Geng = 庚饭 vs Gengfan

Han Geng used to say that his fans are of 3 categories..

The 1st would be those who are demure and sedate ,quietly acknowledging his presence..

The 2nd are those who would make their presence known by waving and shouting out his name to get his attention..

The 3rd are the most aggressive who would screamed excitedly and making a ruckus..

Watch this clip, credit to sunrainsong@YT

If you would like to know more,just go to that channel in YT and continue watching the rest of the show….

Since I joined this blog as one of the authors, I have “met” a number of Gengfans and how each one commented in the blog reflects on how one views Han Geng.. Also it shows the level of attraction one has for him..the depth and insight.

Han Geng himself said that he is a simple person but traversing on a path that turned out to be not so simple..! So now I would like to explore on what kind of fan are you..?

Are you Gengfan or 庚饭 ?

I would like to “steal” a line from Han Geng’s weibo entry regarding his two pet chinchillas…According to Teacher He,he was trying to admonish Han Geng by saying that Geng tried to confuse them with the names of those chinchillas…Rong Rong and Long Long..Teacher He said that there is no difference in the two names…!!

But our very witty boy, trying to show off his English vocabulary retorted back with this line…One starts with the letter “L” and the other is “R” so there is a big difference…!! hehehe..see how cheeky that boy is..!!

So I am asking this..are you Gengfan or 庚饭 ? There is a huge difference…!!

What I have come to understand is that 庚饭 or  Geng-rice are those originated in China..his closest fans…the ones who understood him the most and have a bond that is so strong and unbroken. There is mutual trust and understanding between them to the point of friendship where the line that separates them from star and fan became invisible..

As for Gengfans, this is usually referred to his fans outside China…!! I notice that many will use this name carelessly and frequently without realising the true content of being a Gengfan simply because their bias is Han Geng and they “adored” in their minds,they believed that they are Gengfans..!! In a certain way, they are correct because that is what they believe in..they only “see” the exterior image of Han Geng as a star, or idol which is what celebrities are about…I am writing this as a general topic from my own observations..! Many believe they are Gengfans and profess to “know” him but in the end they ended up not knowing him at all…!!! hehehe..!!

For me, I consider myself to be passed the age of star-chasing and cannot describe myself as Gengfan or 庚饭…hehehe but I know in my heart that I admire this boy and would support him in his quest to realize his dreams…!!I am his supporter and will cheer him on in my own way and from my place of residence…hehehe..!!

Geng's chinchillas

This article is written as an acknowledgment to our readers who come here so often supporting this blog and especially to the one who will be going back to The States..! I believe that through this blog,we have helped and encouraged one another as true Gengfans who are International..hehehe..!! So this is an article dedicating to our friends and readers…learning from each other and helping one another which is another trait of Gengfans…

A bonus picture for you guys…

Cute Geng Sleeping

posted by SunLe in his weibo… ..and Geng’s response when he found out..?

He is going to “kill” them..just wait and see… that’s his threat..!!  hehehe..!!! He is going to get back at them..hehehe..!!! That’s our boy !!

credit as tagged

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27 Responses to Geng = 庚饭 vs Gengfan

  1. bristlegrass says:

    hoho~~~he didn’t say he is going to “kill” them…he said, “you guys are not nice at all, set me up when I’m sleeping, I just found out you guys are too evil now!!!Just wait!!!” Again, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us ^^

  2. Smile says:

    Hmm~~~ hard to think, because I know him after the lawsuit, ok I juz put this way, I know him through SJ. After I know him deeply, My focus are on him totally. I won’t listen any song or interest any artist since then. Beside him being an artist, I love his personality, his spirit, his life all abt him as a man not an idol. I will get really furious if anything harm come to him, and really excited & happy when he feel happy & health. I see hangeng as a true friend coz friend will protect and lead to a right direction. I don’t care if someday he is not an idol or a star anymore coz he has this good innerself in him that make me wanna be friend with him even in he is a normal person. So I don’t know which kind of fan I am 🙂

    • Cindy says:

      Juz to add, I stop listening SJ song coz they are under SME, I don’t hate the member, I don’t wanna relate hangeng with SMe, he has his own way now, as his fan I’ll support him totally.

