In 2001 you were selected to join a company which you thought would helped you realized your dreams..Since the beginning, you have always cherished freedom..You had two options then..One is to join the country’s national dance troupe with board and lodging included…The other was to walk into the unknown and uncertain world where you knew nobody and speak no foreign language..far away from your comfort zone..and the security of your own family!

You have always been a patriotic and loyal person ..You were proud of your own identity and never bow  your head down  in shame but always lift up your head high and proudly showing the world what you can achieve…and give! You never forget who you are and never let people put you down..!! You hid your pain and anguish so well that the world at large couldn’t see through your facade…You have become a trained professional..yes to your own detriment ! You come from a minority group and yet that didn’t deter you in the pursuit of your dreams..You have such confident and faith in yourself which proved to be your forte and strength in the days ,months and years that follow…! You stood out among the thousands and millions.!!

In the naivety of your youth, you thought that what you have experienced ,you could return and expand in  your land ..but soon your dreams became a nightmare..and even the dreams and hopes which you clung so fiercely with both your hands seemed to slowly fade away into thin air…!!

Han Geng…. on November 6,2005 you debuted as a member of Super Junior..in Korea..In the following months and years, you had encountered many pitfalls and setbacks yet you persevered till today !

3 years down the road, on 4th April,2008 you debuted as the leader of SJM in China…thinking that you have finally realized your dreams of working in the land of your birth..You came back  full of enthusiasms  and expectations and hopes..You soon realized that was not to be..!! In a short period of two years, your hopes were dashed..once again..which tested the last vestiges of your dreams..you spoke with finality on 21 December year 2009..You decided to salvage what is left of your sanity and dreams..by breaking free of the tethers which bound you to the stake..

Since then you have been silent and nothing was heard about you until the day you decided to burst onto the scene “metamorphosisly” flying out from the cocoon and became the  HAN GENG  who has always been there beneath the surface…! You showed the world what you yourself  described as the “New” Han Geng..on that unforgettable date..7.17 & 7.18..

Now today …7.27…your first ever solo album officially went on sale…!!!

Looking back..this was the day all Gengfans are waiting for..!!

All Gengfans are rejoicing with you..today..!

Finally, you have once again regained  back your purpose and perspective and put them in their right order..

You have traveled one full circle and back to the place where you had set out 7 years ago…!!

So what significant is placed on the number 7..?

The number 7 is usually equated with the idea of perfection.

In the universal language of mind, in which the spiritual works were written, 7  means control.




credit: gengfans@yt

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8 Responses to 7.27

  1. Smile says:

    Congratulation! Hangeng remember this day the day you and your devoted fan shout out loud to the world that Hangeng did it!! We did it!!! Today you will join the other solo artist path, smile hangeng, today is your celebration. We are proud of you let the tear of joy flow through the river and goes to the sea, let the wind chanted and whispering your song in the air. Hangeng let the world know you as HANGENG! Jia you!!!

  2. Ruby90 says:

    Thank you for the post Garnetblue 🙂 We Gengfans truthfully wish all the best for his album, because this is his brand start all over again. Yet I feel sad that trouble keeps coming to Han Geng. I just read this article at allkpop (well people said this site is not credible anyway), saying “Fire” plagiarizes DBSK Yunho’s “Checkmate”. Here is the link: http://www.allkpop.com/2010/07/hangeng-plagiarized-yunhos-checkmate-for-his-new-single , and I felt hurt to see so many haters (Korean netizens), even normal people have doubts. Knowing SM, they may pull Han Geng into a new lawsuit and making the issue even more complicated (or delaying the lawsuit shall I say). Anyway I just feel so bad that such a nice person like Han Geng got so many trouble in his life, and I wish him all the best. At times like this I hope fans will stand by and help him weather all the storm 😦

    • garnetblue says:

      I really can’t understand why they have to pick on Han Geng..
      Did Yunho released his song ahead of HG? Anyway let’s keep our fingers crossed..!!
      Haters will always be haters..
      This song has been out for like days and now they claimed it’s plagiarised..?? I think this word is misused and carelessly thrown around….Let’s just hope and believe that all will be well with Han Geng..we will just continue to support HG so that he can be strong and be consoled by our Wings of Love..Han Geng jiayou..!!
      Go Go Go International..!!

  3. wendy says:

    Congratulations to Hangeng! Today will be as historic to you and genfans as the day of your first solo concert. May your first solo album be a huge success!!!

    I’ve also read the allkpop article and realized that they are not going to make this an easy road for Hangeng. Their accusations are ridiculous. But don’t let their hateful comments distract us and make us sad. This is an exciting time for Hangeng and gengfans. We should just focus on that and be happy!

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes that article is questionable…Of all the days.. they pick today which is the day of his album release..My priority is Han Geng..I do hope he won’t be too affected with this..I am so sick and tired of those people there that try to sabotage HG’s success…I look at it this way…I think they felt threatened by HG’s success and popularity in China that they have to stoop low and hit below the belt to cause damage/hurt.and sometimes there are people who were being used and didn’t even know it.. The irony is..HG’s Fire has been out for some time now and nobody commented on it till now….. I call it sabotage. I want to be honest to myself and believe my own judgement and not just jump on the band-wagon.like everyone else… I have listened to both songs and I beg to differ otherwise..the word “plagiarised” is being loosely used..I hope they do understand the true meaning of the word before they make such accusations.. It’s so sad that in this world people do not have scruples anymore… So sad and I hope that in spite of this HG and Gfans will rise up to the occasion..and buy more albums.. Come on..! Gengfans..let’s have courage and strength in the midst of adversity..Let us show them who they are dealing with…!!! Come on TiGon let’s rawrrrrrrrrr..!!!!

      • celine says:

        garnetbue, I want to talk to you personally. Can u give me your email. I have something I want to share privately with u and I cannot say it in public. This problem is related to what u guys discuss here.

  4. Smile says:

    I read allkpop too, all of sudden I get emotional, why all this happen when all of us enjoy the happiest moment and this news broke out. Agree with garnet…all the so called fan juz turn back on him and to add the fuel the haters seem to enjoy it. I hope hangeng won’t be distract with all of these. Yes garnet, as his fan I’ll be strong like the “Great Wall of China” hope hangeng too. Hangeng Jia You!!!!

    • wendy says:

      I think those so called “fans” are really not fans but are antifans who just pretends to be fans. They put those comments there to discourage us and try to create a big commotion and chaos. This is such a non-issue because, like garnet said, the word “plagarized” is being loosely used. They are making an issue that is really not there. We should just ignore it so we CAN make it a non-issue. Don’t even give it any second of thought because it’s not worth our time.

      What we should focus on now is trial-listen on Baidu for Hangeng’s songs and vote for him here: http://fm974.rbc.cn/zgb/
      (click on #17 say no, and click on the submit button “我要投票” on the bottom) so he can win awards. Sorry for the spam, but I saw on Geng Ba and apparently it’s very important to vote for him so he can win!!!

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