fans wish to see him fly free up in the sky. We all hope he can overcome every obstacle in his journey. He is Hangeng! Our strong and hardworking man 🙂

  4. lys says:

    I feel “love”, I recognize that “love”, I understand that “love”.

    hangeng and fans are really LUCKY to have each other, it’s not someone who love you, it’s someone in the world who know you, believe in you like he is another you.

    I am touched by this “letter”.Once the feeling and emotion are too strong to express, I can only “you” instead of narrate the thing, like I’m talking face to face to “him”.

    to us, you are precious,
    to you, we are precious,
    this invisible connection between us makes me calm and happy.

    pine tree, hope you everything goes well,esp the twin boys,I’m also waiting for our new member in the family:).

  5. Mandy says:

    One pine tree sis, touched by your “matured” and unconditional love for Hannie. Like the name “Hannie” very much. Keep persuade your husband~

  6. Nancy says:

    it’s really touching. han geng is the best ! geng fan is the best !

  7. truly3qts says:

    Oh…onepinetree…this letter of yours is filled with LOVE for our Han Geng…

    I’m sure someone will translate it….he will get to read it….and he will look up the LA picture. If there is a way which he can get back to you, I’m sure he will definitely reply.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter with us….

    • onepinetree says:

      Haha I don’t really want Han geng to read this one This is embrassing actually… just watching the incident I didn’t know what to do for him Just my expression that’S all.

  8. please34 says:

    Time with Hangeng is always matter how long or how old.
    Also, look at him growing up, surrounded by love, flying freely and achieve his is precious times.

    glade to see your touched story again,and take care of yourself too.

  9. Sylvie~Kyung says:

    onepinetree ..
    do you remember me ?
    i’m sylvie kyung ..
    long time not came here ..

    it’s a beautiful fanaccount ..
    can i translate it to put in my blog ?
    just for share with gengfans in indonesia ^^
    i really love it ..
    gengfans is really special ..
    hangeng too ..
    full of love each other .. ^^

  10. *dexter says:

    congrats han yo your success”

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