Don’t cry, Han Geng…

Although your tears are full of joy….

still your tears leave the mark on my heart.


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17 Responses to Don’t cry, Han Geng…

  1. Smile says:

    Oh hangeng that tears….26 years old & still crying 🙂 what a pure heart! We know you have strugle so hard to stand where u are now. The bitter part is already end, now the journey of ur new life is juz begin. I hope u can keep that same tears along the journey, coz we want u to be who u are even under that flash light ^^

  2. bristlegrass says:

    share some fan accounts

    1. the song before the last one was My Logo, he was totally sweaty after dance…had some water then said he would sing Wings of Love to us, looking at him getting so sweaty, we all shouting, “have a rest!” he smiled with a spoiling but helpless look, and said, “you guys nah~~~” then said, “okay, let’s sing together!” once the prelude started, he started to cover his mouth…when we started chorusing, he already rubbed his nose with his hand, just like a kid…he was lowering his head when singing, but when the light sticks forming a heart shape shown among the audience, he finally couldn’t help…this boy was crying and crying….he can finally cry with us freely

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Yuan Weiren asked him, “if gengfan and I fall into river, whom do you save first”, Geng said, “gengfan”…he asked us similar question, we replied, “Han Geng.” Geng said, “I can swim.” and said to Yuan Weiren, “I don’t have to save teacher Yuan, he can float up by himself”

    ps: Yuan Weiren’s nickname, little fatty~

    hohohoho~~~~poor teacher Yuan

  4. lys says:

    “He can float up”,

    hahahhahahhah, this cute boy.

    he cries, I’m happy though,coz this is his happy tears and he must feel safe to let his emotion burst now.
    so happy that the burden on his shoulder and in his heart alleviates.

  5. Nahby says:

    Don’t cry :(…You make me cry too.

  6. don´t cry oppa
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. garnetblue says:

    Maybe just maybe he brings his concert to Seoul…
    That would be the ultimate dream of return the gratitude to his Korean Gengfans…wouldn’t that be awesome…yeah !! ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz just dreaming on my part..!!

  8. Sylvie~Kyung says:

    his cried is the reason why we’re love him so much ^^

  9. nhcamha says:

    too many pics and vids of him crying to handle in one night…
    You deserve the best Geng gege after all the hard things you had to suffer. Waiting for Aug 17~~

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