Beijing Music Radio Part 1

Han Geng has been in a furry of activities these past days that it’s so hard to keep pace with him..There were many interviews conducted with him amd he has been going on T.V. and Radio stations…

A lot of those shows asked the usual and frequently asked questions, but this one interview at Beijing Music Radio was slightly more “enterprising” than most..One can see that Han Geng is very comfortable and relax throughout the show..Their conversations are so natural and normal..

He was invited to the show to talk about his songs as one of his songs “Say No” got into the top 10 let’s watch the first video clip and I tried to translate it to the best of my abilities..and I apologise in advance if there are  some errors in the translations..sometimes, the accent and terminologies used are slightly different from other Chinese outside China,,hehehe…but I have kept as accurate as possible and where there are parts of the convo which I don’t really get, I will skipped it rather than try to second guess and make some gross mistakes..hehehe !

I really wanted to wait for the subbed videos but seem that there are not enough subbers on I decided to try translating this myself than to wait..because I feel that this interview is really “good” in terms of quality and contents..The sentences in bold are Han Geng’s and the ones in italics are the host’s…

Let’s watch…

credit as tagged in the video.

Clip 1..summary

Let’s welcome our guest who is currently ranked at # 10 on the music chart list, Han Geng, you are here today not to Say No but to Say Yes..!-— host

Right !I am here to Say Hello..–HG

Okay please greet our listeners out there--host

Hello everybody,I am Han Geng and am glad to be here at Beijing Music Radio,my first time here--HG

It’s a lot of firsts for you, right? Releasing of your first album, your first solo song on Beijing Music Radio and your first time /visit  on the program? So how was your preparation for today in coming to the program and your schedule!

I was feeling a bit lazy this morning and got up late..later in the afternoon I have a photo-shoot for a magazine and will end the day with my dinner..that’s about it!

How is your head set, is there a problem?

It’s working now, earlier there was no sound (adjusting his headset)

In this one hour we hope to introduce HG to our listeners all over the country and since it’s the 1st time for him to come on the program, many listeners will probably have the impression that he was formerly from a Korean boy band and was the only Chinese member in the group which garnered a lot of attention on him because of the large number of fans he has.

He is a North Easterner and came from the ethnic minority group HeZhe , one of the smallest group among the ethnic groups. The well-known Boat Song of the Wusuli River……..

Yes! The Boat Song of the Wusuli River is the HeZhe folk song, and at present our population is about 4200 people..

Were you born within the HeZhe community ? Are there any ethnic family members left in the country-side?

No, I was born in the city(?) In the past,I have taken on the Chinese localization.(This is the direct translation of his words which I am trying to keep it as accurate as possible.And if I were to make it sensible, it would be that he has since then taken up the Han Chinese Culture or integrated into the local Chinese culture) My family members are few and they have migrated to the cities making their livelihood there. Besides they are all localized..!!

So you can be considered a Beijinger (citizen of Beijing)? You left your hometown at the age of 12 ? Why did you leave at such a young age ?

Yes, I came to Beijing at age 12 because I was selected and accepted into  the National University of Ethnic Minorities in ethnic dance. Actually,when I was in elementary school, a teacher spotted me and pushed me to join the dance presentation and she taught us those childrens’ dances like umbrella dance and etc.. She noticed that I have the necessary physique qualifications for a dancer and she started to train me from then on until 1996 she encouraged and recommended me to apply for a place in the university for that year.! She talked to my parents and of course my parents refused initially because they were not in favour of boys being dancers. Their perceptions were that dancing is too girlish for boys..dances are meant to be for girls not boys..!! Then in the end they asked about  my opinion and if I liked it then they would not obstruct me  but they advised me that no matter what happens in future you will have to decide on your own. At that time, being young and naive I was very happy that I was able to do the things that I like.So unexpectantly, I passed the exam and got accepted.

Of course, in your young  mind, you would probably thought that it was fun but when it came to the actual  rigid training and couldn’t imagine the hardships it pertained..!!

