Chatting with Han Geng – Reporter from Fashion & Health Magazine (101 Q & a Miniblog update)

Evan, a reporter from Fashion & Health Magazine,  interviewed Han Geng sometime in June. He wrote a magazine article as well as blog article to introduce a real Han Geng in his eyes.

Because the articles are quite long, I have to divide the translation into two or three sections~hehe~~

Blog Article PART I

Chatting with Han Geng, no need to go deeper, you can have a very strong impression of him within 5 minutes: this is a damn kid!!! Just like those kids you can see in any high school or colleage, carelessly hanging around with his buddies all the time. Usually, a celebrity can show their closeness to others because of being well-educated or cultivated, or just their makeshift in front of media. But for Han Geng, he is entirely easygoing in nature, young and open, the entire conversation is full of daily life style, sometimes he teased me a bit, he said my “one piece” shoes look like garlic chive pie, then thinking of the delicious garlic chive pie made by his mother, started to invite me home and try it out, when talking so excitedly, he started to wave some adorable gestures.

My original impression of Han Geng can trace back to when he firstly came back from Korea. Sometimes, you just feel time is an amazing thing, it can take many things away, but also bring more things to us. I told him, whenever his name was mentioned before, I could only think of him crying at one awarding ceremony, and spoke in Chinese clearly, “thank Mr. Lee Soon Man from SME” and the theory of “perfect eight teeth smile” defined by him. Of course, all of these are far from enough to describe Han Geng as a person. The stories we talked a lot like, inspiring youth, tortuous path, ups and downs experiences, right and wrong, happiness and tragedy…seems like he has gained the glory and experiences most people cannot gain within their first greater half of life…his story is long enough to write an autobiography, even though he is only 26 years old.

Only 26 years of life, he has already known what is rebirth, what is nirvana…

Because of this interview, we met up three times, I truly hope that with a new start, Han Geng can successfully transform from a big boy to a real man, not K-pop style with dazzling decorations any more, not flowery boy with cuteness, shyness, and showy style any more, just the most simple, natural,  real, and reachable Han Geng. Regarding these, Han Geng accepted them entirely during the communication and interview process. He said, doesn’t matter at all, whatever aspects you guy have seen are all genuine parts of me, with blood and flesh.

The last interview, we talked till over ten at night, his mother called in, he responded like, “I am quite good…rest assured…everything is fine…not tired…you take care” so gentle and caring, but in fact, he and I were outside feeding mosquitoes. After interview, he went back to practice room again, “at least three hours more, I don’t wanna disappoint my fans at concert.”

Blog Article PART II

The “awkward” things Han Little Geng did to me in one day = =

  1. Huh, how come your shoes are so like garlic chive pie? 猪眼看星之韩庚(二)
  2. Did you always ask for many stuffs from different brands, but never pay? 猪眼看星之韩庚(二)
  3. You look younger than last time I saw you…ah, 30, right?    猪眼看星之韩庚(二) (This damn kid knows Evan is younger than 30)
  4. I should be your assistant, you look more fashion than me…猪眼看星之韩庚(二)
  5. Hey, you wanna come to my concert? Yes? Pay! 猪眼看星之韩庚(二)
  6. Your ringtone is so out-of-date, aren’t you a reporter for a fashion magazine?…猪眼看星之韩庚(二)

(ps: …Han Geng, this is the exact reason why your fans and friends wanna tease you all the time~~~)

101 questions for Han Geng

1. How do you like others call you?

Han Geng

2. What do you want to do the most now?

The concert in July 17 and 18.

3. What bother you so much recently?

Too little time, too many things to do.

4. What would you be like when you feel the most disappointed?

None, my mind is very peaceful, those who know my background and experiences would understand, I originally have nothing to lose.

5. When do you feel happiest?

When my work comes out.

6. When you feel unhappy, whom do you think of first?

I would just go back home alone when I am not happy.

