Han Geng Values On Respect


I hope that everyone would respect each other in work.
My concert, my album, my hard work is all for those who have been supporting me.
Even if there is only just one person left in the audience … I will still give my all on the stage.
I am very sincere towards everyone, I respect every show I attended.
So, I hope that I will receive the same degree of respect.

Han Geng’s weibo entry on  6th July

“To respect a person is not possible without knowing him; care and responsibility would be blind if they were not guided by knowledge.”

Erich Fromm

What Respect Is

Respect means a lot of different things. On a practical level it seems to include taking someone’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences into consideration. We might also say it means taking all of these seriously and giving them worth and value. In fact, giving someone respect seems similar to valuing them and their thoughts, feelings, etc. It also seems to include acknowledging them, listening to them, being truthful with them, and accepting their individuality and idiosyncrasies.

Respect can be shown through behavior and it can also be felt. We can act in ways which are considered respectful, yet we can also feel respect for someone and feel respected by someone. Because it is possible to act in ways that do not reflect how we really feel, the feeling of respect is more important than the behavior without the feeling. When the feeling is there, the behavior will naturally follow.

Why It is Important

Going back in time, respect played an important role in survival. If we think of a small tribe wandering in the desert we can imagine that a person not respected by anyone could be left behind and die. Such a person was considered to have no worth, no importance, no value to the group. This, I believe is the foundation of our psychological need to feel respected.

Showing and Earning Respect

Respecting someone means respecting their feelings and their survival needs. Here are ways to show respect for someone’s feelings:

  • asking them how they feel
  • validating their feelings
  • empathizing with them
  • seeking understanding of their feelings
  • taking their feelings into consideration

After the long introduction on what respect is, let’s explore Han Geng’s values on it..!! From his weibo entry above,we can see how he perceived respect and how he is expected to be given the same degree of respect due to him.

Han Geng and Respect

In recent days, before and after his concerts, he has been seen frequently on T.V. and radio, music chart  shows, photo-shoots for magazines  and interviews…

In all these events, the questions asked were very similar as almost everyone wants to know his present situation or his well-being and welfare either out of true concern or just plain curiosity..some are his true fans and others are just newly acquired fans..and yet there are others who are just passing through without really knowing who he is…! Fact is everyone is either curious or looking for a new interesting gossip topic…whatever..!!

But the thing that stands out in all these interviews is that very subject on respect..One of the reasons why he left his previous company was that he wasn’t respected for his work and ideas..He doesn’t mind if his ideas or suggestions were refuted… BUT TO BE IGNORED OR DISREGARDED is what made him feel unrespected …..

He wants respect in work…..we have seen his diligence in his work as an artiste and being professional in his job by being punctual and serious in all events and functions he attended..

He wants respect in sincerity.….that is being honest in his feelings and emotions…in other words..no false modesty..!!

He wants respect in ideas…when he contributes ideas he can expect some rejections but not total disregard…

He wants respect in relationships...be it among his peers or with his fans…

As  how he shown respect towards his fans by not taking them for granted..he acknowledged their hard work by mentioning them on shows and in interviews..by giving them credit where credit is due..

He also expects his fans and supporters to respect him too, not only as an artiste but also as an individual and a character of basic human courtesy…

He has emphasized many times to evaluate  him on his work and not on  his private/personal life..that is if you have followed him for some time now, and know what kind of person he is..

So how do Gengfans/Gengrice value Han Geng ? What is the worth of Han Geng in their eyes ?

They keep their distance by giving him his personal space..close but not too close..They do not pry into his private life..they waited for him to share and talk it out.They heeded his advice and call-outs to help in charity and volunteering work..In short, to them, Han Geng is family and they are his sustenance..

So when we like or love somebody, we would give respect to that person unconditionally and would try to keep his/her reputation free from malice and spite..it is one of the ways we can show our respect to Han Geng as a person which is a very basic commodity  in the human nature..So when we say we are Gengfans or his supporters we should be able to give that degree of respect due to him, right? How we behave and act towards him indicate the level of respect we have for him..and the value we have in the relationship..!!

Does Han Geng deserve our respect..? Do we adhere to his wishes to be seen as a serious artiste and not try to perceive or fantasize what is not ? When we mock him and his efforts, then we don’t deserve to call ourselves his fans…!Mocking and ridiculing is the opposite of respect..it’s called disrespect.

Try to listen to his heart at those interviews and one will realized who Han Geng is!! How sincere and honest and truthful he is in answering questions..he said he was lost and confused right after he filed the lawsuit. He had no idea on how to proceed or what his future will be..He had no plans at that time.That’s the real person of Han Geng !!He was liked a little lost boy. He was in a state of uncertainties with no clear directions..He does not live for fame and fortune nor aspire for them because those things will destroy him and his life..!! He is a guy who has two feet firmly anchored to the ground..!!

Let us respect one another and uphold Geng’s efforts  to start all over again as the Han Geng..!!

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4 Responses to Han Geng Values On Respect

  1. Smile says:

    Thanx garnet for sharing the meaning of respect. It is hard for someone who does not know Hangeng very well. The way he choose this path has lead misunderstanding between his former fan I called. Everytime hangeng try to open his mouth some people will misinterpreted his word. Hangeng want a respect, because of lack respect he filed a lawsuit but still people don’t understand. As hangeng said Music & my life I don’t care what people said.

  2. wendy says:

    I’m glad you took special time to point this out because a lot of people still doesn’t understand that this is the real reason why Hangeng filed the lawsuit. Respect is such a basic fundamental concept taught by our parents and our teachers. But too few people practices it nowadays. I’m glad that Hangeng is here to serve as an example, to show the newer generation of kids what respect is.

    He filed the lawsuit also for his fans. Hangeng always feels that he and his fans are one big family. When he is disrespected, they are disrespected. That’s how I feel and I think that’s why he said he filed the lawsuit also for his Korean fans. His fans, including Korean fans, loves him for who he truely is, his ideas, and talents. This was what SME was keeping Hangeng from showing. If he remains a puppet under SME, then he must feel that he cannot face his fans who are supporting him wholeheartedly.

  3. Onepinetree says:

    What a post! What a comment! Yes we respect Han geng for who he is and what he does to prove himself. Han geng is not a toy or puppet the public tosses around. He is a man of dignity!
    He is not a shallow idol who lives on fans’ fantasy! he is Real!

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Wow~I like this post and all the comments above!
    Yes, being able to present all his talents and his products and performances which he devoted his whole heart and effort on is the exact RESPECT from him for his fans around the world who have being supported him all along.
    I highly appreciate his respect, so I definitely give my respect to him, including his work, his will, his ideal, his dream, etc.. I’m so glad that now he is able to talk about all of these freely, so that as his fan, I can have clear idea about his mind and respect him in the way as he wishes.

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