Han Geng – UFO Radio Station Interview & 101 Radio Station Song

Shanghai 101 Radio Station Song — Han Geng

Version I (Piano)

Version II (Rock)

Taiwan UFO Radio Station Moonlight Family Interview

DJ: Guang Yu

PART I http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/8oMli3RjoRo/

PART II http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/d0d7240Clw4/

I translated some parts in PART I, Han Geng is talking about Gengfans, DJ’s talks are roughly translated ^^ 

I never posted any picture of his bow, because it always reminds me sad things happened before, but he actually did sooooo many times to his fans, now I know, there is only gratitude, moving, and happiness in his heart when he is bowing, I would like to post one to match his feeling to his devoted Gengfans ^^


From 14:45 to 23:00

DJ talked about gengfans sending GengXin album and wrote letters to the DJ. All the letters show how seriously they are about loving and supporting Han Geng. DJ said, perhaps they are more nervous than you, it’s like they release the album.

Han Geng: Truly, the love, moving, and effort they devoted to me are too much. The more they devoted, the more I want to work hard…I want to have better products, I want to be worthily of them. Everyone is waiting for me, I shouldn’t rest…

DJ: when you were in SJ or SJM before, you cannot show much yourself a lot, but you may not expect there are still so many fans supporting you when you are releasing solo album. Why? Is it because you are so handsome, (HG laughed, and said, no, there are many more handsome than me), or you dance too well, or your personality?

Han Geng: I feel that’s because I truly treat them as my friends, with my true heart, to face everyone, including those who are working with me, I treat them with my true heart. I think this is something mutual, I have my true heart, they will have true heart too.

DJ: when you are facing them, have you ever felt that you actually haven’t done so much, just do my job, but they can repay you so selflessly. Such true love is quite moving.

Han Geng: Yes! I’m thinking in this way, there shouldn’t be no reason for each of them who support me, they don’t have to devote selflessly, but they actually have done it, so I must pay my effort to make them feel that I don’t make myself so relax, I won’t let them down, so I truly want to work hard, because they motivated me so much.

DJ: Do you respond to them at blog or forum?

Han Geng: I did,,,now, I do that at miniblog.

DJ: what would they like you to do? To improve yourself at some aspects?

Han Geng: They would leave messages at different websites and forums, whenever I have time, I would go there to read. I would truly……um…how to say, their feeling and their thought, I can totally understand.

DJ: Would they leave all the messages like, you’re so handsome, you’re so good, you’re so right, because they love you so much?  Then you can only see their compliment about you. Or they may talk about their expectations on you.

Han Geng: Yes, they do. I feel…between us, truly like friends, don’t feel so much distance, they would let me know which part I can do better, when they pick me up or send me off, they would stand on two sides and give me a way willingly, they won’t block my way. Sometimes, people say, fans are crazy, but I don’t think my fans are crazy, they are rational.

DJ: Ha! They are crazy. When they know you are coming, they initiate a post at our forum to show their support for you. Right after that one was posted tonight, Wah~~~several dozens of people showed up suddenly.

Han Geng: I should put this way, crazily rational.

DJ: crazily rational, craziness in rationality, right~~~

Lady DJ:  Yes, they are very well-disciplined, one fan initiated it this afternoon to support you, then many of them are following, so many messages… I actually saw it by accident, because rarely saw fans do this before, so I only check it every two or three days, I got a shock when I saw it, then I organized these messages and printed them out…they are still leaving messages till now. Mostly asking you to take care of yourself, they feel worried when seeing you are sick.

Han Geng:  Hehe…actually, you guys can really be at ease, really I’m not that sick…anyone can get a little sickness, this is normal.

DJ: yes, the busier you are, sometimes a little cold may last even longer. You may feel actually recover from cold, but keep coughing, because you are always in a fatigue situation, cannot get enough rest.    

Han Geng: Hehe, there is something like this, but I really like my work now. Every time, I said “I love you guys” to my fans, I’m not saying it in a slipshod way,,,in fact, there are so many stories behind, not only the “wings of love” in this album, there are many many other stories also. They have been moving me in many different ways.

DJ: Have you ever cried in front of your fans?