7. When was the last time you cried? Why?

Because of fans, when attending an activity, I haven’t expose myself for quite a long time, but they came for me to the scene as soon as they know, with many big banners and name plates, just felt so warm, having tears in my eyes…

8. If not considering any taboo or limitation, what do you want to do the most?

Holding the largest concert in the world.

9. What kind of issue you are worried about the most recently?

I’ve thought about if I can be very popular or not, but I’ve never been worried.

10.  What kind of thing you cannot handle the most?

Whatever happens to me, I can get through.

11.   Have you ever regretted for your decisions?

Not bad…my father said, no matter what decision you make, no matter it is good or bad, you need to bear that bravely.

12.  What is your belief?

My mother believes in Buddhism, I read some Buddhist scriptures, but not so pious.

13.  What is your greatest charm in your mind?

Simple, have affinity.

14.   What makes you feel most proud of myself?

No longer be the burden of my parents.

15.  What does 30 years old mean to you?

Being true myself even more, live better life.

16.   What things make you feel cannot live without?

Cellphone, computer

17.  Until now, what is the greatest challenge you’ve ever faced?

How to become the person I want to be.

18.  The craziest thing you have ever done?

One time, it was raining, I suddenly feel enjoying getting wet in the rain, then saw everyone was running, only me walking in the rain leisurely without having an umbrella.

19.  What are you most obsessed with?

None, people or thing, whenever I feel obsessed to it to certain degree, I will give up, turning back until hitting the wall is not my style.

20.  Who is the one influencing you the most?

My first dance teacher, in Mudanjiang, you don’t know him~

21.  What the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

I was walking and chatting with friends, “bang” hitting on the pulling wire of a telegraph pole, from head to toe, one black line in the middle of me (er…Han Geng = =|||)

22.  Whom do you admire the most among people who are still alive?

Grandpa and Grandma, they always face everything in their life with a strong and optimistic attitude, no matter good, or bad.

23.  If tomorrow was the end of the world, what would you do?

Just do whatever I should do regularly. You cannot escape from that anyway.

24.   Have you ever thought of suicide?

Never, I feel anything can pass by.

25.  If you can choose, in what way you want to die?

Taking sleeping pills, I don’t want feel so much pain when dying.

26.  If give you a chance, would you choose rebirth after death?

Possibly yes.

27.  What do you think you were in your last life?

A monk, I feel I must be practicing abstinence from meat and reciting scriptures all the time, and did lots of good things, so that I can be so fortunate in this life.

28.  What kind of thing you have ever wanted to do but never did?

Join Army. Because my father and grandpa were both soldiers, whenever I saw the bond between them and their comrades in arms, I always envy that.

29.  By now, what do you feel most regret for?

Couldn’t make my grandpa and grandma settled well, live better life.

30.  What is your biggest fear?

I am not afraid of death, pain, or getting old, only thing I care a bit is, separation.

31.  What is your most serious injury?

Many. Knee bursitis, I got 8 injections of nerve block within one month or half month, infixing into the crevices between bones and stirring constantly, felt painful to die; arm fractured, I did not know it at first, then found bone grown back by itself when went to see a doctor; there was a time when flipping, tail vertebrae frustrated, now I still cannot sit for too long.

32.  When do you think you have been an adult?

The year after I just graduated, 18 years old, I can feed myself.

33.  For you, what thing should a man always keep in mind?


34.  If you can choose to become another person, who do you want to be?

To be my dad?!

35.  What quality do you appreciate the most on your father?

Steadiness, calmness

36.  What quality do you appreciate the most on your father?

Be eager to excel

37.  What kind of quality do you appreciate the most on a woman?


38.  Give three advices to women.

Don’t be too capricious; don’t be too frolicky, be more understanding.

39.  If someone told you she has been loving you for ten years but not dared to tell you, what’s your first reaction?

Kidding me. Such thing actually happened in my life when I was still in school, my first thought was that’s a joke, because even if had a bit ambiguous feeling occasionally, but still got along as friends.

40.  Whom do you miss the most now?

Maternal grandmother and grandfather, paternal grandmother and grandfather.

41.  How many people you have ever like?

If you are talking about romantic relationship, one.