      • celine says:

        Me too! I don’t know why but I stop watching anything related to super junior since Hangeng left. I kind of feel that Hangeng has other friends (who are Korean singers and artists) who are closer to him than SJ members. It doesn’t mean that he is not close to SJ members but I think he has many famous friends in Korean entertainment industry too. If any ELFs read this, please don’t bash. Maybe I’m wrong but this is just my feeling since I watch a lot of Korean shows of other Korean artists.

  3. onepinetree says:

    I am glad that you brought this issue about Gengfan vs. Geng Rice. Although I use geng fan as a general term referring to those who support Han Geng here, I have to clarify that I am a Korean Geng Rice.

    After the lawsuit, I refused to buy any products from SME, even boys in City or any SJ related products. Simply because every single penny I will spend on SME will go to lawyer fees against Han Geng.

    After the lawsuit, I don’t use any pictures of Han Geng officially taken by SME. I rather use fans’ pictures of Han Geng or captioned pictures.

    After the lawsuit, I stopped talking about coupling stuff, since it’s not really helping Han Geng’s new solo career.
    I used to be playing around Han Geng -Si Won stuff, but not any more.

    I will keep doing this until this lawsuit procedure is over.

    That’s what I also observed from other GENG rices as well (does not matter Korean or Chinese..)

    This is one strategy I developed from my naver blogging where Other SJ fans or member fans actually attacked Han Geng for his lawsuit. It was a bittersome and bloody war…

    Thanks to the lawsuit, I realized that I had to be a GENG Rice, not just a Geng fan.

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Ummm….after reading your article again and comments….I think I get your point now…hehe~~~because when I use gengfan,,,I refer to 庚饭 or geng rice….so I never thought about the differences…sometimes, I see someone claim she/he as gengfan, but somehow I don’t feel they have sincere love for Han Geng,,,then they are not gengfans in my eyes…to me, identifying yourself as gengfan or geng rice means taking Han Geng’s interest as priority, that’s all.

    I have to admit that as a Chinese 庚饭, I have a little bit hard feeling to differentiate between Gengfans or Geng rice in China and those in other countries…I know, maybe they are not as many as Chinese gengfans in number, but there are still many people in other countries loving Han Geng as devoted as Chinese Gengfans…just probably have difficulties to feel very close to him due to language barriers…however, I believe, in Han Geng’s eyes, whoever truly love him, he can definitely tell, no nationality attached…he’s going international, remember? ^^actually he knows more about our love for him than we expected…and he knows how to respond such love properly.

  5. garnetblue says:

    I have always thought that there is a difference in the English word Gengfan which refers to being a fan of Han Geng..and Gengfan in China..which their concoction refers to “fan” as the pinyin for “rice” So this set me thinking in what does Gengfan means in general to those who are Gengfans…and how they perceive themselves as Gengfans.. hehehehe….!!
    thanks for your comments and now we can see how we evaluate ourselves as his “meal” hehehe…
    I too stop patronising things related to SME hahaha..!! My first time buying an album from Yesasia..through the help of
    Since I can’t decide,I bought both versions…kekeke…
    Thank you all for your honest opinions..
    And to Mandy, on behalf of Forhangeng, we wish you all the best and a safe trip home to USA..
    Hope you will be able to get a computer soon so that you can log in to our blog from there…we will be in touch..!!! Take care..and God Bless..!!

  6. Rein Hilda says:

    You may want to be careful with how you word this. Some of the non-Chinese Geng lovers feel that you are saying we cannot be “Geng-rice” because we’re not Chinese. You may want to clarify that a true “Geng-rice” loves him for who he is and isn’t a shallow admirer. I understand you but not everyone will read it the same way.

  7. onepinetree says:

    To be honest with you, I can understand why garnet blue posted this one. After the lawsuit, I came across many geng fans.. who claimed they were geng fans.. but.. their actions did not really show that.. ( I am not really sure about other international fans…..personally… I saw some posts by some international fans.. which I wouldn’t dare…not really good news.. more like rumors without any filtering after the lawsuit.. for example.. the one with a rich cousin rumor.. I mean.. come on.. what’s the purpose of such a trash news posting???? )

    Among Korean fans… those who said they are geng fans but couldn’t approve Han geng’s lawsuit…

    They said.. Han Geng is selfish.. he should have waited for longer for other SJM memebrs or…. even… some of them even said.. HAn Geng faked illness… all of members suffered with similar sickness, why he couldn’t endure it…and so on..

