Beijing Music Radio Pt 4,5 & 6

Clip 4

credit is tagged in the video clip.


Han Geng was asked if he was afraid  to offend or hurt people, because throughout the show,since the start, he has been using words and sentences like  “Actually that’s not so… or …..Actually that’s not the case…” …for most of the answers and conversations..HG replied..ahhh yes..

He talked about the time when he newly debuted (in Korea) and how they were put in shows in order to train  them to be quick in their reflexes and their response to questions..

There was a message that came in (from a gengfan)which said that she likes him and in fact her whole family likes  him, including her grandma, grandpa,mother and father…our whole family also  support you..!!

The host asked him if it’s true that if a girl likes and supports him,that means her whole family will follow suit.

His answer was that he wasn’t clear on that but he heard  that there are mother fans or  Mama Squad, Older Sisters Squad and  Overseas Fans  Squad..and many many more that he is not sure of….

He was asked if there was a Fathers’ Squad and he replied that there are Knights.. so maybe the fathers are included here in this group..

So the Knights are there to protect the other female fans..or you? …Do you feel any pressure to be a wholesome (healthy) entertainer…! (Host)

To which HG replied that he has no pressure in that,because he  just live a simple and normal life. He is not bothered on how people look at him or judge him..

He said he planned on being married by age 35

Then he described the songs that were played..1st –Holding an Umbrella gave him the  feeling of a first love..a love that is pure and innocent..and with fond memories..

Host asked him if he had ever fall in love and he said yes..when asked where is the girl now..he answered that he doesn’t know or maybe by now, she is already married..!

As for Love Letter To A Stranger, gave him the feeling of  loving someone having a secret love without the knowledge of the other person !

end of pt 4

Clip 5


To Han Geng , the song..Distressed Notebook, gave him the impression of a guy who is very shy and who is just loving a girl from afar..and too shy to confess.

Then they talked about the song My he was able to obtain it..When he and his friends were in US to record a different song, it just coincidentally that HG overheard some music which was being arranged by a Dutch guy and  he asked the guy if he has any other songs that he can listen to and then he was shown a demo of My Logo..the moment he heard that, he told his friend he wanted it !! that’s the one..!! He also persuaded the guy to help him come up with the choreography for the song..!! the rest is history

The host commented that it’s a wonderful by  going solo because Han Geng can choose and make his own decision..all he just had to do is to tell them “I want that” and it’s his..!

In the mean time Han Geng still continues  with his dance practice and work out to keep in shape so that his muscles will be toned..

clip 6

credit as tagged in video


This last part is the best. Just watch Han Geng’s face..!

It totally turned red.. when he heard his own voice narrating the tour on the Great Wall..

The host asked him about his reactions when he first heard it..

HG said that he tried to listen to it secretly but after listening just a sentence he felt goosebumps and he immediately switched it off..!

It seems to me that everything that happened to him so far is either a coincidence or a surprise or chance..In this case, he mentioned again that by chance he gets to record this shadow tour on the Great Wall..I have been watching his face throughout this clip and it was really worth watching it turned tomato red..!! hahaha..

At the end the host made a suggestion to Han Geng to record the Wusuli River Boat Song..since he is of HeZhe descent and he should  do it.!! She asked him to like  rearrange it..etc !

Han Geng’s plans or ambitions in the near future is to be in a movie and the plans for the distant future is………………..he hasn’t thought about it yet..!! see how precocious he is!! for the moment ,according to him, his family members are comfortable and are quite well so no worries here…

Thanks for reading this and I have skipped some irrelevant parts so the translations are very short..I apologize for any shortcomings in the translations..

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5 Responses to Beijing Music Radio Pt 4,5 & 6

  1. Onepinetree says:

    very heart warming!!!!
    thank you for translation. well this is han geng i know. no surprise there
    he is a simple man with a simple personaility 🙂

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~~just love his face turning really red when hearing his own narration…never saw him like that before, sooooo cute~~~and Yes, the host had a good instinct in understanding his personality…he is afraid to offend or hurt other people, he really respects everyone he has met in his life from his nature, from his instinct…but he wants to be respected as well~

    Ah~~~~~I hope fans could have “Have a Date with Lu Yu” translated soon…I really want to translate every word he said there, but hard for me to do that now, sorry… T.T

    btw, here is Yonglehui show with English sub, if you would like to watch it.
    part 1

  3. garnetblue says:

    When watching Han Geng, one can sense his sincerity and his openness when he talks..
    I can understand why many people are attracted to him.
    My description of him is like a precious gem with many facets.
    Each facet is more luminous than the other and more mysterious too..
    I do hope that someone out there could translate the show A Date With Lu Yu as accurately as possible..
    In that show, Han Geng can be seen as a precocious and playful child and at the same time mature and sensible …
    The best part though was that he declared that his fans are the best..!!
    Oh Han Geng, how could you gate-crashed a wedding reception….!!!! hahahaha!!
    Truly you are a simple person..!!!!
    You gave me so much laughter and even Lu Yu was laughing like a small girl too..!!
    I have never seen Lu Yu laughed like that in all her hosting shows..her laughter has always been sedate and appropriate but with you she doubled-up laughing at your words…!! You said if there is a fourth date with Lu Yu, you would bring along your family to the show..and Lu Yu was like “your family”? Without a misstep you replied yes my family, my wife and children..! and that cracked up the whole studio…!!!
    hahaha…I am waiting in anticipation for someone to translate that show without losing the context..It was so fun listening to him…

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yeah,,,it was so fun, I was like laughing but sometimes like having a fishbone stuck in my throat….

      I especially like his expression when saying, “my fans are the best”, so decisive without any hesitation…just like when he said, “I am rational”

      but one scene impressed me the most is about his father…I think I understand his father’s pain when signing the first contract, I understand Han Geng’s pain when he couldn’t speak a word about his situation to his parents since he has already understood his father’s pain…that totally reminds me my father…reminds me one of the most important thing I learnt from him…to understand my parents better, especially my father…I used to complain a lot that he is always trying to lecture me, so I always try to be away from him…now I am far away…but I know he is still so worried about me…

      • wendy says:

        I totally cried on that part, especially when Han Geng told us that his dad said “I just sold off my son”, that was just the saddest, the most heart-breaking thing I ever heard. You can just tell the pain in his eyes… I’m just glad things are so much better now.

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