42.  How to be sure about your feeling of liking someone?

Just to feel it~

43.  Which part of girl may catch more of your attention?


44.  Which one you would choose, the one you love and the one love you? Why?

The one I love, I actually have a bit of male chauvinism.

45.  What would you say if expressing your love in one sentence?

I am clumsy of speech, especially not good at sweet talk, so I may express it with actions.

46.  The most romantic thing you have ever done?

There was a time, after performance, a very cold winter, the typed “it’s too cold, go home” at my palm computer making it as rolling titles, stick to the window of the car, asked fans going back home (the answer to this question from Han Geng originally is “I am not romantic at all”, after being reminded by his manager, he thought of this = =)

47.  If you still cannot find someone who you truly love until 30 years old, would you just find someone to get married?

No, either have one or not, I don’t like the ambiguous feeling in relationship.

48.  When do you want to get married?

Around 33.

49.  How many kids would you like?

Two, one girl, one boy, that’s the best, I’m ethnic minority (laughter)

50.  What’s best place you think for having sex?

Is there any other place expect home?

51. How do think about sex?

To be honest, I don’t like to exaggerate such thing, being normal is fine.

52. What is the most important criterion of yours in selecting friends?

Tell me if I am right or wrong directly, no matter if that would make me feel hurt.

53.  How do you define brotherhood?

No need to be like helping friends at the loss of your life without asking why, but if there is a good reason, can be staying side by side to take the risk together during difficult time, true brotherhood needs to go through the baptism of time.

54. If you have to choose, whom do you want to have scandal with?

Little Meng, please be sure to specify he is my assistant, male. (laughter)

55. If Ang Lee wanted to make a sequel of “Brokeback Mountain”, would like ask you to be a part, will you agree?

About acting, why not, if that is a good work, just like Hu Jun (an actor playing the main role in a famous gay movie).

56. What’s the most impossible thing may happen to you?

To like a boy.

57. What’s the thing done by others making you feel moved the most?

Everything done by fans, people who like me seem relatively young, but they have intention to gather together and do things to help others, that move me a lot.

58. What is the person or thing you treasure the most?

Of course, my father and mother.

59. What’s your attitude to the person who has ever hurt you?

Laugh it off.

60. Which part of your personality you hate the most?

I am too careless sometimes, couldn’t think about problem all-around, may hurt others’ feeling.

61. What kind of personality of others you hate the most?

Tell lies, not honest, not dependable.

62.  Where would like to stay longer, kitchen, bed, coach, bathroom?

Coach and bed

63.  What’s the colour of your bedroom?


64.  When do you go to bed usually?

Between 12 to 1 in the morning

65.  What do you do before go to sleep?

Drink some water, watch TV, normally set timer, I can only fall asleep when TV is on.

66.  What’s your favorite position when sleeping?

Sleeping on my side and holding a pillow.

67.  What do you often dream of?

Plane crashed, especially when I fell asleep on airplane.

68.  When is the last time you awaked from frightening?

It was in Korea, with one team member, he was playing video game, I was sleeping, half awake half dreaming, all of the sudden seeing someone came in, I asked him why break into my room with permission, he suddenly made a lunge at me, then I woke up, found no one was there.

69.  Which part do you wash first when you take bath?


70.  How long for taking a regular bath?

a bit more than 10 minutes.

71.   What’s your peculiarity?

Never wear too bright color

72.  Which is more important to you, body figure or good looking face?

Body figure

73.  What do you want to change about yourself?

Body figure, want to be stronger.

74.  Have you ever received any cosmetic surgery?

You can touch me

75.  What is the sexist part of your body in your mind?

Long leg, bubble butt, (big laughter) cut this part off~~please

76.  Which one you are afraid of most, bald head or beer belly?

Beer belly.

77.  How long was it that you looked into mirror for the longest time?

One of my friends said when he looked himself in mirror, even wanted to knee down to himself, too handsome, should I be like that too? haha~~just kidding, I rarely look into mirror except for working.

