Han Geng and Gengfans: Behind Stories in Recording “Wings of Love”

Han Geng’s second title track was released, it is “Wings of Love”.

Haha~~I even burst out crying when just reading the news before hearing the song…my roommate was right beside me by accident, so embarrasing…= =

Then those Gengfans who recorded song with him finally can talk…hahahaha~~~~I can imagine how hard it is for them to keep this secret from other gengfans, so they talked a lot when they can ^^

I will translate some fan accounts here for now…since I’m quite busy recently…if you guys would like to post any other fan accounts, please do ^^ or I will update when I have some time.

As I know, they didn’t know they would record “Wings of Love” with Han Geng when they received the notice, since the notice said it was an activity to record song for public welfare or charity~~~Ha! I just love those gengfans~~~~

Anyway, let’s start….since I collected those fan accounts from different place, really couldn’t record who shared these,,,so I cannot indicate the source, really sorry about that. If any of you have problem with any of these fan account, please let me know, I will deleted it, Thanks ^^ I should say those are the warmest and happiest fan accounts I have ever read.

1) during the recording, no one told us brother Geng was here…actually there was a camera behind us, brother Geng was sitting in the other room, and watching us all the way, we didn’t even know…then when we had a break, sat on the floor, the producer said, “there will be a camera man coming to record your blessings for Han Geng, you can say whatever you want to him…

the door was right in front of me…then the door opened, several peope coming in, one of them covered his face with a big camera on his shoulder, I saw him first, then almost got stupor, I pointed to the door and shouted, “Brother Geng!” Then the girls turned back, started screaming, some even crying…my eyes got wet…then he chatted with us, answered everyone’s question, receiving everyone’s tease = = brother Geng is way more handsome than on TV!!!

2) Genggeng was wearing that huge crystal ear stud for a long time, I asked him, “don’t you ever take it off?” He said, “no…” asked again, “even not when sleeping?” answered, “just couldn’t remember…” (how lazy you are), then I asked a question making me so depress…”don’t you feel uncomfortable? I always feel uncomfortable if wearing it when sleeping!” This boy took a look at my ear seriously, and replied something making me want to beat him up, “your ear get pierced wrongly~~” 

3) during recording, a girl asked him,”Han Geng, what’s the brand of your red shoes, our Geng digging-up team (a group of gengfans know fashion is specialized in digging up Han Geng’s outfits’ brand names = =) couldn’t dig it out.” He said, “I don’t think they can find it out” having a evil smile on his face…then continued, “so happy to see they couldn’t find it out~~~”

4)  when recording our blessings for Han Geng, Sha sha was speaking and crying, she has to leave Beijing pretty soon, maybe never came back…everyone there was chocked up…after hearing what Sha Sha said, Han Geng chocked up too, he said, “I truly…truly…” just couldn’t continue, his voice is a bit shaking…at that moment, I truly feel, Han Geng is, truly, truly, worth our heartful love…to be honest, chasing Han Geng for almost two years…within these two years, I’ve ever got so mad and depress for many reasons, got tired, thought about giving up, but right at that moment, I feel I will be a Gengfan for my entire life.

5) everyone attending recording there were wearing white T-shirt with short sleeves, when Han Geng came in, he pointed to his white T-shirt and said,”you see, I am wearing the same with you guys~~~” with such gentle and spoiling look…but almost everyone replied at the same time, “ours are all short sleeves!” Han Geng was looking at us with his innocent eyes…we continued,”cut it off! tear it off! pull it off” Han Geng was like @%$#%# HAHAHAHA~~~truly happy~~~

6) when resting, we were chatting, the next day was May 1 (labour day), we organized an activity to plant trees. I shouted, “Han Geng, let’s go to plant trees tomorrow!” Han Geng was goggling and said, “tomorrow? I have work tomorrow, sigh…” Then he sat on the floor, talked to himself like making his mind, “er, we should have opportunity to do charity together in future, we must…” he kept nodding his head when mumbling…

7) When recording the song, I told Han Geng, “you know what, I participated in the recording of original ‘Wings of Love’ too. This boy had a bit dummy look, then “Ah~~~~” there were so many meanings shown in his expression, surprise, happy, and moving…I thought he would say something like thank you…who could expect he changed his expression suddenly, and said with a showing-off look, “so what, mine is deluxe edition! ” (= =)

Here is one from Cao Xuanbin (the producer of this song), he said to gengfans on the recording day, “Han Geng told me that he feels that the love between him and Gengfans are equal, it shouldn’t be like he is dominant just because he is your idol, gengfans become subordinated because you are fans, and your love for him is something you should devote. Gengfans give him so so much encouragement, his love for gengfans is the same and equal, he wants to give back the same love…he will try all his best to make you guys know it is right to love him, he doesn’t want you guys feel any regret for devoting such love for him several years later…


Should I add some of my comments here????

