The King……and His Queens

Sorry for the late entry….but I just got back from Beijing last night.

With the help of some GengFans, my husband and I were able to attend the concert on July 18th.   Since there are already plenty of clips of Han Geng’s performance, I shall not go into further details.

And since I don’t understand a single word of Chinese, I am not in the position to write fan account of what took place in great details.

Just as a simple fan of Han Geng, watching his performance, both singing and dancing, has brought me so much joy and overwhelmed feelings.  I didn’t understand 90% of what was conveyed via VCR or was said on stage (the 10% was translated by my husband…accurate or not I may not know).  But that didn’t make the concert any less enjoyable since I got to see Han Geng performed on stage that only belonged to him.

His dance moves were clean and defined.  The dance with his own 3D self….how precise it must be for the show to be that perfect.

He basically drove everyone wild with My Logo…..though it previously was not on the top of my favorites….his live really moved it up….the energy put in was off the chart….and that was how top entertainer delivered his own song….connecting it to his listeners

I just couldn’t take my eyes off him throughout the concert…..truthfully he didn’t need those back-up dancers with him……his charisma alone would have filled up the entire stage.

His sweet and gentle voice….to hear “Heartache Notebook” live was amazing….and yet to see the look of complete pride and beyond satisfaction from the composer, Mr. Yuan, sitting next to him….it gave me such pleasure.

He was a complete entertainer….presenting us with such varieties….dance, slow, acoustic, a bit of a Broadway-type “Love Letter….” and the adorable dance along “Simple Man”.  It was pure bliss throughout the concert.

To sing, dance, change costumes and popping up here and there on stage…..the entire concert….with no guest….actually there was one dancer who was doing a solo for a couple minutes and the VCRs….but that was only enough time for him to change not to rest.  It was truly his SOLO concert.

He must have been so tired.  I couldn’t imagine if he had held more than two concerts.  How could he have survived?

The bonus for me would be his interaction with his fans…..his QUEENS.

Every time he disappeared to change, GengFans would start chanting his names…..and I meant every single time

The first talk with his fans, he was already all choked up.  He scanned the entire hall, thanked the fans and already was all choked up……our pure-hearted KING

His adorable expression when fans yelled “take it off” and funny refusal saying something like “I’m putting it on”………our shy KING

His remark when fans agreed that they liked the song he just sang “Everything I sing is GOOD”….our witty KING

His flowing tears….no attempt to cover up any more… was his final concert…..he made it….he knew his fans understood him well….our KING

It was just as unforgettable to all his QUEENS……..his Wings of LOVE

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38 Responses to The King……and His Queens

  1. trueblue says:

    Thank you for the fan account..
    It is wonderful reading it..
    I am very thankful that Han Geng was considerate when he chose that hall to hold his concert..because the hall is small and that gives room for more close interactions with his fans and less usage of binoculars..!! hehehe..!!
    It is also to showcase his voice too because of the acoustics in the hall…

    • truly3qts says:

      Totally agree with you….the hall was just perfect for his first concert. The sound system was great….the small size allowed for good interactions with fans….he could hear his fans well….the way they teased him and cheered for him was just very memorable

  2. nhcamha says:

    thank you so much for the fan account ^^
    I’m so jealous of you
    seeing him in person and listening to his songs…live
    most important of all, you once again show us how whole-hearted, kind, adorable and somewhat witty he is 😀
    oh may I ask you for a favour?
    may I take this post out? I will post it with full credits

    • truly3qts says:

      Yes…he was so adorable….even my husband had big smile on his face the entire concert….and occasional laughs as well

      Please feel free to share our love for Han Geng…..

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~the more fancam video clips I watched, the more I envy you~~~~my dear truly3qts ^^

    Everyone said his live is better than CD and all fancam~~~also, holding a concert in a theater…just looking at the interactions between him and gengfans, so precious~~~~I heard he will not hold concert for a while…T.T I truly wish I have time for his next concert~

    btw, did you go to Meihua eventually?

