Han Geng’s Own LOGO

Garnetblue already mentioned about Han Geng’s logo in the previous post.

I was so excied to see this logo from his concert, so I would like to share Si Woo’s recent post.

Original post: http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120111569260

Original author: Si Woo

Translated by One pine tree

Since the first half of her post was about Han Geng’s miniblog updates, I will just skip that part.


After the concert, some reactions from here and there:

Stage setting


Stage floor






Did you notice it????


This is IT!


The LOGO composed with “H” and “G”

I don’t think it was simply produced only for the song, ” My Logo”…

Although there is no explanation about how it was produced or why it was made,

It is surely Han Geng’s own LOGO.


Ah….. I am so proud…

Why am I feeling so content?????  

Han Geng who performs on the stage decorated with his own logo.

Really awesome…  





Han Geng said that he learned about designing during his visit in LA. I guess  he came up with his own LOGO after studying about designing.

How cool is that????



Since “Han Geng” is the right way to pronounce his name,

I think his fans should respect this. 

Han Geng even made his own logo based on “Han Geng”.

“Han Kyung” is an  incorrect spelling based on the Korean pronunciation of his Chinese name.




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8 Responses to Han Geng’s Own LOGO

  1. SuXX says:

    oh so that’s why Geng was learning design? that makes more sense…cuz when i first heard he was learning design i was wondering what it was for. well, that is a pretty cool logo. and i want that necklace he’s wearing!!!

  2. trueblue says:

    I have a theory though…Han Geng never stops at doing things lightly.He does things with a precise focus and goal .
    I think there is a bigger plan than this….I won’t be surprised when he comes out with his own Han collection of clothes and accessories…hehehehe..!!

  3. Smile says:

    Han collection of clothes and accessories: he surely have a future plan for himself beside his solo. Smart boy! 🙂 I’m sure all the outfit at the concert that night must be his clothes design and also BOOTS. He sure gonna make a trend in clothes. “My Logo” Trademark of him :). Thanx for sharing 🙂

  4. nhcamha says:

    wow, I once saw a pic of the bag that he designed himself, it was like love at 1st sight haha, and now his logo
    He truly is doing his best for his career. Jiayou!

  5. bristlegrass says:

    MV “Fire” ^^

  6. Mema says:

    HanGeng is the best…We’re supporting him from Chile…
    He deserves success.
    Wo men Ai Ni!!!

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