78.   Drifting to an isolated island one day, you can only bring one thing, what that would be?


79.  What movie did you watch most recently? With whom?

Clash of the Titans, with three buddies.

80.   Have you ever skipped classes when you were a student? Where did you go?

Yes, went back to dorm to sleep.

81.  What was your most ruthless fight for?

When still in school, someone bullied a girl in my class, just stood out and put up a desperate fight, couldn’t control myself well, almost being ordered to quit. Now, no more fight, just talking when things happen.

82.   What is your favorite cartoon character?

Gaara in Naruto

83.   What do you do when you feel bored?

Play video game

84.  What game did you play recently?

Final Fantasy

85.  Which city do you most want to live in?


86.   If you can choose a place for vacation, where that would be?

Italy, across entire country

87.  Where do you miss the most?

The Central University of Nationalities

38.  What’s your favorite phrase?

Cannot think of one now.

89.  Do you still act shamelessly for something now?

Too many, for example they said something, I pretended not hear them.

90.  What do you usually have in your pocket?

Cell phone, purse.

91.  What’s your favorite food in recent?

Steamed stuffed bun

92.  What’s your favorite flavor?

Spicy and sour

93.  Have you ever got drunk and acted so embarrassingly?

None so far, never got drunk before.

94.  What’s your favorite book?


95.  What’s your favorite scent?

Lily’s fragrance

96.  Have you ever lied?

Of course, I’m not god.

97.  When is the first time you feeling your hair stand on end?

Not yet so far

98.  Do you read news about yourself on Internet?

Yes, I only read news about me (laughter)

99.  Which male cosmetology do you prefer?


100.  What do you most want to say to yourself?

You can do it.

101.  Tell a joke.

Need to baidu it (just like google it)…no, your shoes are like two garlic chive pies.



After Evan posted the 101 questions and answers at his blog, one of Han Geng’s assistants wrote at her miniblog, to confirm these were almost the exact answers from Han Geng, thanks for his geninue report.

Just wondering, guys, do his answers meet your imagination or expectation? or How much can you imagine his answers to these questions?

Ps 2:

(updated by onepinetree) Just a tip for Q 101.

This is a photo of garlic chive pies.

cr: Si Woo

thanks for Polly’s reminder ^^ Evan actually did post his “garlic chive pie” shoes at his miniblog…

after thinking for a few seconds, I decided to post it

well…the only similarity I can tell is the margin…

Han Geng, now I’m pretty sure you were just hungry = = you bring me mental shadow on my delicious garlic chive pie…I believe I will think of this pair of shoes when I have garlic chive pie next time T.T~


Miniblog update

“have a  trip to Inner Mongolia, also received a Mongolian costume, you guys are so considerate, even emboridered my LOGO on the waistband and the wristbands, but it is a pity that there are no pants and boots.”

(ps: hoho~~yes! You have to go back again for pants and boots, those are the gifts for next time ^^)


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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28 Responses to Chatting with Han Geng – Reporter from Fashion & Health Magazine (101 Q & a Miniblog update)

  1. polly says:

    No comment yet? Oh, I really like the 101 questions. The real Han Geng is more clealy seen from these questions. There are so many good qualities I can learn from him.

    • bristlegrass says:

      hehe~~me too, I’m so glad to be his fan, learning things from him is one of my primary reasons to support him ^^

      btw, are you still not a gengfan, hoho, just kidding~~~you don’t have to answer

      • polly says:

        I still insist that I am not a fan of anybody, hehe… Even though I have been focused much more than a common audience recently. It’s all the internet ‘s fault!!!