    What about other Chiense members in SJM? How are they gonna do? How come Han Geng became so irreponsible….. and so on…

    I mean.. I can even write a book about all those blashings from so many so-called Sj/SJM fans or member fans…

    So I had to seperate myself… from being simply geng fans… because.. if you are just geng fans while supporting SJ/SJM at the same time.. it’s like killing yourself..

    Every day.. I had to post an article about why Han Geng had to sue SME.. what kinds of discrimination/unfairness he had to endure… while other Korean members go along with it, why only Han Geng had to be against SME…

    Since other Korean members did not sue.. but only Han Geng did…

    AS a Korean geng fan, defending a Chinese member against Korean fans who favor Korean memebers… it’s like… I don’t know… it’s very complicate situation.

    Even so-called devoted Geng fans said.. Han Geng should be grateful for what SME has done for him…so…they couldn’t approve Han Geng lawsuit..
    (Think about it… you thought they are in your side… but one day.. you found.. although they are Geng fans.. but.. they are against Han Geng’s decision…
    I kept asking myself.. ” Why am I doing this .. for WHAT????”
    During that time… those who helped me… those who held me strong were so-called geng rice… who clearly don’t have any doubts about supporting Han Geng no matter what…

    So… to me… GENG RICE means not really about Chinese geng fans.. or Korean geng fans.. it’s more like… who will support Han Geng over anything… since Han Geng is the only one in their hearts…

    Compared to last year.. so many Korena geng fans disappeared… they simply gave up… those who identified themselves as more like GENG RICE survived… actually…


    It’s different situtation… in Korea. … in China.. and other countries…
    If You cannot aprove Han Geng’s lawsuit from the bottom of your heart.. but still saying.. you are geng fans.. that does not make sense to me.. since I had to fight with them on a daily basis.

    I think geng rices are very clear-cut about Han Geng’s lawsuit. No more more what if.. stuff…

    I could clearly see the different sides from there…
    by experiencing many Korean fans’ reactions..

    That’s why… I don’t consider those who cried for Han geng during Super SHow II in China as Geng fans…

    Those who leave comments at Han Geng’s related posts, mentioning about other members… don’t come to me as geng fans either..

    Yeserday.. I found out.. some coulpling fans photoshoped Han geng and Mr. Park picture as Han Geng and one SJ memeber… I mean… what’s that about?

  8. bristlegrass says:

    I actually very appreciate garnetblue’s post here,,,and I truly understand Pinetree’s frustration of being a minority or even a loner in supporting Han Geng in such a complex situation… ^^ thanks to this post, we can clear up something which we were hesitate to speak before. To be honest, similar kind of discussion took place among Chinese Han Geng supporters before, I should say so many times even back in 2007, since some Chinese elfs started their only 12 movement (don’t ask me why,,,I can never understand)…Eventually, the result is very clear now, Han Geng has his charm to keep the vast majority of his supporters. They love Han Geng as an independent person…there is a saying that, “before Han Geng goes solo, his geng rice has gone solo already”…well, Han Geng will keep attracting more supporters as an independent person in future.

    I just wanna clarify my stance, Han Geng is a simple man…and I just simply love this guy, do I have to tell why I love him? huhu~~~that would take days^^ Anyway, when I am speaking and doing things as a gengfan or geng rice, I take his interest as priority…no other things attached, he is happy, then I am happy, as simple as it is…hehe…that’s why I can never understand some so-called gengfans struggling so much on sme, sj/sjm related issues on Han Geng’s matter…doesn’t make any sense to me…hehe…

    I guess name doesn’t matter ultimately,,,heart matters the most,,,and I think true Han Geng supporters would get garnetblue’s point here ^^

  9. onepinetree says:

    Garnet blue, sorry for my over-reaction to your post. Your post just reminded me of those hard time after the lawsuit.. when I almost gave up everything…while dealing with all those attacks done by so-called FANs of Han Geng, SJ, or SJM.

    I thought.. I overcame.. but.. not really… The wound in my heart …does not seem to forget that.. easily..

