Han Geng’s New Album “Geng Xin” – Preorder Started


Geng Bar’s Announcement on “Geng Xin” Album


I’m highlighting some points more related to international fans here:

1. “Geng Xin” Album will have two editions, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese edition will be only released in Mainland China, Traditional Chinese edition will be released outside Mainland China.

2. Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese editions include 1 CD and 1 DVD, the only difference is, the Traditional Chinese edition has NO Eco-bag, but with a poster instead.

3. The Traditional Chinese edition will be put on sale on July 27th as well in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the schedules for sale in other Asian countries or regions are not available yet.


At yesasia.com (Free Shipping on orders $39 or over)



Amazon.cn (International shipping is not free)

Special Preorder Version (52, about $7.7)  


Ordinary Preorder Version (not available yet)


How do you guys think about this price????

A bit more information to share


I will not translate the news, just want to point out that the total investment on this album has been more than 35 million RMB (approximately 5.2 million USD).

This again reminds me about his rent is only 4,000RMB/month (about 600 USD), also reminds me another behind story in recording “Wings of Love” which I didn’t translate before,

“Teacher Cao (the producer) let us take a break in the recording, then started chatting with us, about Han Geng’s situation and some of his thoughts after filing the lawsuit…among all these, he said, ‘you guys should know that the situation like little Han was in, every month, he has no…’ before he finished, all of us said it together calmly, “money”, then we all felt awkward, and laughed out~~~~Han Geng, see, we understand you so much~~~hahaha”

Ha! Money…Everyone knows he is short of money, and many assume he must be desperate for money in such situation, he must want to make big money from his album and concerts…

Oh, his concert…let’s do some calculation again,,,even the price for all the seats is VIP price 1680, then 2700 seats, 2 concerts, that would be only about 9 million RMB…the high-tech 3D screen he is going to use is worth 20 million, also there will be National Symphony Orchestra, band, a very famous concert designing team, dancers, other staffs…Ummm…I already feel bad to relate his concert and album to money now…his heartful devotion to this album and concert is priceless…but this is the reality everyone has to face…do you think he can make money from his concerts???   

I have no conclusion on how this boy’s brain works…just apparently, he has no intention to make big profit from this album or his concerts. Then, what does this boy truly want?  I bet it is a DREAM. What kind of dream would that be?  Let’s wait and see ^^getting excited, huh???

BTW, so happy to see someone have geniune eyes for Han Geng, and have long term vision to make such an investment on a DREAM.




About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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32 Responses to Han Geng’s New Album “Geng Xin” – Preorder Started

  1. gengfan ★ says:

    Yesasia is only free shipping if you reached US$39 or above 😀

    and wow… yeah. you got me excited. :DDDDD

    It DEFINITELY is a dream.

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks for the help..hehehe..
      I see many will be asking for help in the coming days..
      So being Genfans,I am sure those living in US can help them buy the CDs.

  2. kateji says:

    Can anyone order it for me from Amazon.ca?
    If you can please send me a email at kateji@hotmail.com
    I just don’t know how to order it completely.

    • polly says:

      Where are you now? In China or out of China? If you are out of China, you’d betther order on the website of yesasia.

      Amazon.cn has oversea distribution service as well, you may fill in the address. I do not know the international distribution is free or not. I just read carefully of the website of Joyo (Amazon.cn) and it seems did not tell, it’s distribution on the mainland is free.

      • polly says:

        I just checked the website of Dang Dang , it has oversea distribution service. The shipping method only support ordinary parcel/mail(4 – 8 weeks to arrive). The freight fare is 50% of the price of the products, the lowest is RMB50 yuan.

        For example, if any one order one of the special version (RMB 49.9), the freight fare is RMB 50, if he oder 2(the total cost is 98,8), the freight fare is still RMB 50.

        As for the payment mthod, it support the two ways:online payment and bank transfer.The foreign credit cards supported include Visa Card、Master Card、American Express. And if the oder is not paid within 72 hours if you choose online payment, the order will be automatically cancelled by the system.