        Standers-by see more than gamesters. I need to have a pair of clear eyes… Too much concern makes chaos…

        See, I am desperately convincing myself of the supposed truth here…

  2. Smile says:

    Some are familiar before in any other interviews but some are new becoz maybe now he had the freedom to express his thought and view.
    Some that I like:
    50: home 🙂 what a sweet man, not a party man perhaps
    45: express love through action… A man like this better than sweet talk but nothing.
    39 & 44: exactly the same 🙂
    as conclusion, he is a man who can be rely on, simple man but never take granted on easy
    thing, wise man and family type man 🙂

    • bristlegrass says:

      I totally agree with your conclusion, also wanna add, although he is caring for his family so much, he is also a workholic, he said that in a show I think ^^

  3. onepinetree says:

    Thank you, Bristle Grass.. Si Woo posted this one at naver blog as well. So I wanted to share some of Korean fans’ responses as well.
    Since she posted it yesterday, the comments are being added at this point.
    Here is the link:

    Comment1: Q 27: Oh…dear Brother Geng…
    Q 28 : Hmmm then why was he shoot as a pilot? ( the magazine photo where Han Geng indicated that he wanted to be pilot)? Han Geng in the military uniform must have been nicer.

    Comment 2: (Referring to Si Woo’s comment about Han Geng having “PRINCE diseases” (it’s like narcissism in Korean term) )
    What’s about Han Geng suffering with the chronic Prince diseases? It’s OK for a hot guy to be bragging about being hot. ha ha…

    Comment 3: It’s dazzling; the deeper you get to know Han Geng, it becomes… ah…

    Comment 4: (it’s me..) 1. compared to those old 101 questions a few years ago, these questions are much better ones!
    2. Yes, he needs to put more muscles on his body.. he is too thin. In addition, he needs to tan his skin.. he has too fair skin, as well.
    3. Q 27: hmmm, that’s very unusual answer for a typical person. I think he is influenced by his mom’s religion.
    Q 28: So he is from a military family. No wonder why he is so patriotic.

    4. Q39: The woman who has loved Han geng for 10 yrs must be his classmate. Ah…I can understand her. It seems that she did not want to risk their friendships. usually guys do not reject when women dash…Poor lady…

    Comment 5: When I didn’t know well about Han Geng, I assumed that ” He must be very naive and pure” based on his look, which basically says ” I am very kind.” Even I thought “he might be wishy-washy”. But once I got to know him now, I felt very silly about my first impression about him. When you read his interview, far from indecisive, he is very determined and, rather than naive, he is a little bit wicked… hmmm.. Based on his interview, I think Han Geng almost grew out of being an IDOL. In fact, his concert clips gave me the similar impressions. By the way.. about the question of the cosmetic surgery, “You can touch me.,.” that’s so COOL~~~ ha ha ..

    Comment 6. Q50: Oh My God… how come they even asked this kind of question~~~ Honey, it’s OK besides home… ha ha..
    Q56: It’s impossible to love a guy.. so… everybody please WAKE UP! (She was referring to some coupling fans.. = =; )
    Q59: He is a so cool boy who can just give a smile to those who hurt him!
    Q 76: Please be careful; you are almost bold now..
    Q53: That’s Han GEng’s view on the please every body try to accommodate it! Instead of doing unnecessary stuff!!! (She was referring to some SJ members… = =; )

    (please don’t take too offensive; Korean fans have some harsh experiences…after the lawsuit.. so.. )

    Comment 7: I wish he does not think nothing to lose any more… per Q 10. He is a man of a big caliber. Am I only one who thinks that?

    Comment 8: 1. questions are very straightforward but with high quality.
    2. Han Geng does value a good body figure…
    3. GengGeng is a man of the sincerity!

    Comment 9: Just gives me grin… ha ha… Q50/51… ha ha…

    Comment 10: Q43: I just banged the desk!!!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Ha!!! Thank you so much for translating comments from Si Woo’s blog ^^

      Please keep updating if there are more interesting comments coming, thanks!

      I like all these comments, and I like Comment 5 in particular. I believe many SJ fans have similar impression of Han Geng before,,,thanks to sme’s strategy…so glad to see some of them start to recognize the true talents and personality of Han Geng.

      If I have to use one word to decribe my impression of his comeback activities, it would be “genuine” , no matter people like it or not, he wants to show a genuine Han Geng.