    I just hope the lawsuit is over as soon as possible…

  10. garnetblue says:

    Hey girls,
    I am sorry that my article came off as being “racist”..I never intended it this way…
    Sorry girls…..Thanks for understanding my point here..I struggled whether I should or should not post this up and in the end I did,so that we can be clear of our stand on being Gengfan.. I find it interesting that the fans in China used “rice” to refer themselves as fans not “mi” which is the real meaning of “fan” so I just wanna to ask ourselves are we his “mi” and “rice” as well…!!
    Sorry , a thousand apologies …!!!

    • Mandy says:

      NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE! To me, this blog is about “sharing” Han Geng and authors should write freely and readers can exchange and share their thoughts.

    • Kim says:

      Actually, I appreciate that you cleared this up because from the point of a non-Chinese person it sounded as if the message was “unless you’re Chinese, you’re not a real fan”. Kind of discouraging, since I’m not Chinese and nothing I can do will change that!! And yet I truly do support Han Geng. He is not an idol here in the US where I am from, so it’s not as if by being his fan I’m simply going along with the current fan girl craze in my culture. To me, it did not come across that you were talking about the people who call themselves his fans but then when he left SuJu turned on him. I was feeling like it was divisive, separating fans based on nationality. Han Geng says he’s “going international” so one would hope that he values all his fans, regardless of their nationality. So thanks for clarifying because I was feeling pretty sad.

      Personally, I love what what SuXX said; this is how I think of myself. I discovered Han Geng (pretty accidentally) while he was still with SuJu, found myself being drawn to him by something about his personality and style and quite impressed by his talent. When it came out that he was leaving SuJu, I fully supported that and I have all along. I am thrilled to see him going solo, and I feel that I deserve to be called a true fan because what I want for him is to be able to pursue his dreams and live his life the way he wants to. Simply put, I want the very best for him, whatever he determines that may be.

      • trueblue says:

        Kim, I am glad you understand what I was trying to convey is not to distinguish between those in China or outside ,it’s how we look at ourselves as his supporters..we of course are international fans including me..hehehe…International fans support are no lesser than those in China, it’s just that they expressed it differently,just like me,as I am already passed the age of star-chasing..hehehe I left my teens years ago and now am able to retrieve and relive part of it through Han Geng…
        Yes our Han Geng is going international…Thank you

  11. SuXX says:

    what kind of fan am I? idk…i hate being categorized into groups because i feel that it limits my actions and words. my admiration and love for Hangeng goes beyond that of a fan to an idol. it’s more of a human to another human. so to me, being a Gengfan or 庚饭 isn’t so important. because i think his true fans have another name, one that all of us can identify with independent of our nationalities: his Wings of Love. the wings that are always spreading wide open to protect his dreams, to give him the freedom and strength to reach the sky and overcome any obstacles that might get in the way.

  12. Rein Hilda says:

    I’m not going to stop listening to SJ. I support the boys but not the company SME. Just because the boys are owned by SME doesn’t mean I have to spend a dime on a CD to get the music. I have youtube. 😛 I don’t support pirating…. you do the math. Anyway, there are many Geng Rice Americans and people from other countries. Geng is international, and so is his Rice, hehe.

  13. Mandy says:

    The reasons why I like this blog that I come visit on a almost-daily basis and leave messages regularly are becuase of the following 3 reasons: This blog is cool; The authors of are not just great but unconditional Han Geng supporters who write meaningful posts which always make me think and the readers are international.

    I refer(red) myself as a Gengfan, a fan of Han Geng, never have analyzed the connotation behind this term. I thought “Gengfan” is the English equivalent of 庚饭 and there was no difference between “Gengfan” and “GengRice” since to me who understand both English and Chinese, 饭 (or Rice) has the same pronunciation as “Fan” in English and when I think 庚饭 in Chinese, I would write or interpret it as Gengfan since “GengRice” isn’t English and it’s only understood by people who know these two languages. I thank garnetblue for writing the post (hehe, and thank her for wishing me a safe trip home, how sweet!!) which arouses one’s own thinking, otherwise I would not have thought that there could be differences in these terms which depend on your own interpretation when speaking of Han Geng. My position is simple. I am a Han Geng supporter, in sequence, who (1) knew about him around Oct 2009, (2) five minutes after finding out the lawsuit on Dec 21, 2009, I thought Han Geng must have a reason for doing so, (3) watched SME’s then Han Geng during the past 6-7 months, and (4) other than having growing interest in and love for Han Geng, I have not much to add. Oh and (5) hope Han Geng wins the lawsuit and no appeals.

