Han Geng In Taiwan

As all of us know, Han Geng’s first oversea trip since he turned solo was to Taiwan..! He is in great demand these days and that’s good for him..

For the month of August, his schedules were  fully booked..and then more and more schedules were added ..

Today, he returned to Beijing and the moment his plane landed,he rushed to a children’s organozation..where he was the guest.

While he was in Taiwan, no-one would ever suspect that Han Geng is that popular..! He is like the darling of the females and the envy of the males there..Everyone wanted a piece of him..like touching him and hugging him..hehe..And in shows he has been bragging about his gengfans to the hosts and the public at large..I won’t elaborate too much here..You just have to watch some of the video clips that I managed to get hold of.In one of the shows which was aired last night, Han Geng bragged that his gengfans would not harm him and he felt safe with them..hehehe..he is so proud of his gengfans..!

Arrival at Taiwan August 15

Departs Taiwan August 21

The days that he spent in Taiwan..

The last day in Taiwan, Han Geng spent it in Hualien performing at the concert.

All credits are as tagged in the videos..

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20 Responses to Han Geng In Taiwan

  1. wendy says:

    Oh I miss him in Taiwan already. But we’ll get a whole load of shows to watch in the coming weeks. Can I just add a link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/TCKNDJOFzsk/
    It’s a short news clip of Hangeng being a guest on his good friend Blackie’s show. He looked so happy.

  2. garnetblue says:

    Thanks Wendy..hehehe and you are not even in Taiwan at present..hehehe..
    He is loved by so many Taiwanese…!!
    I was a bit apprehensive about his popularity there, because generally most of them are not totally his “rice”.He even used different terms when describing “fans”..one is “rice” and the other is “mi” or “fensi”..
    But from what I see, it was a successful marathon of events and schedules..

  3. S2X says:

    wow, Han Geng has the status of an international top star there! when he went on stage, it was as if MJ himself was there or something, the audience just went wild lol! i honestly never thought he was that popular in Taiwan cuz everytime SJ or SJM went there, i could rarely spot any Han Geng signs. but i guess i was wrong…

  4. wendy says:

    Here are some additional info you guys might like to know:

    On the Taiwan gengfan weibo, they said that the 100% entertainment production crew said the gengfans made a good choice in choosing Hangeng as their idol. One reason is during recording, the crew wanted Hangeng to sing “Holding an Umbrella” with the fans but he chose “Wings of Love” instead to present it to his fans. Also, before Hangeng’s staff came to Taiwan, the production team were kind of dreading it; but then found out they were super nice so the crew were very touched.

    As for the concert, it lasted 46 days and included top acts like Vanness Wu of F4 and Sodagreen. But Hangeng was the last act, which was the highest honor. 🙂

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes “our” Han Geng is such that he is loved everywhere he goes..
      In Mongolia, he too was given the finale and now here in Hualien, technically HG is a newbie but he was given the honours..
      I had to “fight” with my son for the usage of the computer..hehe he wanted to watch his show on the PC and I wanted to watch “live” streaming of the concert and in the end I let him have it first since HG came only at the end..so at the end my son passed to me the PC
      HG’s schedule is getting fuller now. More and more people want him on their shows and concerts..putting him in the last act to ensure that the audience would stay put till the end..hehehe..
      I think the production team were “dreading” to meet HG’s crew maybe because of the fiasco at that BParty…hehehe..!!
      Looking back, I am very thankful for what SL did for HG then..now no-one would dare to take advantage of HG’s kindness and “use” him or set him up for their own schemes..hehehe..!!!

      • wendy says:

        What BParty? Did I miss something? 0_0

      • wendy says:

        BTW, LOL that you were “fighting” with your son over the use of the computer because you wanted to watch Hangeng. hehehe. You should get your son to like Hangeng so you can both watch him together. 😀

  5. trueblue says:

    Oh it’s old story…happened last month before his concert..I am sure you know..I just use an abbreviation for Big Shot B’day Party..!
    You know news travels fast in the entertainment industry, so I was thinking they must have heard about HG’s crew and doesn’t know what to expect from them assuming that’s why they dreaded meeting them..? Or were they more of like intimidated by HG’s crew..? hahaha..

  6. Arielmammy says:

    Oops! I see myself in the airport departing video. I’m the one who counts 123…embarrassed…to loud…that’s why Geng started smiling & laughing…We had a wonderful days with Geng and he is so happy that so many Taiwan Geng fans love him. We respected him and did a good organization! Looking forward to seeing him soon probably early next year!

