Finally Han Geng reveals WHO HE IS!

After watching the FIRE MV, I couldn’t hold up these exploding emotions to myself.

So I have to pour what I am feeling and thinking NOW 🙂

First, I want to share a post I wrote a year ago, September 27, 2009, whose title was ” Han Geng : A Wild Tiger with a Mask of a Tamed Cat”

That time I was the only author for this blog and you see our DEAR Bristle Grass was very devoted commenter. ha ha..

Anyway.. I was talking about one Korean fan’s remark on Han Geng:

” SM raised up a wild Baekdu Mountain Tiger who masked a cute Sham Cat”

So I added my reflection on Han Geng:

“Such a cute cat is now revealing his true identity. Are you a bit scared?


Are you just thrilled?

I know where the SM belongs to.”

Then now watching his newly released FIRE MV along with the TIGER dancing, I felt like this is THE REAL HAN GENG!!!!

I checked the YOUTUBE and there were  a few comments, saying it does not look like Han Geng, it’s weird, it’s odd, blah… blah..

yeah… those people who did not even notice who Han Geng truly is…

Shame on you…

This is Han Geng. PERIOD.

If you have been his fan and followed all his stories, you KNEW this is Han Geng.


let me calm down first…

And I want to share some stories about Han Geng’s album and concert.


Since Han Geng’s new album and concert, Si Woo’s blog got a heavy traffic for those who wanted to get news about Han Geng.

Here is the link:

Guess what?

Among those regular visitors, there are PEOPLE who actually worked with Han Geng and they even left comments about the work they did with Han Geng.

A Photographer:

Did you like those pictures taken in New Zealand? It turned out the photographer  is very well-known Korean photographer who has collected so many grand prizes from various contests.

Yes, the photographer left a comment:

” After reviewing this song’s lyrics (Say NO) and continuity, I decided to take pictures of Han Geng.  The song was so good. In New Zealand, when I woke Han Geng up in the early morning, he would say, “Brother, I am dying here” but I still clearly can picture that he was very devoted himself in working with staff and people. Sometimes he was playful but he became very serious if necessary… I remember while him being taken pictures of more than 5000, he never minded the camera and participated in shooting with fun.

When I called him yesterday, he told me to come to China soon and hang around with him while taking pictures together after the concert…I am really looking forward to seeing Han Geng in China.

This music video is a real PICTURE. While filming three MVs, where Han Geng was crying riding on the bicycle, I couldn’t help but wetting my eyes as well… You can expect the MV to be great. “

A Dancer Team” Dragon Family”:

After the concert, one of Han Geng’s dancer team (Dragon Family) members also left a comment by explaining about each choreography during the concert.

As you know, Han Geng’s main choreographer is a Korean dancer, Park Yong Yi.

I will only translate the part of the FIRE.

” The FIRE literally symbolizes the tiger’s body and the dragon’s head with hands movement. We call it ” Tigon Dancing”, Tiger + Dragon = Tigon 🙂

I really like this song so much.. probably a guy thing…-.-

I can proudly say any typical dancer cannot digest it easily. It’s very important to how to express it.

Sooner the thrilled MV with strong beats will be revealed.

Originally it was planned to be the title song, but My logo became the title song probably due to the MJ’s PR effect.

* choreographer: Park Yong Yi

* Dancer team: Dragon Family

* Concept: Tigon + Masculinity. The  Han Geng’s unique and Only dancing. It’s beyond the current trend 🙂 You can not even find this style in Korean broadcasting :)”


Let’s enjoy the MV FIRE again. It’s Han Geng ONLY Dancing.

Truly revealing who he is!

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20 Responses to Finally Han Geng reveals WHO HE IS!

  1. nhcamha says:

    You already had your talent and now your own freedom, Han Geng! :D. This is it!
    the look, the moves…
    SM, open your eyes and watch this

  2. Smile says:

    I remember a wise word when I see this mv : “Excellent people like to do what loser/everyone does not want” and “Always aim for the sky for if you fail atleast you can reach the cloud”

  3. reina says:

    I must say that I agree with you. I’m kinda sad with all negative comments about this MV. I think it’s a good beginning for him. It shows his true self, the one who struggle to free himself and express himself.

    A lot of people think it looks like Lady Gaga, MJ, and even Adam Lambert. Let’s haters say what they want. They don’t know him. Well, we technically don’t know him personally. But at least we, gengfans, have watched him and have seen all his struggle. It’s him, Han Geng. For those who says the dance move is like MJ thriller are blind.

