Geng’s Culinary Experience and Imagination

I just can’t resist making this into a post..

We know that Han Geng can cook because he said so..

So to prove that he can cook,he went on a show,I suppose, to show off his cooking skills…!! I don’t know what is the name of the show,so you have to wait and look forward to it..hehehe!! Just to make you anticipate his up-coming T.V shows..!! It seemed like he is fully-booked and his hands are full too..!!

How do you feel of having a man in the kitchen….sexy, alluring,tempting or erotic..? hehehe..!! Your guess is as good as mine..!!

I found this in Baidu as usual…

See the man can cook..!!

He is showing his cooking skills…something refreshing aside from the usual showing off of his dancing all the time…the producers of this show has  fresh ideas and concept..see how many gengfans are getting “jealous” and “envious”

Geng in the Kitchen

His ingredients are tomatoes and eggs…I see a cabbage head there and watermelon ..what else can you see..?

His final product..?
The dish with cucumbers and a heart-shaped watermelon is called Wings of Love..hehehe..

And the one next to it is called Han Geng ? Watermelon and mushrooms or is that beans..? As for the rest,I have no idea what are the dishes..We will know once the show is ?

He and his creativity..!!


Baidu Gengbar

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9 Responses to Geng’s Culinary Experience and Imagination

  1. bristlegrass says:

    My dear Garnetblue~ the thing with Waterlemon to compose his logo is banana, hehe~~his logo seems so abstract here ^^

    btw, in case some of you cannot access tudou, here is Han Geng’s chopstick dance

  2. garnetblue says:

    That’s his LOGO ..??
    That boy..!!
    It’s suppose to a HG? Hahaha!!

  3. Smile says:

    Thanx for the pics 🙂 A man who can cook! Charming! It show that he is a caring person, lucky person who will be with him. Imagine his gf/wife cook and making dish together, it is one of romantic thing to do. To be with the one you love even in a kitchen ^^

  4. onepinetree says:

    This episode reminded me of when I came to the US. I was trying to save money as a POOR foreign student so just rented a room from a Chinese immigrant family from Shang Hai instead of getting my own place. I was literally in the cultural shock when I saw the FATHER doing all the cooking and house chores since I was so used to seeing women do all the cooking and house chores in Korea. Living with the Chinese family for two years kinda refreshed my impressions on Chinese men, ha ha… That time I was seriously thinking about finding a Chinese husband… ha ha..
    I have no doubt that Han Geng will be a GREAT husband and FATHER!

  5. please34 says:

    ah~ Healthy Wing of love and HG logo
    hahaha…ah i want to try your food once.

  6. ohh I want to watch the show… and it would be even better if I could taste the food XDXD … he will be a great husband/father one day 😀 …
    *goes off to watch the chopstick dance* Thank u for sharing!!!

  7. truly3qts says:

    The Wings of Love is just adorable…..but I absolutely cannot make out his logo from that watermelon-banana dish 🙂

  8. bristlegrass says:

    The dishes were cooked for gengfans, there were two gengfans be able to attend the show and taste his food~~they said, honestly, taste really good! Hehe~~please trust them, they won’t cover for him ^^ most of Chinese fans couldn’t figure out that’s his logo either = =

  9. S2X says:

    haha Geng and his unique imagination! but seriously, the first 2 dishes didn’t require much cooking, it was all about his crazy imagination lol! the Wings of Love dish was cute but his Logo? that is definitely not an H and a G lol!!! and what, no Beijing Fried Rice???

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