    • truly3qts says:

      I concur….his live is simply amazing….much much better than I anticipate

      Ah…no more concert in the near future…I was afraid of that…so I thought I should try to attend this one

      Meihua was so so crowded with young Chinese GengFans. We arrived at 11am on Tuesday, our last day in Beijing, and it was already packed. We waited for 20 minutes, still couldn’t get a table so decided to leave as we had to catch our flight back. Too bad we couldn’t taste the dumplings 😦

  4. celine says:

    Hangeng has a charm and a certain aura around him. Celebrities usually give off some kind of air around them. I can tell that Hangeng aura is strong. That’s why he is famous among the famous. I mean that besides the normal fans supporting him, a lot of celebrities who are famous themselves also become his fans. Also businessmen, doctors, lawyers… who are in high social status also admire him.
    As a businessperson, I can tell that he has what it takes to be a leader or moreover a King. Usually when we look for a leader, talents is necessary but is not adequate. Many talented people are not that successful in leading people. Hangeng has a distinguish quality that only a few in the world possess: the inspiration. He inspires people to follow him, to work with him, to fight for him and to be loyal to him. He is a symbol for them to look up. In the ancient time, he might become a real King.

    • truly3qts says:

      “famous among the famous”…..I like that…

      He has such strong charisma….yet approachable….truly one of a kind……

  5. Mandy says:

    Dear Truly3qts, we were at the same hall witnessing Han Geng’s first solo concert. It was just too short, but great, wasn’t it?

    Han Geng is spreading his popularity to the general public. While on my way to the concert hall by taxi, the 50+ year-old taxi driver asked me who was giving the performance. Then I said a new male singer Han Geng, and asked whether he had heard of the name of “Han Geng”. The taxi driver said he had heard of “Han Geng” somewhere but he couldn’t recall.

    I was also amazed to see people selling Geng supporting items in front of the concert hall.

    • truly3qts says:

      Ah….you were there too….

      Same here….I felt time passed by too quickly….yet again….he put so much into each performance that I was afraid if the concert was even a bit longer….he could have passed out….

      It was really something!

  6. Onepinetree says:

    Ah…. Someday I will go to his concert… your account is so content with your happiness. I am sure you enjoyed the trip to bei jing with your husband. I really envy you….

    • truly3qts says:

      I know you and others who couldn’t make it to this one will have the chance in the future. This is only his beginning… a long and prosperous career.

  7. Smile says:

    Thanx for sharing….It must feel great to witness him live & part of history the rebirth of king. Cannot be denied that he has that strong aura that can attract people from far away place to come to his concert, attract different age and status to listen to his song. An artist like him can last longer than anyone can imagine because being soft spoken he has a strong heart & will, being strong he has his pure heart. Hangeng: “Reach for the stars, Focus on your goals, Be open to new ideas, Take care of your health, Get ready for work, GO FOR IT!!!!

    • truly3qts says:

      Yes he is a truly talented artist….his concerts were great success….now let’s see which path Han Geng will choose to explore further

  8. Mandy says:

    Ar, I forgot to ask. Would anyone want to keep Geng Xin T-shirt as a souvenir? I would like to give mine away to someone who did not attend his concert.

    • Kim says:

      Seriously?! I would LOVE the t-shirt! Do you really want to give it away?

      • Mandy says:

        I am serious =) I also gave the poster to the young Gengfan sitting next to me, but brought the T-shirt back wanting to give it away to someone from forhangeng who couldn’t go attend Geng’s first solo concert. To me, watching Han Geng live and cheering for him was a dream come true and I have kept this special time in my head. And so I would like to give the T-shirt away to share this joyful time with someone such as you.

    • Kim says:

      You are so sweet and generous! I really wanted to be at the concert but it was impossible for me (too far away, not enough money, too many responsibilities at home), and as the pictures and videos and fan accounts have started coming in I can’t help but feel sad that I couldn’t be there, cheering for Han Geng too. I am not jealous of everyone who got to go, just glad that all of you could be there to enjoy it and cheer him on though I couldn’t. So it would mean so much to me to have the shirt – and it would mean even more to receive it from you, who are so thoughtful to, as you said, share the joyful time with someone who couldn’t be there!