Yes..! it’s beyond one’s imagination the tough and rigid routine..every morning by 5 am we have to be up and start with the exercise of running- on- the- spot then followed by leg work .Then from 10 to 12 noon practised ethnic dances. Then lunch and break-time ….next followed by cultural studies …the rest of the evening was just somersault practice…

How many days of rest do you have in a week?

One and a half day..and I just spent it in sleeping, to catch up on my lack of it.

In 2oo1, you passed the audition and left for Korea..During the long training period,do you know which group that you will be match up with?

We were trained together and then put in groups that they feel we are suitable with (meaning that we can get well along with and put us to live together to form teamwork and ties ) when you are ready and fit to debut….the company will create a group to debut..

Comparing between these two training periods, which one do you find less hardship..

In the past, when I was young, I was able to withstand hardships and eager to learn.Later, after going to Korea, I still can withstand hardships but in a different way..I had to learn something totally different from my previous training and was hoping to learn and master them fast..! But it was still fun !!All the time, in my mind was, I have to learn all these quickly and complete the training..

In one of the video clips, I saw the living conditions of your life in Korea, and compared to the ones in your university days which is more …….. ?

The living quarters in Korea are better compared to my previous one. In the previous one I had to share a room with 7 others (8 in a room) In Korea they said I can even have a room to myself but I found out it wasn’t the case, I had to room in with 2 others but still an improvement ..

In your current  situation, do you think that you are still able to bear the hardships

Yes I can still bear hardships and I want to elevate the life of my parents by letting them live more comfortable and  happily. I have always told my  parents that after I graduated, I would start to earn my own living and won’t depend on them financially and  instead, I will be the one to support them (financially). After my graduation in 2002, I started to do part-time and odd jobs to earn money in the later half of the year. In March of 2003, I went to Korea.

So you mean to say that even after you passed the audition in 2001, it was still quite some time before you went to Korea ? So when you accepted the contract with the Korean company,were you given an allowance or living expenses ?

Yes I was given KRW60o,ooo (please correct me if i am wrong in the conversion) and it will be quickly finished in Korea because of the high cost of living there..

I also read in the news that your Gengfans  found out about  you  bargaining even when you went  shopping…

to be continued

Note :

Wusuli River:

The Wusuli River is the country’s only remaining non-polluted river. A Chinese folk song titled “Boat Song of Wusuli River,” which describes the river’s be and the fishing traditions of the Hezhe minority, told the rest of China about life in the Sino-Russian border.

The area used to see few tourists because the roads were not very accessible. But with the return of Heixiazi Island from Russia last year, an increasing number of people have wanted to see the place, and Wusuli River is becoming a popular destination.

The river, located on the eastern side of Heilongjiang Province, flows upstream through China and Russia.

Wusuli resembles a clear, transparent and deep-blue sea. Locals say it is among the world’s few remaining unpolluted rivers. The best season to see it is in autumn, when the river attracts hundreds of birds and the water turns the color of gold, a reflection of the autumn leaves surrounding it.

Among the birds that flock to the river are high-legged herons and egrets on a search for food. When they flit above the water, they sometimes form a dense mass covering its surface.

wusuli river

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11 Responses to Beijing Music Radio Part 1

  1. bristlegrass says:

    wow~~~~garnetblue~~~~THANK YOU!

    I should’ve translated it, but too much work recently~~ T.T

  2. Mandy says:

    I read the text version of this interview earlier, but now watching the video version gives me a closer and deeper feeling. The hostess did a good job! Let’s wait for Han Geng’s moive! Thanks.

  3. garnetblue says:

    His Logo MV is going to be released tomorrow..the one that was shot in U.S. Saw a preview and that was simply “hot” “hot” “hot”…hehehe

  4. Smile says:

    “No matter what happen in the future you decide your own” thanx to his parent for trust in him, becoz of them we can be with hangeng today. Thanx garnet for translating this 🙂

  5. S2X says:

    wow his parents are actually quite cool and open-minded. Chinese parents are usually so controlling and strict. my parents would be like “dance? no way! you have to be a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant!” lol!

    • Smile says:

      At the beginning hangeng parent refuse but they trust in him, that’s why hangeng always remember his parent when he in korea, his parent has teach him value and respect. Becoz of that he come back to china. 🙂

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