Maybe not, all above has totally shown how much he deserves our love.


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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10 Responses to Han Geng and Gengfans: Behind Stories in Recording “Wings of Love”

  1. garnetblue says:

    Yes you should leave your own observations too..
    behind the scenes stories are the best because they aren’t scripted..!
    They are honest and candid…
    thanks Bristlegrass for the stories and I knew you couldn’t resist posting articles even though you said you are very busy..
    That’s why I always wait to see if you would do it first..hahaha

    • bristlegrass says:

      garnetblue,,,please do not do this to me…TOT~~

      I’m already struggling soooooooo much…you just make me totally exposed…you are so bad…TOT~~~

      anyway, please do not wait for me,,,if you girls can post something, I can control myself and focus on my study more, so please~~~ T.T

  2. Smile says:

    He is such a sweet normal person, he even said he and his fan love are equal. Not many star could level their love as their fan. He never forget what his fans done for him. Where could we find a star like him, maybe some but hangeng had a courage to show his love to his fan not just ordinary fan and artist love but more than that. We proud to be his side not just only as fan but his companion.

  3. Onepinetree says:

    Beautiful stories
    stories from the truth, trust,love always touch us
    I remember one of geng fans told me that being with Han geng is like watching a real documentary movie

    • polly says:

      Really it is. For the past few months, when I traced about his activities publicly, I paid more attention on Shanghai Expo, Guangzhou Asia Games, the memory activity of Beijing Olympics in Hainai, the hardship and transition of the record industry of China and the current situation of the Pop Music in China, about the real situation of the effect of Pop music of other countries to Chinese Youngsters, more about the life the 90′ and their thoughts. I began to focus on things I never noticed.

      Moreover, I learned new habits of posting at Tianya, Miroblog and browsing some articles at Baidu Tieba. Even these English sites or other sites about a star I never had the habit of browsing them before. Before a accidental learning about Han Geng when searching of sth a few months ago, I never know anything about Baidu Tieba, I never post or browse posts of any forum, I never read any of the microblogs. This was like a turning poin of my life, strange.

      Now I know about Geng and geng fans. It’s such a good thing to be happy about. I see the better half of the world suddenly. Like fairy tales in the real world of adults, not real to me, but it is.

      A truthful, good, beautiful world is always what I had seen only in the fairy tales but not in the real world. Every one like that but had to give up to the cool reality. The things happened around Han Geng made me more brave on insisting the real good things with dignity.

      It’s not a movie, but better than a movie. As movie was created from fancy world, these things really happened in the real world. How could anyone not fall for it?

  4. Sharon says:

    I have to say that Polly speaks my mind! All that experience applies to me too. Once you start following Hangeng’s story, you are like jumping into a big sea. There is so much to find out. It gives you so many emotions. You find yourself become a dedective, then a warrior. One minute you’re a mother, the next you’re a little girl pampered by your big brother!

    Crying is a routine for gengfans. So glad that we seldom cry bitter tears lately, we finally can cry out of joy and excitement. But yesterday I cried out of pain once again after watching ‘Best Scene’. I’m afraid of needles, so when I heard his drip was taken away in the middle of transmission, my heart was like stop and I kept rubbing my wrist! I’m so glad it is over now!

    I guess after last night gengfans will again become stronger! Our support for Geng will be firmer. This is the only thing we can and should do!

    • Smile says:

      Me too, hangeng must feel pain when his manager make the drip go fast and pull out from his wrist. He had too much pain in his life before, let him smile. That’s all we need to see, his smile without pain!

  5. gengfan ★ says:

    since the notice said it was an activity to record song for public welfare or charity~~~Ha! I just love those gengfans~~~~

    Of course recording a song for charity is something they would not pass up!!

    I’ll be sharing this! 😀 😀 Thanks a lot for translating <3333333

    and yes, it must be hard for them to keep this as a secret!!

  6. 😀 ♥ so genuine 🙂 ♥

  7. JenniferM says:

    can anyone give me the origional to the Fan version lyrics in chinese and If possible english? and hangengs version the same way PleasE???

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