    • trueblue says:

      We are going to miss you here for a while until you get a computer…hehehe…
      Borrow one when you cannot stand missing us any longer..hehehe…and thanks…for supporting Han Geng and (us?) hehehehe….

      • Mandy says:

        Thanks and I will sure be missing here BUT I will be back here Tues morning, Eastern time. I need to get myself a computer but before that, I can use my sis or dad’s computer!

  14. celine says:

    Now that you all speak, I want to share something. Since the news of the lawsuit broke out, everyone is startled and shocked but I am not. I know it’s coming from even before.
    Everyone has been spoken a lot already about Hangeng’s hardship to protect him, so there’s no need for me to go further. I just want to mention here a fact that many scare to say out loud including me since the news came out. Many people until now still keep telling Hangeng to come back because of other SJ members suffering or because of the breaking up of the couple things in SJ. I would like to say that they are not really Gengfans.
    Come on, open your eyes and see. We fans don’t know haft about his life off screen. All we know are all sweet things between the members on screen. Anyone can be a fan of the couple things in SJ but I am not. Don’t u know that is just an image created by SME or even by fans’ fantasy and what SJ do is just called fan service. Have u ever thought about Hangeng true feelings about this whole thing.
    Another thing is that we just see Hangeng’s life on screen with SJ members so we just assume that Hangeng just has his dearest members. Come on, 2/3 his life is off screen and fans don’t even know about his life at the time of pre-debut. There is story that I want to share. Before debut as SJ, Hangeng belongs to other group for training. At that time, he know many friends who help him such as buying him foods, letting him stay in their house when he is lonely… And those friends are not SJ members but they now also belongs to other groups (not in SME) as famous as SJ.
    What I want to tell here is that those who say the bond between SJ is the strongest and their relationship is the greatest are all blinded or refuse to see the truth. Just consider SJ members and Hangeng are friends just like other friends that Hangeng has. And friendship to Hangeng is important. If what it takes to be friends is a must to belong to the same group and when you’re not in group, you’re not friend anymore, then isn’t that friendship is fragile?
    Please don’t ask me about the above story whether it is true or not, and who those friends are (they are Korean artists). I can’t tell. I just know that they know about Hangeng’s plan about his lawsuit, his solo album and even his concert before SJ and before the news broke out. They help him and support him a lot. Have u ever wonder in Hangeng staff of production there are a lot of Koreans?
    Finally, I speak. Now I don’t care if I have to receive criticism or whatever. I just state a fact (100% truth), a fact that a lot of people scare to face or pretend not to know.

    • misz mimi_hannie says:

      well.i just found this blog today and i love your comment..i am dying to know who those guy who has helped him so much..but if you cannot tell,its ok,i am sj fans and i know that geng is not really close to them..i enjoy their fantasy even i know geng is not included in that fantasy..yes,there was Hanchul.i thank heechul for always helping him in korea but from what i know,other members do not have that close relationship with geng..after he left,sj claimed that geng did not have any contact with them but come on,why heechul can communicate with hangeng while others denying any sort of communication has took place?i am pissed off with their statement..i know that fans really do not even know about his life off screen but fans has to accept this~!! actually,during his period with suju,i always feel so frustrated..he is so silent and it is very rare to see him do the talking..i want to see him more..and thank god coz he was appointed as leader for suju m..then,i can watch more of his,finally he win the case against sme..and i feel extremely happy for him~!it doesnt mean i am happy because he leave suju but i am happy for his his fan,i dont want him to suffer..but i am still an ELF who support suju and love their fantasy world..some of them is real..but some of them is created by SME~!they do nothing wrong but this is how they should continue their life~!

  15. Smile says:

    Well now I can speak freely. Sorry if I offend anyone. SJ are world of fantasy made by Sme, all that they done infront of their fans are not real it is a script written by sme, those couple thing are not real it is a fan service and also the abs thing on their body now is sme new script. Hangeng feel tired for all that sme did to their mind and physical that’s why he left. People complain abt the eyeliner in his mv, that’s what hangeng used to be in sme. To dress, make-up and act what sme want. Now he can be on his own style and thought. I had share this thought with one of our author in this blog and we agree on it. I’m sorry again, but it feel hurt to know that some people called themselve gengfan but still want him suffer under sme. If you love him, let him fly free in the sky.

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