    I think he’s been very quite when he’s in Korea. But now, with this tigon (I still lol at the name though XD) move, it proofs of who he is inside. Am I wrong to say that he’s like a phoenix who has just risen from the ashes XD

    SM, haters, take it and face it! If you bash him it’s just because you’re scared of his transformation XD

    Btw, hello, I’m a long time lurker :B Really love your postings XD

  4. celine says:

    Usually people say Hangeng is a nice and silent person. And nice people tend to be weak. I don’t think so. Nice people are dangerous. They usually have strong control in emotion so they don’t be affected by trivial or burdened feelings. That’s why we see that they easily forgive everything. They don’t speak much but when they speak, they speak strongly. They use the power of their mind to control instant emotion; therefore, they can suppress their anger inside. This create a dark side inside their heart which is hiding and sleeping. Once they reach their limit, they show their hidden self. And you know what, it’s like a big explosion and stronger than normal people do. Yeah, it’s dangerous.
    I think this can explain his concept for the photo jacket: a white and black Hangeng. No one can understand you better than yourself. Hangeng understands himself very much, that’s why he chooses that image for the rebirth. He finally speaks now.

  5. trueblue says:

    I am soooo thrilled with his MV..and I don’t care what others say because I am my own person.!I know what I like and don’t like.I have read those harsh comments on YT and am not bothered because they don’t know what they want and are just being swayed with the trend..just in case they fall out with the crowd (who are against him leaving SM )they hanged out with..
    For a Chinese MV, that speaks volumes..his songs are not even the typical Chinese pop. That is already an achievement on Han Geng’s part..Nothing ventured nothing gained…
    Some like it hot and some like it cold..and to each his own…
    Hi, Pinetree, I like what those people say about Han Geng..they have the authority to speak up for Han Geng because they worked with him and in close contact while the job was being done..
    To those who said that it’s not Korean,please check out the production staff behind these MVs and dance instructors…they are Koreans!!
    Han Geng gets the best in the field to work with him and who is to say that it was not up to par ??
    As I have always said..haters will always be haters because that’s their nature and they spend their lives hating with no rhyme and reason..hehehe..
    Couldn’t believe that even this they will find something to complain about..!! aish…!!

  6. rizkyung says:

    have you seen some negative comment about his MV in youtube?? so rude…. how come people do not appreciate his hard work?????? kinda sad, but i dont care what people say about him… i am his gengfan and i promise to myself that i will be in his side forever…..

  7. Sarah says:

    Be the one and only Hangeng in this world. JIAYOU!!!

  8. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~you know what, Pinetree, now I occasionally re-read the old posts you and I posted before, thinking back about how we get to know about REAL Han Geng,,,very interesting feeling~~~

    I have to say THANK YOU to all Gengfans here who have genuine eyes for Han Geng and be willing to know and love Han Geng as a real person, rather than an idol image created by SME.

    Again, THANK YOU, Pinetree, for sharing all this information with us!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, btw, I really want to hear he’s saying “Brother, I am dying here” in Korean, would be like the most adorable cat ever~~~~

  9. Mandy says:

    Just to reiterate…yes, I can care less of what haters say. I love watching Han Geng. I trust him showing us his best work. I wait for Han Geng’s rebirth.

  10. onepinetree says:

    Thank you for all your comments.

    I have to emphasize that although he left SME/Korean entertainment, he still has good human network with Korean entertainment people. (yeah.. the MV director appears Korean as well). This just tells me how Han Geng is good at people skills. IF you look at his album/concert, people from China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, and New Zealand participated and helped Han Geng.

    This just tells me Han Geng is a REAL artist, not an idol star decorated by SME. There have been so many idol stars developed by SME but after several years, no single artist made up to this level independently.

    After the lawsuit, I was told that SME people never expected Han Geng to sue them, so they were really shocked at Han Geng’s lawsuit.

    Silly SME….even all his fans knew this is coming… but how come they did not know… it just tells me SME did not even know about its own artists.

    When they pick up Han Geng among 3000 contests, they should have realized that they were picking up a real gem.

    • Mandy says:

      I ask myself, why are there so many people helping Han Geng and saying good things about Han Geng? There must be something inherent in Han Geng. To borrow Geng’s own words from a post on his miniblog, I think it is Geng’s sincerity. People, especially in this complicated entertainment industry, could see one’s sincere heart. Geng “Xin” or Geng Heart.

  11. wendy says:

    My feeling is that there are two groups of haters. One group are the people who don’t understand Hangeng and doesn’t take time to understand what he is about or learn about his efforts. They only judge from the surface and make ignorant comments. The second group are the ones that are still upset that he left SUJU and that he is doing so well being solo. They basically want him to fail and regret leaving SUJU so they constantly judge him harshly and make every bad comment as possible to let people think that there are a lot of people that doesn’t like the new him. Either way, all we can do is to continue supporting Hangeng in our own way. Hangeng, himself, will prove the haters wrong.

  12. felecia says:

    For those who bash and hate on Han Geng, they obviously are not a true Geng Fan. Seriously, people need to get over him leaving SUJU. I mean enough already. This is a new beginning for him. He’s living his life not watching it go by and doing what he loves. He shouldn’t be bashed for that. I say Congrats to you Han Geng. Keep up the hard work. I love the video and all the songs that came out so far. I’m looking forward to my pre-ordered CD.

  13. *dexter says:

    im so proud of you you did it well and i dont care what many people saying about your mv i hope you get a more hits and i promise i will share in all land of philippines your music video love han geng more power

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