Han Geng: Ha~~too many times. Like when singing “wings of love”,  when I saw the facial expression of each fan, their emotions can truly affect my emotion, so sometimes, singing in the middle, I really couldn’t continue. I also said before that, I truly appreciate your gifts, but if you guys can save this money, say donating a little money from each of you, so many people together, then we can have a big amount of money to help others. Ever since I said that, many fans started doing charity, go to geracomium, orphanage, such as and such as…   


Han Geng, I know you take our love as motivation and encouragement, but when you feel tired, please do rest. Otherwise, we would be concerned if our love gives you too much pressure. You have already given us soooo much, not only your performances, your good works, but also you teach us a lot with your actions. From you, we learn how to respect, how to love, how to pursue dream without losing ourselves, how to be tolerant, sincere and kind to others, how to…….just too many to list here~~~You deserve our love. Please take care of yourself.  

PS: In the second part, Gengfans are calling in, they are doing GREAT! I feel that as long as we have true heart for him, the feelings are always the same~no matter where we come from. Truly appreciate the feeling between Geng and Gengfans, the love between friends sometimes family members…feeling soooo good~~~

In the second part, DJ talked about the love between idol and fans, he said, sometimes, you just meet him at the right time, the right place, then you decide to follow him, love him, “perhaps such thing happens with no profound reasons, I just love Han Geng.” then Han Geng added, “yes, I just love them”

T.T My Gengggggggg~~~~~


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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6 Responses to Han Geng – UFO Radio Station Interview & 101 Radio Station Song

  1. Smile says:

    Thanx for translating, I’m very touch and i’m proud to be one of his fan, never regret becoz he is a true and sincere idol. Hangeng should rest more we don’t wanna see him sick. I feel like crying reading it…

  2. wendy says:

    Thank you so much for this! I was going to stay up to listen but got so tired and was wondering where I can listen. The fans are so cute. I like that one girl who they said she kept on crying and crying, even after she got off the air with Hangeng. lol IMO, the DJ talked a little too much and Hangeng’s voice is so soft and beautiful and soothing…perfect for a late night radio show. 🙂

    • polly says:

      I think the DJ Guangyu is a little gossipy, hehe…
      He just wanted to force and guide the first two call -in fans to speak out the words he wanted, so as to define the so called “emotion” between Han Geng and geng fans. Maybe he was just too curious… embarrassing both of the parties…

      But his emotive sum-up is really good: sometimes, you just meet him at the right time, the right place, then you decide to follow him, love him, “perhaps such thing happens with no profound reasons, I just love Han Geng.”

      then Han Geng added, “yes, I just love them”.

      How can anyone define this kind of “emotion”? A fairy tale in the real world or a real world in the fairy tale? Both seems to be true, and one more thing, it’s powerful enough to fight back the darkness and embrace the truth, goodness, and beauty.

  3. polly says:

    I am quite impressed by the words when I listenning to the radio : crazily rational, craziness in rationality.
    It is really true of Geng fans, hehe…

    I am not one of the geng fans, but I really got attracted and moved by both Han Geng and Geng fans. There are so many touching stories between. Just as I imagined, Han Geng really treat geng fans as friends, who can be supported, tell white jokes to one another, encourage each other, and talk about serious topics as well as kind gossip. Both good and bad things, can be faced together.

    Moreover, I regard him as a shining example for us to learn from, only that he is in the entertainment circle.

  4. S2X says:

    i really liked this radio show, it was really relaxing and heartwarming hearing Han Geng and his fans love for each other. his Taiwanese fans are so cute! ^^

    it was funny how the DJ was trying to force the fans to tell him about their dreams with Geng. i’m pretty sure everyone dreamed about more than just seeing him perform on stage but like they would tell him about the more wild ones when Han Geng himself was there lol! i also laughed at this mom who called and said that her baby daughter didn’t let Han Geng carry her when she saw him the day before and the DJ said “she’ll regret it when she grows up”. yeah, definitely lol!

    i think only an idol as special as Han Geng can have such “crazily rational” fans. like he said it himself, he treats everyone with his true heart, so everyone returns his love the same way.

  5. Onepinetree says:

    Ah thank you so much ….

    I am really moved by Han geng’s statements about his fans. He accurately understands who his fans are…

    By the way finally I got geng xin from yes Asia.com!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh I am so happy 🙂

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