    • trueblue says:

      You were the one..? Hahaha..Yes Han Gng is so adorable..I especially like to see him smiling like that with a hint of mystery..and a smirk..
      Hope to see yo here often.
      Are you lil mother(mama) at Baidu..?
      Hope you can see him sooner than next year..!!! What kind of music awards does Taiwan has at year-ends..? Maybe he can be there in those events..hehehe!!

  7. Arielmammy says:

    No, I don’t belong to Baidu. I’m in Onlylovehangeng 庚庚不熄 which is th eonly one forum about only Hangeng in Taiwan. We arranged all the acvivities to support Hangeng this time. You can see our red Geng heart fan in every program. Taiwan Music award is in Jun. usually, Asia move award is in Dec. but it seems their next visit plan is in next near. It was extremely tired during the past 1 months for preparation. I need to take a long rest…But I must say…he is much much handsome and ellengant than the photos and videos, no one can move their eyes from him at all…

    • garnetblue says:

      Hehehe..Thanks so much in coming here and give us more behind the camera stories..!!
      I like to hear those stories because they are not scripted…
      I asked you that question because your name is familiar to me..hehehe..
      Thank You for the warm reception you gave Han Geng..I see a lot of red hearts..Thank also your staff and team..Were you at SS Xiao Yan show..? Maybe we can see your face there..Now all the GF in Taiwan are revealing themselves, right..? hehehe!!

      • Arielmammy says:

        Dear Garnetblue…The name you mentioned lil mama means 莉兒媽? Yes, That’s the way everyone called me…And I’m one of the face behind the red geng heart fan in SS小燕之夜. Basically all the Taiwan fans keep themselves low but some TV program did show their faces because no way to hide…hehehe! I told the story in 微博, Geng’s Taiwan team member told me that we chose a right idol, he is really worth us to treat him so well! He is such a nice guys no matter on the stage or behind the stage and he always keeps Geng fans inside his mind! Let’s keep loving and supporting him forever together!

    • wendy says:

      You are from 庚庚不熄? Wow, you guys really did such a great job! You can tell Hangeng was very proud of you guys. I am so happy you guys are there to support him in Taiwan because we were so worried. Thank you and all the other gengfans for doing such an awesome job!!! I hope he wins a 金曲獎 or something in Taiwan. 🙂

  8. Smile says:

    To Taiwan fans thanx for taking care of hangeng, I’m worried because he have a flu before coming to Taiwan, but all of you have given him support and love that hangeng never forget. A big applause for all of you during hangeng arrival and departure, you all show a good behaviour as hangeng fans 🙂

  9. Arielmammy says:

    Taiwan 庚庚不熄 designed supporting stuffs – Geng heart fans, Logo Towel, Big poster hanged on Geng’s rest room of Fan meeting, Geng important events photo poster in front of the gate of FM . Geng heart balloons in every where!
    You can visit our forum to see these stuffs. Geng had carried all the stuffs back to Beijing! He really loves them!! You may need to join the member then sign at the new member area新生報到區! Then you can see these photos. Or pls e-mail to me, I can share the photos to you guys!
    Supporting stuffs – Part I:
    Supporting stuffs – Part II:

    • Sharon says:

      All the staff at 庚庚不熄,
      Thank you so much for giving Geng such great support in Taiwan! Before the trip, many people were quite worried that there was not enough support. I could feel that Geng was getting more popular but without your excellent organisation, these fans couldn’t have been this united.

      You guys did such a great job! Imagine all the preparation work!
      I was a little worried too. According to accounts of some Hong Kong fans who were on the same plane with Geng from Shanghai to Taiwan, Geng was actually a bit nervous before he walked out the arrival hall. But because of your passionate and warm welcome, he seemed so confident throughout the trip! Even the media were a little shocked, maybe they are not used to this Gengfan style. Some news still said that you guys were screaming at the airport, maybe they expected fans to be like that and were too slow to react!

      I think you have impressed Geng too. He even praised you guys in the programs. It must be a good memory for Geng too! I like the smiles on his face when he was in Taiwan! Let’s continue to support Han Geng together! Jia Yau!

  10. Lesley says:

    Hello Garnetblue,
    I am Lesley from庚庚不熄. Thank you all so much for these lovely comments! Can I put this post and all comments on 庚庚不熄forum? I bet all the GF would happy to know that they are given so many compliments.

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes You are welcome..! We are family..!! hehehe..The more people get to know Han Geng the better..Go ahead..have the post reposted..

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