      • onepinetree says:

        Yes, I like her comment, too. She is a new Geng fan. I think she likes other K-pop idol stars as well (when i see her posts). I have noticed that more and more fans are coming to Si Woo’s blog and check Han geng news’ everyday. Some of them became comfortable enough to leave comments. Since Si Woo required to log in to leave a comment, which means you reveal yourself to the public. So some of them leave a comment in the secret. However, these news fans are willing to reveal themselves to Geng fans. When I visit their blogs, I see they are either ELFs or other K-pop star fans. So, Han Geng did not lose his fan base in Korea, instead, he are attracting more fans.
        Those who couldn’t aprove Han geng’s lawsuit, well… I don’t care about them any more. They are the ones who cannot accept who Han geng is. Now news fans are respecting Han Geng just as he is.

      • onepinetree says:

        I will translate the touching episode between Si Woo and Han Geng. Although it was edited, that was something for many Korean fans.

      • polly says:

        Hi, onepinetree!Looking forward to your updating of the comments. It’s quite interesting to see people’s different angles of seeing things.

        I strongly believe that those who have their own criticle thinking will gradually know who real Han Geng is, although there might be a culture difference.

        For those adolescents or some grown-ups easily to be misleaded on views or thinking modes, I only feel sorry for them. Whatever, to be an upright person is always a very important thing.

    • wendy says:

      Wow, it is so interesting to hear what Korean fans have to say about Hangeng. Thank you for posting them and please keep them coming.

      Hangeng looks so handsome in the Mongolian costume. I love the subtle smile on his face.

  4. please34 says:

    firstly,thank you Bristle Grass for translating this long article!.

    oh,,, Mr.simple…i’m never disappionted in you too…
    garlic chive pies…hum i want to see that shoes.hahaha
    Q75:Long leg, bubble butt, (big laughter) ..hummm..ahh i miss you laughter.

    many questions make me smile amusingly!
    you are such…hehehe

    • bristlegrass says:

      me too~~~~I really want to see those shoes, many gengfans asked Evan to post a picture of his shoes at blog,,,seems he didn’t want to…yeah, he would feel so bad to be laughed at by the idol, and then his fans,,,hoho~~~

      • polly says:

        Hi, Evan has posted a microblog with photos of his “garlic chive pie” like shoes yesterday afternoon with the words:
        “According the request of all the broad masses,I post the
        ‘garlic chive pie’ despised by Han Little Geng here,LOL~~~ I am forced, objection~”
        (just imagine the look of feeling wronged)
        I nearly died laughing……

        bristlegrass you may added the photo next to the food. Evan’s microblog:

      • bristlegrass says:


      • please34 says:

        ah i see the shoes!
        hangeng has a really good imagination haha ^^b.

  5. I read this before, yes — love his sincere answers
    … but the information at the top made me LOL XDD
    Oh Geng…! *squishes*

  6. Mandy says:

    The Q&A let us understand Han Geng, the genuine and simple Han Geng. Thanks.

    • garnetblue says:

      Hehehe finally you are back…!!
      I am not commenting anything yet because all have
      One thing I want to take issue with is his mentioning about his butt..we his fans “know” what his butt looks like and it is even better looking than some females’ .. and for him to point that out showed that he is aware that his butt is the envy of many gengfans…and the talk of the town..!!
      He is just rubbing it in…naughty naughty boy..!! Teasing us with your “smart ass” hahaha..!!!

  7. Smile says:

    Mongolian costume so beautiful, is it becoz hangeng wear it 🙂

  8. wendy says:

    LOL!!! I think Hangeng is right. It does look like the garlic chive pies!

  9. Smile says:

    It really look alike ^^ in his head always food! food! even in this interview looking at someone shoe make him thinking about food. I never imagine hangeng gaining overweight ^^

  10. polly says:

    The site template changed again?

  11. SÂßê Sabrina says:

    I am so glad that this interview has been translated and the Q&A were posted, what a heavy task !! They help us know more and more about the true Geng.

  12. Soukaina says:

    Oh! Thank you so much for translating comments
    nd finally Han geng are back yupyyyyyyy ^^

  13. I love Geng 🙂
    Thanks for posting this ❤

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