Beijing Music Radio Part 2

Clip 2…summary

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As usual, I will try to translate this part of the interview on Beijing Music Radio..There are parts of the conversations that I did not translate as they are more like “chit chat” between them..

One can find another  side of Han Geng which was not generally known…how many of us knew that he likes to haggle when he goes shopping..I thought only girls like us do and guys usually just pay up without bargaining over the price..?Well just watch the clip and watch Han Geng’s body tells a lot about him..he is so animated when it comes to talk on subjects close to his heart..

As usual, there might be some tiny errors and I skipped a few of their convo

Those that are in italics are from the host and the ones in bold are from Han Geng

I am still a kid,you see, and when I am back in China, I still like to go shopping and haggling over prices just to get the thrill of it. Though the item wasn’t pricey, I still wanted to haggle because it’s fun and get to save a dollar or two from it..!!

Since you are in this line of work, you should be more familiar in this kind of things like ….

Yes, when we were kids, we don’t have much spending money and we can get a pair of denim jeans for like RMB30-5  or an outer jacket for RMB30 good for the winter..

In your kind of work  you wouldn’t be easily deceive by fake brands like in clothes and fashion because you have an experienced eye on  quality and genuine brands…

No, no… I don’t look out for brands, to me, as long as I look good in it and comfortable wearing it,I will buy…

But then you will still haggle over the price..!

Yes, I will…hahaha

Now, do you still go to those places ( bazaars ) to shop ? No free time?

No, not anymore, and one of the reasons is that I don’t have free time. If I do then I would like to drag my friend with me…( Here they joked about bringing along a black suitcase when he shops and HG joked that he will deal in wholesale)

What kind of reason exactly that makes you decide that you must develop on your own ..

Mmmm….There are many reasons, not just one or two…like in areas of culture, teamwork, collaborations and etc….Actually, I am the kind of person who kept everything inside me..and I kept on absorbing  them  and won’t release them out….besides there are other factors  like in terms of respect and my ideas….it came to a point that everything just exploded..and it was like that I had reached that point..!!

Listening to the lyrics of this song..Say No…about wasting time and all the hardships you’ve experienced , is that what it was all about, you don’t really have any free time for yourself ?

No….. The period that I do some have free time was  some time in  the year 2006, right after I debuted…based on Korean laws and regulations, there were  restrictions on foreign artistes like me,  I needed to have a certain category of visa for me to perform in all the TV stations and because I don’t, I was only allowed to go on 2 to 3 networks…Since I was unable to perform in other stations, I did have free time to myself (when others went on shows ) and I was left in the dormitory, at that time I was resentful.!!

Of course.. you can’t help not being resentful

Then there was also a time when I was frustrated  and unhappy about in my work..I don’t feel good inside and the slightest thing will irritate me..

Was it because of the instabilities of the future ?

No, it was because of not being respected in my  work..and other various  reasons…disrespecting  my ideas (suggestions).

Is it only who you had this problem or other members too ?

Some certain members  were respected and their ideas were considered but not all members..When it comes to me, my ideas and proposals were ignored..

So at the moment, disagreement within the group cannot not be considered as part of the scenario in the case..

I believe that the company and their artistes should work together. Work hard together and move forward together and only this will result in a successful progress..everyone will be happy working things out…If the company works independently (on its own) from its artistes then the artistes themselves won’t be happy ….(What he meant here is that the company should work together with the group, like consulting one another)

Isn’t there anyone in the group who can bring out this problem and discuss together ? As we all know this  ; that …. it’s easier to break one  chopstick  than  a fistful of them put together….they should know that ..right?

There are still some cultural differences;  among some members…they don’t understand…….

It’ not so easy to resolve….

And  now that you have your own identity in this field, how are your feelings  ..? Do you feel that you are liberated and that you are free to do anything you want? Do you experience the same pressure as before with a group..?

It’s is not so…before I didn’t think much about it and am  still uncertain about future plans..But right now, I am contented with what I am doing..having a perfect album..well not exactly perfect but satisfactory and everyone is happy. So I won’t think  too much about  it..

Even now, your pressure should be no less than before when you performed with other members..Shouldn’t the pressure be more intense when everything is centered on you…?

At times, the pressures I experienced are self-inflicted..and part of it is influence from the exterior..and I feel I can still overcome it if I just set aside those pressures..and let go my heart

Do you think you can let go of yourself even when you are the kind of person who bottled up everything inside you..?

Yes, I can let go…hehehe !!

Okay now we are listening to one of Han Geng’s songs from his album Geng Xin..Can you please introduce the song to us..

This song “Moths To The Flame” is composed by Teacher Di Zi and the dance  was choreography was put together by me and a Korean dance teacher..

(After the song ends) Is this  picture the concept of the moth…?Are these jagged things the wings…?

Yes, yes…correct..something like that….!! The album consists of different genre of songs like ballads, R & B, Jazz…….and my image is different..I have never had that kind of hair style before..the one that stood up straight …

Did you choose your own hairstyle like after browsing through magazines and you found one that you like and decided to have that style..?

Actually, everything that is involved in the production of this album, from image to costumes, and album design, all have some of my input… I and the production team held meetings and discussions together and planned all these together

So all your ideas which you have stored up through the years are now finally put to use…..feel very precious, right?

Hehehe yes…very precious !!

Is this the image you wanted all along…or you just tell them “come out with something different I can carry it off..!!”

Yeah..I did that..I told the stylist just come up with something different which I have never tried he just looked through all my past pictures and then came up with this style

This outfit that you are wearing now,is it part of your album’s image…or is that your usual normal outfit for going on shows..? Do you wear a lot of accessories like rings,bracelets etc…Do you have a special one that you will wear very often like when you have it on, you kind of feel more secured and confident..?

Yes..yes..this outfit is only for going on shows, it’s not part of the album’s costumes…Yes..I like accessories, chains,bracelets,rings…etc..No I don’t have any favourite one..

end of part 2

Part 3 is a very short clip, so here I will just summarized the whole clip..It is the continuation from the clip above..

The first part was about Han Geng’s love of accessories and then they followed with a segment open for the listeners’ views on the songs.

The host said that since the album consisted of Han Geng’s favourites then they will try to conduct a survey to see the public’s reactions on that and two autographed Geng Xin albums will be given away..

end of part 3

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One Response to Beijing Music Radio Part 2

  1. Smile says:

    “When it comes to me, my ideas and proposal were ignored” it hurt to read this. It sound like discrimination, but still he can survive that long in that company that had abuse his phisycal and mentally. Yet still hangeng thanks that company, this show hangeng is not selfish. Bargaining a thing sound like girl thing but who care price is too high nowadays even guys not shame to bargain 🙂

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