    • Kim says:

      You said you’re heading to the US; that’s where I am so maybe it would be better for you to wait and send it to me when you get here? Anyway, you can e-mail me at I wish I could convey how grateful I am to you for doing this, but there aren’t words.

  9. rascalkitten says:

    I miss you kah Truly3qts^^ and thank you very very for sharing this impressive fan account. I’m so touching and happy to read it.

    HanGeng flies higher and higher now and I’m so proud of him. Never regret to be his fan but happy always.

    I really wanna experience that feeling of watching his concert too but I don’t know when. *sight*

    • Mandy says:

      Not too long ago and just like you don’t know when, I would not have thought to be able to see Han Geng perform live and cheer for him (and at his first solo concert!) but I did. Your moment WILL come. Don’t sigh please~ Be happy~

      • trueblue says:

        You can now leave HK a happy person,right?
        I think you were the one who was lamenting of not being able to see his concert before you leave for the States or was it UK, right?
        That is what Han Geng inspires in his fans..not be greedy but to share and are truly emulating him in this..surely that t-shirt is very precious and memorable to you and yet you thought of others…thank you..!!

    • truly3qts says:

      Thank you kah…you will have the chance…

      I didn’t think I would have this opportunity either. But when the time is right, everything will work out for you….amazingly

  10. Mandy says:

    Hi Trueblue,
    Hehe, that’s me *0* I will leave HK (yes, as a happy Gengfan!) very very soon for the US, too soon that I would miss HG’s album release day. But I will ask someone to send me a copy!
    Thanks Trueblue!

    • Kim says:

      trueblue is so right! It’s sort of unbelievable to me that someone I have never met is willing to send me such a precious souvenir. I actually keep getting teary when I think of it. Not just because I am so thrilled about the t-shirt, but because it’s such an incredible and unselfish gesture, and so touching to me. It makes me think, “Gengfans are amazing!” and I feel honored to be part of that community. Han Geng must truly be a special person to attract such wonderful people as his fans. Thank you so much, Mandy.

    • garnetblue says:

      Then I wish you all the best..and God bless..
      Hope you will continue to visit this blog even though you are in the U.S.
      I have friends who are in San Diego and LA and the one with the Golden Gate..hahaha..!!
      Have a safe and happy trip..!
      maybe I can contact you through your email..huh?

      • Mandy says:

        I will sure visit this blog as long as I have a computer. You might not know, but it was YOU who left me an encouraging comment when I lamented not able to see Han Geng perform live before I physically move far away from Han Geng. At that moment, I felt better. THANKS Garnetblue~ Yes, please email me. You know my email as you are one of the authors right?!?

    • Kim says:

      @garnetblue – yes, that’s me 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Nice to “meet” you too! (I notice in your bio you’re married with kids – something we have in common 🙂 I have 4 little ones) I’ve been lurking here for quite a while now, it’s such a great blog, and keeps me up to date with all things Han Geng!
      It would be great if Mandy and I could meet, maybe we can work that out.

  11. Smile says:

    So sweet with all the sharing 🙂 that is what special about hangeng fan. We gengfan love to spread all hangeng love not juz among us but through out the world. Hangeng must be proud, smiling to know that he have a wonderful fan like you all 🙂 I remember his word “Not juz I’m helping myself but i’m helping other too”

  12. polly says:

    Hi, truly3qts. I saw that Onepinetree has posted this article of yours on a famous Chinese forum of Han Geng, 追光韩庚(
    May I translate it into Chinese and posted it at ihangeng? Then more Chinese Gen fans may share your happiness.

    By the way, I envy you, too… I did not go to the concert. 7.18 is my birthday of Chinese lunar calendar and 7.27 is my birthday of Gregorian calendar, both are important days to me. I really want a difference this year and try to do something I never did before, like to see a concert of a quite respected person, Han Geng.

    I am not brave enough, though. Because even myself will think it crazy to go to Beijing for a concert. I shall try to do something else to help, though. The albums, haha…

    • truly3qts says:

      Hi polly….please feel free to translate and share it with those who love Han Geng….thank you

      And yes….buying his album would be another great way to support him

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