Potpourri..Yo It’s Meh Han!

credit: on the gif

Since Han Geng is going on shows that are too many to keep track on, and waiting for them to be aired, let’s try to “test” ourselves what we know about him and how well do we know him ? Does he always say what he mean and keep his promises to the best of his ability ? We know that he can cook aside from the usual “Beijing fried rice”..and his mispronounciation of “hajima”..!

We saw his Wings of Love and his “Logo” which many of us were confounded and perplexed as how he came to create such an abstract “dish”. That was pre-recorded the day before his interview on Lu Yu..so it was part of the program on Date With Lu Yu… A little “secret” here…..his mother was the one who prepared the ingredients like chopping up the vegetables and etc..Han Geng just cooked them..hehehe!!..So if one day (hypothetically) Han Geng invites you to his home and try his cooking, just remember that he will just cook them while his mother will be the one who does all the preparations ….hehehe!!!

A Date With Lu Yu with autographed Geng Xin album

He loves to keep pets and when he can’t take care of them, he passed them to his parents to look after like the doggie Duo Duo which his mom decided to practice her haircut ideas on (its fur..!!) His big wolf-like dog is named Rider and his two chinchillas are Rong Rong and Long Long…I think there is one more dog called Mao Mao..which I saw in the Happy Camp episode..

So you can see from the pets’ names except Rider, he is fond of using double words for his pets..! Can you imagine if he calls his future children in this way..? What do you draw from that.? I think pretty soon all those alphabets would be used up..hehehe !!

I recently found out something about his signature..

What do you see? Can you tell? I will give my answer in the comments after I have read all of yours..hehehe!!Do you know why the star is there and those long strokes which connects to the star ?

In recent interviews whether they are magazines or radio shows or TV talk shows, he has been very consistent in his answers to similar questions..There is one answer  that intrigued me…. The question asked was whether he was afraid that he will lose his Korean fans due to the filing of the case and his reply really caught my attention..he said it was precisely why he “resigned” because he didn’t want to lose his Korean fans who have been with him since debut…who walked with him through those difficult days..We will know the details later once we have watched the whole interview..!!

He also talked about his other dreams like wanting to be a designer and a teacher..if his “star’ is no longer shining bright..he wants to teach little children dance..

He also mentioned that the dance which he learned from Travis Payne was supposed to be for 2 days /4hrs per day..was done in one fell swoop of 4 hours of which Travis found it very impressive and admirable…!!

So these are just a potpourri of what I know…maybe some of you would like to add more…..


Pictures are from Sina…thank you..

Interview and Men’s Uno Magazine Photoshoot

credit : lovechar2000@yt

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12 Responses to Potpourri..Yo It’s Meh Han!

  1. ying says:

    Regarding Hannie doesn’t want to lose his Korean fans , I remember Si Woo had wrote about this, too. She actually told Hannie that there are Korean fans support him. And Hannie replied ‘ please tell them (Korean fans), I’ve never forgotten them.’ When I saw that, I felt so warm and moved. Yes, Korean fans are very special for him. He will never forget or give them up. I know it’s very hard for Korean fans to support him in public. I believe that Hannie will make a lot of effort to complete his dream. Make his fans proud.

    I forgot where I watch t hannie’s practice clip in US- Hannie andMJ’s dance group dance together. Wow! their dance was great. It was different. Hannie is born to be a dancer. Really! Anyway. To me Hannie sometimes like a kid; sometimes like a real man. Love him.

  2. comic says:

    Hangeng like to use double things. His album jacket has a lot of photos with double Hangeng, especially the one with two Hangeng back-to-back to create a heart in the center. His “Fire” MV also has a scene with double Hangeng. The star can symbolize Hangeng as Super Star.
    Hangeng debut in Korea. So Korean fans are the first ones who support him through difficult time. He obviously treasure them a lot and never forget their support. He always feels grateful to them.

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Han Geng bar’s video group is recruiting fans who would like to help on traslation from Chinese to English, here is the link, in case some of you who are fluent in Chinese and English haven’t seen this post and would like to help out there ^3^


    • garnetblue says:

      hehehe..Han Geng is burning up the “tracks” with his marathon sprint,that it’s hard to keep up..eh?

    • Mandy says:

      Hi bristlegrass, I would like to help on translation if Han Geng Bar’s video group isn’t looking for perfect Chinese to English. I have no Baidu ID and am not familiar with mainland’s websites. Could I still help?

      • bristlegrass says:

        Ummm….can you read Chinese accurately? I am really not sure about their requirements though…
        but I think it would be better to have Baidu ID, so that it is easier for them to contact you regarding all the translation matters ^^

      • Mandy says:

        Thanks, I registered for a Baidu ID and left a private message with the requestor. Hopefully I can help out a bit~

  4. garnetblue says:

    Okay here is the explanation of the star in Han Geng’s signature…as we all know that HG is a patriotic guy, so that star is to remind himself of who he is…the star that is found in the flag of China…not the star as in a celebrity star or idol star…heehee !!
    How many of you guessed right..?
    As for those long strokes, they are his hg written as usual with his abstract style…so it goes in this order hg,star then his name in pinyin/English then in Chinese…!!
    So precious this child…!!

    • S2X says:

      oh wow, that is very interesting…i never knew there was an actual meaning to that star in his signature, i always thought it was just for decoration lol! the long strokes i kind of guessed it were his initials cuz i could sort of make out the H there, although the G wasn’t that obvious. i can see he also wrote “Let’s work hard together! Jia You (fighting)!” at the bottom hehe…

      i don’t really get what he meant by filing the lawsuit because he didn’t want to lose his Korean fans…that didn’t really make sense to me…isn’t it harder for them to support him now since his career is in China?

      btw, thanks for the Men’s Uno photoshoot video, he looks so damn hot and handsome there!

      • garnetblue says:

        Yeah I agree with you, he looks hot and dashing..in the video clip..I only add it in as an after-thought when I remembered that the title was potpourri so I just throw everything that I can find in this article..
        Remember, HG does go on the internet to check out stuff about him..If you are following his recent interviews,you will find that he knows what the fans are talking about (him)..he knows what is happening exactly in the fandom and he knows what they want from him..
        hehehe..we don’t really know how his mind works like for example,he had a concert first before releasing his album..which singer does that..?
        Do you know any..? hehehe…see his thinking is not the norm which everyone does..other singers launched their albums first then their concert..!!

  5. Smile says:

    Hangeng want a different. If you doing something other already done it is useless. Hangeng trying so hard to push the wave, he need something bigger than juz a ship 🙂 he like to surprise us, now he incharge of himself, he have knowledge and know what the entertainment world working…
    Hangeng….don’t let the Haters have a chance to make you down let them run to catch you.

  6. wendy says:

    Hangeng looks super HOT in that video. ❤ <3<3 I just had to get my 2 cents in. 🙂

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