  3. icewater says:

    Is that mean I can start the preorder now?
    If I order from Yesasia, the shipping fee will be free of charge when the total order amount over US$39 (as mentioned above by ‘gengfan”, is that thue? If so, I will place the preorder with other gengfans living in my city altogeter~~

    Thank you Bristlegrass for the useful information and links~~

  4. Charmaine says:

    OMG…the bag is so cute! It is much cheaper than I expected. Now I got to find other things to buy in order to get free shipping from Yesasia.

  5. rizkyung says:

    i live in indonesia… pliz email me @ rizkahangeng@yahoo.com how to buy the special version…… pliz…. i need the information ASAP…..

    • wendy says:

      If I’m not mistaken, dangdang.com also has international shipping. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Worth checking out. I think they start preordering July 15th and only thru that site, you also get a special notebook with Hangeng’s picture on it.

  6. garnetblue says:

    If some of you are staying within reach of each other,then you can make a collective group order and in that way avoid the multiple shipping costs..
    You don’t have to buy extra things to make it $39 for the free shipping..you can save on that and use the money to buy BOTH versions..kekeke..
    Gengfan and me are from the same place so we place both our orders in one purchase to avail of the free shipping..and with the extra money saved on shipping I bought both versions..!! kekeke!!

  7. Mandy says:

    Also, I read somewhere that there are simplified and traditional chinese versions of the album. Simplified chinese for China, traditional chinese for the rest of other Asian countries/regions.

  8. polly says:

    I heard the preorder service is to be started from July 15 on Dang Dang. But for places other than the mainland, I do not know when the preorder service begins.

  9. Meya says:

    Here is another preorder website: http://www.yesasia.com/us/search/han-geng/0-0-0-bpt.48_q.han+geng-en/list.html

    Order greater than $39 qualifies for FREE international shipping.

  10. Smile says:

    I having a trouble to get his album from yesasia. If someone from Brunei can help me please. E-mail me at sp_nnc@hotmail.com

  11. joannejt says:

    I ordered mine today from Yesasia, it’s my first time ordering there (I usually use dvdheaven). I wanted the one with the bag, but the other version is all I can afford right now. I’m so excited.

  12. Dorothy says:

    hi i just checked yesasia and the one with ecobag is unavailable. is it sold out or not for sale yet? T.T

    • bristlegrass says:

      I just checked it up, I really don’t know why, I actually made my preorder there…since it says not for sale yet, I think we may need to wait…

    • polly says:

      The day before yesterday I saw there were two versions on Yesasia, yesterday I saw the standard version available only.

      If you order them directily from Dang Dang or Yoyo (Amazon.cn), the distribution fee might be higher, even more than the cost of the album.

  13. lucyannie810 says:

    I live in Vietnam, I would like to know how I buy this album? Thanks.

  14. dexter says:

    i would like to say more power to your career yo you and goodluk to all super junior thanks from philippines

  15. Dorothy says:

    Hi, I need help here. I’m from Singapore and I ordered the album on dangdang and paid by visa on the 15th. But till now it’s still awaiting for payment. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!

  16. dexter says:

    more power to your new album

  17. *dexter says:

    more power to ur new album

  18. *dexter says:

    to han geng i heard that you will leave super junior but icant believe it but no matter what happen yo ur career i always support and love from big fan of philippines thanks

  19. Hattu says:

    I really want the ecobag version
    but is not available in yesasia u.u
    you know why or when is gonna be available?

    anyway I’m from Mexico

    • bristlegrass says:

      really sorry…I’ve no idea…maybe we need to wait,,,I actually preordered this version there…but they made it unavailable later…I heard this version is for sale in Mainland China only…perhaps that’s the reason…

  20. *dexter says:

    i hope they have acomplete music video i wait it until it finish

  21. hi where can i get the commemorate edition coz it’s sold out in yesasia…i’m not fast enuf to grab it…any idea who can help? email me at : aidenasille@gmail.com

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