The Charm of China(update with short video clip)

When the year 2010 approached it’s half-way mark, we suddenly see Han Geng burst into a frenzy of activities that Gengfans couldn’t keep up with the pace…!!

Indeed, after a lull in the first half of the year, Gengfans are now scrambling to catch up with this whirlwind that is caused by him..If you were living in The States, probably the thrill  would be like chasing the tornado….!! Wanting to get close to it and yet fearful that it’s force will suck you in to it’s depth and core…not knowing how to get out,unless the tornado stops twirling..and became still..!!

As for those living in China, there are no tornadoes to chase after but there is a particular dreamboat with a very unusual name of 庚… stands for #1 Age as in the time of birth…#2 the seventh of the ten Celestial Stems…..(see chart below)

He has been seen everywhere and just recently in Inner Mongolia where he attended a concert titled ” The Charms/Charisma of China” ..see how appropriate that was…? He is known as China’s Prince and his personality is described as charismatic /charming….

He was given a warm welcome and was presented with a Hada which is a blue scarf (that symbolises the highest form of a Mongolian greeting which is to give a gift of a blue scarf.)…upon his arrival at the airport by Gengfans but according to some fan-accounts he did not accept them for some unknown reasons which only he knows…but he was presented one at the concert on the stage while he was performing..hehehe!!

see airport pictures…

Embarrass Geng..?





some rehearsal pictures…


some concert pictures….

Notice the blue Hada..?

All Smiles...

notice the fan who went on stage..?

Mongolian Chopsticks Dance

Credit: Mr.Han as tagged

All pictures are duly credited as tagged..thank you !

stage presence

"Geng's" Terracota Warriors..


please continue to vote for “Say No” on the music chart for this’s in the 10th

one vote per 24 hours/IP address..thank you..!!

evening star age (of person)
Vietnamese Yin and Yang
Wu Xing
Wu xing
1 jiǎ kinoe 갑 (gap) giáp 陽 (yang) 木 (wood) 东 East
2 kinoto otsu 을 (eul) ất 陰 (yin)
3 bǐng hinoe hei 병 (byeong) bính 陽(yang) 火 (fire) 南 South
4 dīng hinoto tei 정 (jeong) đinh 陰(yin)
5 tsuchinoe bo 무 (mu) mậu 陽 (yang) 土 (earth) 中 Middle
6 tsuchinoto ki 기 (gi) kỷ 陰 (yin)
7 gēng kanoe 경 (gyeong) canh 陽 (yang) 金 (metal) 西 West
8 xīn kanoto shin 신 (sin) tân 陰 (yin
9 rén mizunoe jin 임 (im) nhâm 陽 (yang) 水 (water) 北 North
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19 Responses to The Charm of China(update with short video clip)

  1. wendy says:

    Thanks garnetblue for updating the music chart info. I want to add that the voting is Mon. thru Thurs. til 5:30 p.m. Beijing time every week. Let’s keep voting and supporting Hangeng!

    I saw the fancam of this performance and not only did the girl went up on stage, another older woman also went up on stage to hug Hangeng. In addition, at a previous live performance, one fan also went on stage to give Hangeng a hug. Each time, although disrupting his performance, Hangeng graciously hugged each one and greeted them with a warm smile. What a nice guy!

  2. Smile says:

    That girl at the airport never give up. At last the scarf are with hangeng on stage. What song did he sang on stage? Yes garnet! he is like tornado ^^ Hangeng, snatch every oppurtunity don’t let it slip, you deserve it!

  3. polly says:

    See the photos ——The yellow geng flag with Terra-Cotta Warriors! It’s so amusing! It was taken by one of the geng fans in charge of taking photos.

    • garnetblue says:

      Ok I am adding that picture in the post..I have it but then for the sake of other readers,I will just include the pictures here as some can’t access to Baidu..hehehe

  4. bristlegrass says:

    I love his Mongolian dance sooooooooo much~~~~~

    Although really short, but speechlessly beautiful, when dancing with two Hadas on his neck and the streamers on the chopsticks~~~

  5. garnetblue says:

    His ethnic dances are very powerful, full of energy and precision..
    He was highly honoured in of the Blue Hada is the highest form and giving him the final slot in the concert was really very meaningful because he got the final stage which only “Red” stars get the billing..hehehe.!! I am using the direct translation from Mandarin for “popularity”…or “hot”..
    I simply love those pictures because of the colour contrast, they are so vibrant…Oh just something I found out Han Geng’s My Logo is #1 on kkbox and his schedule is packed
    Aug with Lu Yu
    Aug interview (live)
    Aug 5..guest @ Beijing Music Station (fm 97.4)
    Aug 6..guest @ Central Radio The Sound of Music (fm 90.0)
    Aug 7..Sendrin Beach Music Festival in Xiamen, Fujian
    Aug 8..Yancheng Asian Superstar Concert 2010
    Aug14..Fan-meeting in Shanghai
    Aug 15..Fan-meeting in Taipeh University Auditorium,Taiwan
    To those who want to catch him on these dates..hehehe..
    His 3rd time on Lu Yu..he must be the favourite of Lu Yu by now..LoLs..

    • wendy says:

      That is such a good news on the kkbox chart and I’m so happy to hear it. I tried to download the software to trial listen and bump up his rating, but they don’t have one for the US. 😦

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