The Third Date with Lu Yu

Three years, three times, to be in the “Have a Date with Lu Yu” show…is it too short, is it too long? Too many stories to tell, too many stories not to tell, too much emotion to feel…no matter what, he must be a record of this show.

I have to say many thanks to this show, they let me get to know Han Geng, make me start liking him as a real person…I still remember the first time I saw him in it, my feeling is, what an adorable, pure, understanding, and funny boy~then the second time…I couldn’t tell anything from that show, no particular feeling about it either, I knew nothing about the behind stories at that time…the only impression I had is,,,after the show, when they walked out the telestudio, walked down to the ground floor, Han Geng made a deep bow to the fans waiting out there for quite a while…and I saw some fans were crying so hard…but I didn’t understand why…I thought they were crazy = = never imagined I would be as crazy as them one day…

This time…I am not sure how I will feel when and after watching it…but I think I would be happy but get very emotive at the same time…so looking forward to it!!!

My boy is a real man now~~



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btw, Geng, why did you only wear that all white outfit for rehearsal…your wolfy gengfans didn’t get enough of your chest there…=P


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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9 Responses to The Third Date with Lu Yu

  1. polly says:

    Oh, I really love the program and admie Lu Yu. I remembered one word of Lu Yu said when Han Geng was interviewed for the first time in 2007 , which she said was a gift from Jackie Chan, ” Presently maybe there are not many people who saw you, but only if you work hard enough and care enough, one day you will attract the attention of all”. Han Geng listenned seriously and said,”This is a gift from Sister Lu Yu.” At the end of the program all the audiences off stage(I did no know they are fans then) cheered him up and chanted”Jia You!”. I was moved by them.

    Now I think he has made it! He proved it with actions!

    This is the most beautiful and real story about dream, chase a dream and acheive a dream. One geng fan said, ” The reality is more imaginative than the envision.” This is exactly the truth on him!

  2. S2X says:

    wow, his 3rd time in this show…how times flies! i think out of all the shows Geng’s been to, this is the most meaningful one because i believe it was where a lot of people who didn’t know him before started paying attention to him. it was also one of the first interviews that i’ve ever watched with him and the one that made me become a huge fan of his. it was where i heard his inspiring and touching story for the first time, where i got to know this boy who had a dream and was not afraid to reach out to the skies to pursue it, and now is back to where it all started, with this dream successfully held tightly in his hands. it was where i realized that he was more than just a simple idol with a pretty face, he’s a beautiful and admiring example of determination, of perseverance, of life. that is why people follow him with such devotion and respect, he has this natural ability to move people’s hearts.

    and yes, polly pointed out something really interesting. what Luyu said to him at the end of the show seemed to be a prediction because now he is shining brighter than any star in the sky, thanks to his hardwork and never give up attitude!
    i can’t wait to watch this!

  3. Mandy says:

    Same here…A Date with Lu Yu 2007 was one of the earliest shows which got my attention on Han Geng and made me want to find out more about this young and first Chinese debuting in Korea. I really look forward to watch Han Geng’s 3rd Date with Lu Yu and YES! Han Geng got all the air time.

  4. Sharon says:

    I am so looking forward to this time’s program and I can watch it on TV this time!
    Lu Yu is such a good interviewer and she makes Hangeng feel so relaxed and free to talk about everything.
    The first time he went on this show, I thought it was the best interview program of his, but this time will be even better! I read some accounts, he talked about a lot of things that he had never mentioned before, the lawsuit, what he did at that time, friends(real friends), relationships, his fans and his feelings.
    Must, must, must watch it! Must be amazing! Can’t wait!

  5. Smile says:

    I like this show very much. I’ve seen his 1st date , Lu Yu made a comment that he love this boy coz his purity, his hardship and his humour, she said that she really want to meet him again so the 2nd date arrange but with the members. This show is different from other show that hangeng attend, this show more focus on an issue that sometime bring tears and controversy. Lu yu know how to come up with an issue and twist it around and force the guest to talk it whether they want or not. But it’s good coz we can see what the real person the guest is ^^

  6. wendy says:

    Only Hangeng can be invited back for a third time, at such a young age too, because he is full of interesting stories and experiences. I also love this show because it got me to know Hangen in-depth. Yu Lu really knows how to ask a question and then sit back and let the guest talk. She doesn’t interrupt or tries to steal the spot light. It’s very satisfying watching her interview. I just can’t wait to watch this. I hope they don’t cut anything out and make it into two episodes!!!

  7. garnetblue says:

    Yes, I was surprised that Han Geng is invited again.Like what Bristlegrass said,he should have worn that white outfit for the actual dance and not just for rehearsal..
    Well,she is the Lu Yu aka Oprah Winfrey of Asia or China..hehe..I watched an episode where they have Lu Yu via live satellite during one of Oprah’s programs..I think the title was Interviewing With The Stars..!!

  8. I’m so excited to watch this!! It is already his third time, I realised it too… 😀 He has come already so far within such a short time 😀 … He’s just one of a kind … ^__^

    Love. Love. Love… *Reaching for the stars*

  9. Mandy says:

    The 3rd Date with Lu Yu Part 1 (no Eng sub)

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